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Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing)

Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing)

Developed by BOLD

633 reviews
Price: $29.99 – $49.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Offer WHOLESALE, or Customer Specific Pricing to premium customers! VIP, Gold, Silver, Platinum etc. based off annual spending. Manually tag customers into groups, sell memberships to the special pricing, or set the app to do it automatically based off how much, or how often, they order!
  • Unlike other apps, offer MULTIPLE levels of WHOLESALE, and VIP Pricing and use your same store for Wholesale and Retail.
  • ** NEW ** NO DUPLICATE VARIANTS, or hidden products created. Works with ALL channels, product feeds, ERP's and 3rd party integrations.

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The #1 Trusted and Highest Rated Wholesale, VIP and special customer pricing app on Shopify!

** FREE THEME INSTALLATION ** Use our exclusive ROBO INSTALLER. It's a fully automated installation wizard built into the app, that installs all the theme liquid updates for you! It will have you up and running in under 10 minutes!

** Unlike other apps, this app uses NO EXTRA VARIANTS, NO DUPLICATE PRODUCTS, and NO COUPON CODES! It just works :-)

So what makes this app different from others? Glad you asked :-)

  • KEY DIFFERENCE: This app DOES NOT rely on coupon codes. Other wholesale apps rely on coupon codes that can be easily figured out and abused! GOOD NEWS, as we don't rely on coupon codes to create the special pricing, you can still create coupon codes for promotions for wholesale or VIP customers!

  • It's the first and only app that allows you to offer wholesale prices to certain customers you choose.

  • It's the only app that allows you to have multiple, and unlimited, levels of pricing on a product. (i.e. Wholesale level 1, wholesale level 2, VIP etc.)

  • You can offer "VIP", or "Membership" pricing to customers tagged "VIP," or Gold, Platinum, or any tag you choose.

  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers by HOW MUCH they spend. I.e. Spend $500 and become a Silver member getting 10% off the entire store, Spend $1,000 or more and become a Gold member getting 20% off.

  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers based on HOW MANY TIMES they order. This allows you to reward repeat customers. Or run a promotion like "After your 5th order become a VIP member and get exclusive pricing."

  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers based on WHAT COUNTRY they're from. Show different pricing to customers based off the country on their account.

  • The ONLY app that allows you to auto-tag customers based off WHAT PRODUCTS they buy. For example, buy a $49 "membership" product and get tagged VIP to get exclusive pricing.

  • It does not force your members or wholesalers to use coupon codes to get their special pricing. So if you want to offer coupon codes you can do that still in the normal way :-)

  • Offer "Member" or Wholesale pricing on your entire store, specific collections, product types, brands, or even just hand selected products.

  • It's the only app that allows you to offer member or wholesale pricing not just on specific products, but even specific variants.

  • It's the only app that allows bulk pricing imports. Got all your wholesale or member pricing on a spreadsheet? No problem!

** We launched this app just over a year ago and since then we've had a ton of requests for more advanced features such as auto-tagging, email marketing, detailed pricing, bulk imports, country specific pricing, exports etc... We're happy to announce that we just added new features and there is now a $49.99 Premium version available that has it all! Scroll to the bottom to see a list of all the new features. The Basic version is still $29.99 and is pretty powerful too :-)

☟ Here's more about the app!

Offer Custom Price Levels to Different Customers

  • Platinum

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Wholesale

  • Wholesale Level 2

  • Repeat

  • ... You get the idea!

This app will allow you to offer different prices to customers and multiple levels when they login. We know your marketing head is probably just spinning with ideas, but here's a few just in case it isn't.

★ The only app that allows you to offer MULTIPLE Wholesale price levels on the same product!

---- ☛ Click here to see a live demo

First, Some Nuts and Bolts

First of all, the basic way the app works in the backend is you create tags for specific groups of customers and then price levels for that customer group. Then when a customer logs in the appropriate price is displayed based on their tag.

Manual or Automatic

Set it and Forget it! You can manually apply tags to customers to put them in a group, OR even better, you can set rules and then let the app do it for you! So for example you can set rules like this and create loyalty programs:

  • Spend more than $100 - reach SILVER Status and get 5% off

  • Spend more than $500 - reach GOLD Status and get 10% off

  • Spend more than $2,000 - reach PLATINUM Status and get 20% off

  • Repeat Customers - After your second order reach Bronze level and get 5% off

  • After your 3rd order - reach SILVER Status and get 10% off

  • After your 10th order - reach GOLD Status and get 15% off

  • After your 15th order and $3,000 spent - reach PLATINUM PLUS and get 25% off, plus 10% off your Elite product line that no other levels get

... The list goes on! Be creative.

PLUS New Feature Just Added

Auto-Tag customers when they buy certain products! Have you ever wanted to sell a product, maybe a membership, and automatically give your customers a discount? Now you can! You can set certain products, or groups of products, to automatically tag a customer into a certain level when purchased. Just imagine the marketing possibilities!

