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Hoe Clothes

they don't ship the products you order out. instead they wait multiple weeks and tell you then that it's not in stock. they will offer you store credit but won't offer an actual refund. we only have this still installed to try to use our store credit, and they have messed up multiple orders since then even still.

Z. Nichole

The shipping and processing times are no where near what they are advertising. I have orders that have been waiting to process for over a week at a time. I have paid for express shipping and it is not express but I am scared to not pay for it because I do not want my orders to be further delayed. Even the shipments that are processed out of there Chino Facility take a long time. I am just disappointed.

Update: this supplier continuously fails to deliver then they beg you to remove the unfavorable review playing on your heart strings saying it effects their salary and their boss is going to be upset blah blah blah. Beg you to take it down before the resolve the problem with promises to do better. I refused. Business owners need to know what they are dealing with.

My recent issue is they shipped the wrong product and on top of that short shipped the order to boot. I provided pictures, reiterated the issue at least 6 Times, broke it down into bullets to make it easier to follow and understand in
various emails all for them to come back asking for pictures and asking me to confirm what size needs to be shipped. Because I wasn’t being clear. So not only did the order not ship timely, it shipped wrong and their customer service team is purposely being obtuse or they have a real problem. I now had to refund the customer for the entire order. I am asking for a refund for the i shipped product and an escalation contact. Let’s see if that goes anywhere. I’ll be back with a third update on how they resolved this

Third update: I was finally able to have this resolved. They reshipped the order ( fingers crossed it goes well) and provided me a refund since I also had to refund my customer. Lily the escalation contact stepped in and her communication is very precise and clear and I appreciate that. it went a long way with de-escalating the situation. I am satisfied with the outcome of my dispute

LiniQue Fashions Inc.

I used this app and the delivery time is not what they claim. Even with you paying the extra amount for 5-7 days the delivery is the same as on Aliexpress. I tried them twice to make sure, and each time I was highly disappointed.

The Casa Decorum

I would give zero stars. They lie about the delivery time. I had several charge backs from customers and ended up losing lots money.

Ofertas 247

The price of the Prodcuts are OK, but the shipping is almost X3 of the product price the worse thing is that this products are taking 20 to 50 days to arrive to the US. very rediculous shipping prices and delivery time. A pair of shoes that cost $14 they chrge $18 for shipping. Imagine you can find the same shoes here in the US for under $15 includding shipping. I will remove all this products and delete the app because EPROLO is abusing, I came here becuase the shipping was FREE then becuase of covid19 they put "EXPRESS SHIPPING" for $3 per item now just found out that every product is up to 3X more for shipping of the product price, very rediculous.. this business going bad. since I started I have refunded over 8 customers lamost 50% of my customers got refund/cancelled orders because of the products they dod not have them or because the clien complained that the product never arrived, when you call USPS and aske them for details with tracking number provided by eprolo the USPS says Eprolo have not sent them any package.

The Sweet Finds

I used this to handle orders that had run out from other suppliers. They DO NOT HAVE US WAREHOUSES unlike what they tell you. Its all a sham with "express shipping" from China. Many customers are still waiting up to a month to receive their orders and they just kept telling me I needed to wait a couple more days because they wanted to cover their asses. Its a lie. If your customers want their orders quicker than a month with express shipping I would go elsewhere.

The L.A. District

This company is FRAUD. I have reported this to Shopify Support as Fraud. Do not use this Eprolo to get the products you want on aliexpress as they always gonna reply to you with sourcing issues, no own stock, and LIMITED suppliers which is the reason that they always say PRODUCT OUT OF STOCK when ordering a product you want like in aliexpress. They DON'T work with the same sellers of aliexpress as they have own limited suppliers. Talking to your assigned eprolo assigned account manager is useless as well as they will just leave you with the problem, saying they will take your concern into consideration in the future. They are only capable of supplying their own EPROLO products. Now I have to move like 70% of my store products which are alie products back to Oberlo.

Stylz Select

Although they have a wide selection of product; shipping is not as they claim. There shipping is not faster than aliexpress. When express shipping is selected and paid for; they will charge you for express shipping, but do not ship express. When asked for a refund of express shipping fee they will not return it and tell you the item is already being shipped. Express shipping is also not available on all items as they make it seem, and you won't know what items are allowable until you go to place an order. If you can wait until whenever to receive items then go for it, but if your looking for a supplier with reasonable shipping timeframe; then this not the company to go with.

Darkest Hour

Im coming here to warn you all before you waste HOURS downloading and editing countless titles.
The shipping guarantee that they promise is a full blown lie!
It takes 18 days MINIMUM for shipping
I hate to write such a review but I feel this needs to be said.
The customer service is terrible.
Good luck getting ahold of anyone when you need a answer quickly.
There are on a different time zone and it can take about 24 hours to get a answer and even then its not usually the correct question that needs to be answered. So you re-ask the question again and wait another 24 hours.
THEN here is the real kick in the pants.
If you import any items in the URL area ( importing Ali Express items etc.)
they charge you a extra fee on top of the original price as a "finder fee" because according to them theyre needing to "find" the item.
I had a item that normally costs me $3.50 they bumped it to $12.00
plus shipping.
I was forced to buy off-line because of this price increase.
I contacted Shopify right away and they contacted the company and the company said they didn't do it.
However I have copies and screen shots proving what they did and them also admitting to it.
Because of their 'finder fees" unethical business practices and lack of customer service I deleted over 600 + items , hours of time, including me paying someone to write beautiful descriptions on each product.
THAT should tell you right there just how serious I am.
1. your shipping isn't 4-8 days its 18
2. I also paid for speedy express shipping on one item because I was told the item would take a month and the item STILL isn't delivered., I now have a upset client. The express shipping was refunded to me however they admitted that it was never applied to the product and they're " sorry"
3. $400 down the tubes to hire someone to write product descriptions that cant transfer to a different company even if its the same product.
I wish someone would've warned me like I am warning you.
Use at your own risk.
DON'T IMPORT ITEMS THROUGH THE URL feature it will cost you extra.
Don't believe be :? see for yourself.


Very buggy and laggy, but pretty much the same as oberlo. I wanted to delete the app but somehow EPROLO doesn't let me remove it from shopify. Can't recommend this app...

Developer reply

October 23, 2019

Very confused and very disappointed, just installed EPROLO app for 3 minutes and posted this 1-star review. EPROLO app is not like Oberlo, It can do way more than Oberlo and you can easily remove EPROLO app from your Shopify admin- Apps page, just simply click the uninstall button.