Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

by Rontar Group OU

Run dynamic product ads on Google. No integration required!

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Beach Bikini

A very useful app that helps out re-targeting a lot, not to mention that it's free. I don't know how I would have handled that without it.


A very useful app that helps out re-targeting a lot, not to mention that it's free. I don't know how I would have handled that without it.

Hexlox - Anti Theft for Saddles, Wheels and More.

***update*** I tried to install this app 3 times. Every time error. Then suddendenly it was there without any confirmation. Then added money and was charged. Site said however "Error happened -
Something went wrong. Our development team has already been notified. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please start again"
But card was charged!
Does not feel very stable and its suppose to do advertising for us?

The team responded which was great, see below. Unfortunately they made assumptions which are not correct. We've now manage to get the app going however and time will tell if its works or not

Developer reply

March 12, 2020


As we can see you used the Safari browser to access the app. Our app is an embedded Shopify app following the best Shopify practices, so it requires 3rd party cookies to be enabled. Unfortunately, Safari doesn't allow this by default.
Probably, later you used another browser to install the app. Then you added your payment method which we have charged.
If that is not what you were expecting, please reach our support team and we will refund the full amount.

MELON | mini-me kidswear

It's easy to customise and set up the ad. And we do see our retargeting ad while browsing other sites. Thank you.


i install this ad 1st time, it is very awesome app for regretting audience.
only one issue, when i upgrade this app, its charge 25$ but 2nd time this app not accept same master card.


Just got started on the free plan and already seeing impressions. So far, so good! Looking forward to seeing if convert for us.


its not a great app. I was told i would not be re billed but alas they have taken money again. This app will automatically take money out of your account and you have no way of disabling that feature. Also the traffic it does generate is not of high quality. I now have money stuck inside of an app that i can not get back. If i re enable the app to use the balance it will automatically take money out of my account again to top. Avoid.

Update: 08.03.20 . i have had numerous emails with your support. i was tild the money would not be withdrawn. It is not very clear on your app that just removing the payment method would stop any money being withdrawn. Maybe you should make this more clear on the app. Anyways no monies have been returned as yet. As and when they do i will update my review further.

Developer reply

March 2, 2020

Hi, thanks for your review and for using our app. Let me clarify a few things on using our app:

1. When you sign up for the Pay-as-you-go plan, we bill you $25 initially and then every time the advertising balance gets low, in accordance with your daily budget settings and to cover the amount due in the upcoming 3-4 days. This is clearly stated on our Billing page in the app.

2. Stopping automatic payments is as easy as removing your payment method in the app. It takes just a few clicks.

3. You can return the funds not yet spent on advertising by reaching out to our support team. From what I can see, you haven’t contacted us yet. But as a response to your review, we decided to go ahead and return the remaining balance to you. You can expect it to arrive within a day or two.

Hope this helps.


I love it so far. I'm beginning to see impressions and this app has many features I will be implementing in the future.

Commando Designs

$5 a day for 200 impressions is terrible, also the stats don't make sense with the CTR being that high and 0 conversions with a high bounce rate. These are my actual stats check out the most recent 180 impressions for $4 lol what a ripoff

Replying to your comment: Retargeting cost per click should be nearly half what it costs for a normal pay per click campaign. I'm getting charged double from you what my average cost per click is through Google Ads. And I get about 10 times more impressions.
2/18/2020 186 0
2/17/2020 226 4
2/16/2020 157 8
2/15/2020 103 6
2/14/2020 163 4
2/13/2020 115 8
2/12/2020 0 0
Total 950 30

Ok here is another example, how do I get charged more on a day with less impressions and less clicks? 3 clicks and 188 impressions cost more then 7 clicks and 200 impressions???? Can I mention where I'm clearly paying for impressions, even though re-targeting is done a pay per click basis, I love how websites I'm going to are showing me my own ads... So I'm paying to see my own impressions.

2/23/2020 188 3
2/22/2020 200 7
Today's stats... Even less impressions and 0 clicks, and it cost more? How does this make sense?
2/24/2020 163 0

Developer reply

February 19, 2020

Hi, thanks for your review and for using our app. I took a closer look at your campaign and would like to make a few comments:

1. So far you’ve had around 1,200 impressions and 34 clicks and have spent $22, which is rather low, so it’s too early to tell whether the campaign will be effective or not. It could happen that you get 2,000 impressions and no sales, but then you’ll see a few sales with the next 2,000 ad impressions. This is how it usually works. We have a customer that was in a similar situation to yours. They had almost 4,000 ad impressions and just 1 sale (which is low), but the situation changed completely with bigger numbers: https://blog.rontar.com/upgrading-from-the-free-forever-to-starter-plan

2. By default, your bid strategy is set to Auto, which means that we will try to get as many clicks/impressions as possible within your budget, which is $5 a day at the moment. This may sometimes result in a CPM higher than the average because your ads start showing on premium websites/ad placements, hence your high CTR by the way. However, your current CPC is lower than $1, which is not that high at all. If you’re concerned about the cost per 1,000 impressions, you can switch your bid strategy to Target CPM in the app. Bear in mind though, this may severely limit the number of impressions you’re getting.

I suggest you keep your current settings and see where it goes with bigger numbers. If the stats remain similar, you can try to lower your target CPM/CPC in the settings.

Bradford Ave

I used this app to help drive customers to my store. Every day I am seeing more people visiting the store. Thank you!