Use it for Wholesale or Dealer Pricing!

Any store can use this app to reward customers for spending more to create loyalty, but it can also be used to offer wholesale prices on your store. Create a customer tag called "Wholesale" and apply that tag to all the people you want to get wholesale pricing. This app eliminates the need to have 2 separate stores to cater to both wholesale and retail customers!

Sell Memberships or Thank Good Customers

A common marketing strategy is to sell memberships and then offer a permanent discount. This creates a sense of belonging for customers who will be more likely to shop where they have purchased a membership.

Why not be creative and sell memberships such as: a $40 membership gets you 10% off everything (or hand picked products or collections) for a year, and a $100 membership gets you 20% off! You could also give away memberships as promotions, and much more.

Create Loyalty like never before and Increase your Sales!

Anyone with a little marketing know-how will try to create brand/store loyalty any way possible. Nothing creates loyalty more than automatically rewarding customers with a membership statuses that includes a discounted price!

You can promote this on your site, or even create a special membership page explaining how your price levels work and what customers will need to spend to achieve them. You'll find people will go out and get their friends to order too, just to achieve that next membership status.

Brand, Type or Collection Specific

Not only can you offer store-wide discounts, but you can also specify a certain Collection, Product Type, Brand, or hand pick products. Whatever works best for your store.


We just released a number of new features and created a Basic and Premium version. The new premium features just added are:

Auto-Tagging by Product

Automatically tag customers into a certain price level when they buy a certain product. For example you could sell different membership levels, and when the customer buys them they automatically get moved into that price group.

Auto-Tagging by Country

Automatically tag customers into a certain price level based off their country. This will allow you to offer special discounts to people from certain countries, or groups of countries such as North America or Europe. This can be a great marketing tool!

Email Marketing

Create personal customized emails that automatically get sent to a customer when a customer gets auto-tagged into a new pricing group. For example if they spend a certain amount, order a number of times, or buy a certain product and move into a price level.

Detailed Pricing Grid

With the Basic version you can create price groups. For example "All Shoes" are 10% of for a Gold customer, 25% off for Wholesale etc... Now, with the detailed pricing grid in the Premium version you can price each individual product, OR EVEN each individual variant! So a wholesale or gold customer can only get a discount on a single variant if you want. That's as precise as you can get!

Bulk Imports & Exports

If you're like most people that sell wholesale you probably have a spreadsheet with all your wholesale pricing. Well, now with the premium version you can just import that info in! We built an import tool that allows you to import a .csv file with all your Wholesale, Gold, VIP etc. pricing.

When we originally created this app we only envisioned people using it to offer bulk discounts on the entire store, or large groups of products to different types of customers (Gold, VIP, Wholesale etc.). Since we launched the app we've had a ton of requests for more advanced functions, so we decided to build a Premium version to offer those features.

Here are the details on what each version comes with:

Basic Version - $29.99

  • Create multiple different customer levels (Wholesale, Gold, VIP etc...)

  • Tag customers in Shopify to place customer in level

  • Set different discounts for different groups of products (ie, 10% off shoes, 15% off clothing etc.)

  • Create as many different price groups as you like

Premium Version - $49.99

  • All the features included in the Basic version, plus...

  • Auto-Tag customers based on how much they spend

  • Auto-Tag customers based on how many times they order (ie, repeats etc.)

  • Auto-Tag customers when they buy certain products

  • Email Engine to automatically email customers when they move groups

  • Detailed Pricing Grid to price individual products or even just certain variants.

  • Bulk Imports. Import all your wholesale and other pricing from a spreadsheet.

  • Common Questions

    Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

    Yes, for this app to work properly on your theme there will be a fair amount of code that needs to be updated. Luckily, we have an automated robot installer that will do it for you! If you're comfortable with doing the theme update yourself, there are also step-by-step instructions available.

    Q - Does this app integrate with other apps?

    Generally yes, however there are some (generally inventory apps) that don't. The way this app offers special pricing is by creating extra hidden variants and then switches to them for the appropriate customer when logged in. There are some apps that recognize the metafields we use to indicate these variants such as Shoppad and a few others, but not all do. If you use other apps that need to recognize unique specific variants we always recommend you contact them to check. If there are integration issues it's generally not this app that is affected. It would be the other app in some way. So the integration would need to come from their side as they need to recognize our metafieds and unfortunately we cannot force them to integrate with this app. It's hard to keep track of all the apps out there, but as a general rule, if you use a 3rd party app to manage your inventory on Shopify we don't recommend using this app.


