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February 27, 2024

Pretty seamless integration without any issues. The dashboard is also great.

Only 1 suggestion:
When the order is scheduled for pickup in the dashboard, the app automatically fulfils the order in shopify immediately WITHOUT intimating the customer which should not happen as the order has not been picked up yet.

Problem here is, since it's already fulfilled, the customer never receives any email that their order has been shipped. Ideally, customer should get an email once the order has been shipped and is now in transit. Unfortunately even that does not happen. So we have to manually intimate the customer that your order is shipped.

This is the only problem with this app. If it's not sending an email before the order is shipped, its ok. However, the app should send an email once it's shipped.

Otherwise, the experience has been great.

9 days using the app
January 5, 2024

Giving 4 stars because finding difficulty to understand some features. Value for money ? indeed !!

Insane outfit
3 months using the app
December 28, 2023

Delhivery has transformed our Shopify store with its seamless integration and effortless bulk order processing. The team is responsive and ensures a smooth integration process, while the ground support is impeccable. Their commitment to accuracy and reliability makes Delhivery a must-have for any business serious about streamlining logistics on Shopify!
"Strongly recommend!"

3 months using the app
December 20, 2023

integration was good,we process our order through unicommerce only.orders automatically sync.easy to use .bulk order processing with just single click.

Rawls Essentials
8 months using the app
January 6, 2024

I would give it 5 stars but I have one very big issue with the integration.
Everything works seamlessly except when I get a single order for multiple items and CoD for mode of payment.
When a customer places an order for more than one item and chooses the CoD option, on the Delhivery portal it shows only as one item with the whole amount of the order. So when I manifest the order I can only manifest one package (when I would need more than one package) with the total order amount as CoD amount to be paid. If you can fix this issue and let me make multiple packages with hyphenated order number it will be a great app and an even better integration.

Bottomline Shoes
About 1 month using the app
December 28, 2023

Most idiot logistic partner with zero support!!’Do Not Integrate

Weaving Mystery
2 months using the app
January 3, 2024

The support team is pathetic. They reply to a critical query after 3-4 days!

4 days using the app
November 8, 2023

Great app to ship our products & easy UI & UX. All in 1 Dashboard. Best rates & fantastic support with early solutions.
I strongly recommend the app for your shipping partner.

3 months using the app
October 20, 2023

Worst Channel Integration with absolutely no support. The team was just not able to identify why our channel integration was not working. After months of follow ups and constantly raising tickets they identified the issue. After that too the integration doesnt work. No proper responses are given to tickets raised - just copy paste responses - the feature is still not working. The old CL Panel was so much better. If you cannot run the new feature properly, just revert to the old system.

Twenty One Jewels
7 months using the app
September 22, 2023

Try to sync my account and it's not working, no response from the customer care

3 months using the app