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    Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing) reviews

    633 reviews
    1. 5 stars (524 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (54 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (9 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (10 reviews)
    5. 1 star (36 reviews)

    So I have held back this review for quite some time now, and here goes, as I think I have been beyond patient with the guys behind this app.
    The one single star they get from me is because they are the only ones supporting giving discounts on the storefront and not only in the cart, and it is not driven by discount codes which is all good, and which is why I need this app, so I still have it installed.
    Customer Pricing hmmm well first of all you need to consider how important page speed is to you, as this system will slow your site down in a way you can't imagine, the guys at bold will try to correct this, but unfortunately they are satisfied before the customer is, my site is still extremely slow, and now that I did a change in one of the discounts the site is even slower than before. So if you are situated in Europe please be aware that even though bold are very professional looking, they are not there for us europeans when we need them, so you need to stay up late at night to get help, and even then you can't really rely on an answer, I have stayed up many nights because their system took my page down over a weekend. They actually promised to help me during the weekend, but I got an email saying they were finished (which they were not) and I could not get in contact with them the rest of the weekend. The app works by creating "alternative" variants in pricing groups where the "alternative" variants are kept in sync with the original, except it is not, today I found out that some (YES SOME NOT ALL SO THERE IS NO LOGIC)of the pricing groups are putting the "alternative" qty in negative, so my system has placed a large order with one of my suppliers that I don't need, very very unfortunate :-(. I have had problems from the beginning with this app, I promised not to leave a negative review before they have had time to solve it, but I think that 18 days and I still have problems, is enough. I cannot recommend installing this app unless you like I, absolutely need it, if you don't need it, I would consider all options before installing this app, as you will face:
    Long Response Times
    Incredibly unfriendly opening hours for europeans
    A team that is not nearly as perfectionistic as you are about your shop. They stop when they think it is okay, not when you do...
    All in all I expected way more from Bold, as I have used another app that actually works fine, but this app and the support I get from them, not worth the time.
    The time this app has cost me, the lost sales, and now unnecessary orders, because the app is now acting up, it has cost me af fortune by now...
    And to bold:
    Sorry guys, I think you had more than enough time to try and get this on the right track before I posted this review...


    The app works well, it shows the discounted (wholesale) pricing on the category pages in addition to the product pages. Customer support is very helpful.


    Extremely helpful staff that got me through a lot of confusion! :)


    Very please with the app. Excellent work


    Thanks a lot to Joao from the customer support for his help and time!!
    He gave me the missing information I was looking for.
    I will continue on this app.


    We have been using Bold Apps Customer Pricing for going on 2 years. We chose Bold Apps because of their expertise, range of diverse market leading apps, time saving features and of course the ability to offer quick and effective customer service.

    This App in particular has been pivotal in helping to develop and grow our wholesale business. At first like all Apps there is a leaning curve however once you have the basics down, its really quiet a powerful, stable piece of gear and very easy to use. Especially with the recent upgrade, which really helped simply the processes even further and help with the logic. Point being however, Bold do spend time reviewing their products and are always looking out for improvements. This of course helps people like me do my job more effectively and helps to go on and impress our customers as well!

    A quick note on the customer service which is severely lacking with most business these days - Bold are really on the Ball. A special shout out to Guri and Guru Harry who helped with a particularly puzzling issue that turned out to be a confussed customer logging in and out at different times to circumvent the system. So, well spotted guys. Nailed it.

    And to Bold, you have a very happy and loyal customer over here in Australia. I will certainly be looking to add more Bold Apps to our systems knowing the level peoffesionalism, skill and quality of your Apps. Keep up what you are doing - dont change a thing : )


    We've been using several Bold products since moving our shop a couple of months ago, and they're great! Had a small hiccup today and Parminder was quick to find the problem and fix it within minutes! The best!


    Just started with this App and after a few little misunderstandings on my behalf the support team got me up and going in a flash! Could not have been more helpful and informed. Very happy... and thanks all round.


    Wow! that was the best experience I've had so far with any app. Had a really terrible locking app and decided to try this app out to streamline. i contacted support and spoke to guri and literally in a matter of minutes i was contacted by Iurii who let me know he was installing it. in a matter of minutes it was done. i was stunned. and our site is poppin! BOLD i have no idea what changes you've made but your support team is definitely taking it up a notch! thanks guys!!!!


    App is great, works just as advertised. Back end support is even better, Bold Service Team is quick to respond and fix any issues. Great App!

    $29.99 – $49.99 / month

    ★ ★ ★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★ ★ ★

      Standard ($29.99/month) includes...
    • Create multiple customer levels (Wholesale, Gold, VIP, etc.)
    • Tag customers in Shopify to assign them to a group
    • Set different discount amounts for different products.

    • Premium ($49.99/month) includes...
    • Automatically tag customers based on how much they spend and which products they buy
    • Automated emails to automatically notify customers when they move to a new group
    • Detailed pricing grid to set specific pricing for individual products
    • Import pricing from a spreadsheet

    ★ ★ ★ PARTNER FRIENDLY ★ ★ ★
    This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

    30 days

    Support & Sales

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