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Fun Services Canada

Incredibly useful app! Excelify has allowed us to handle complex data entry much more quickly than we did previously using Shopify's built-in csv import. Of particular value is Excelify's ability to handle metafields, which usually requires a separate app and results in two separate tasks for updating product info and updating product metafields. Thanks for the great work on this app! We love it.

(EDIT: Oct 24, 2018) This app just continues to get better. And the support is unparalleled! As just one example, I emailed Maris about a small feature I needed and he emailed back within a few hours that he had implemented it already.

I should also mention that the documentation for the app is really comprehensive. This is a big weak point for a lot of Shopify apps, but virtually all of the questions I've had since starting to use Excelify I've been able to answer myself by reading through the documentation.

Seriously, if you're looking for a way to manage large imports and exports for your store, this app CANNOT be beat.


This is my professional review: Before I signed up with Excelify, I have tested all Excel/Inventory apps, they didn't even come close to what Excelify offers. Not only it is run by a most expert person in the field, but the team of developers and support is also excellent. Excelify goes beyond just provide my store with best service, its experts enhance the features of the app to accommodate the size of my store loads. You don't find such a service anywhere else. The company doesn't stop there, it offers free guides for store owners and staff, and also offers additional service, such as "Migrate to Shopify from another platform" and "Extend your Shopify store to other marketplaces"
I will continue to use Excelify as long as the life of my store.


An absolute breath of fresh air.
Had a real mess on my hands after using a different app to import orders from an old eCommerce platform into Shopify and hitting a lot of errors.
Using Excelify I was able to fix the issues.
User interface is easy. Documentation is thorough and support is incredible.
Would highly recommend.


This app has been a lifesaver for our team! We had a unique challenge where we need to import orders and customers from outside of the Shopify platform to combine with our Shopify store data. Being able to copy and paste this data into a Google Spreadsheet has saved a tremendous amount of time.

With our Shopify premium theme support (https://themes.shopify.com/themes/district/styles/district) we highly recommend this app anytime a shop needs to bulk edit products, manage inventory or export a lot of data at once.

West Dwelling

Probably the best app I have ever subscribed to in the Shopify App Store. Has already saved me countless hours, days, months, dare I say years of uploading products onto our website. And I anticipate the grand amount of time this app will continue to save our company in uploading and updating our products. I would recommend this app to anyone and everyone I come across if they're looking for an app that will help them upload bulk products onto their website. Thank you for this app! Great responsive support team as well.

I recommend following closely to the documentation on their support page, which explains in-depth how to best utilize and optimize their service. Great all-around, and altogether very happy with this app.


By far the best app and support a merchant can hope for. Saves an enormous amount of time and energy. I would have stopped using shopify entirely if not for this app and developer. Support is always there if needed. But the app itself is robust and intuitive. So it doesn't need a great deal of support at all fortunately. And I tried all of the apps that claim to do what this one does. Often with others you may have either a decent app but a lengthy or altogether unhelpful support process. Here we have the best of both worlds.


Great app, simply great app! We're a Canadian shop with some inventory issues with Google shopping and we needed a special format file to export inventory to google shopping. Maris at customer support is the one that answered my call for help. That is the best part of this app, the customer service is simply perfect, right away I had an answer from them and they were already on my case at first they determined what was my problem and they got it right away. I needed some specific data to export so they customize the layout and it worked on the first time. Now I won't get my product removed from google merchant and I'm a happy person ;) again, it's a monthly fee that you should put on the grocery list if you need to export data. Thanks a lot to Maris who answered all my questions and solve all my requests in a couple of hours. Thanks to excelify for being that adaptive. Big thumbs up to all of you. I'll definitely recommend the app.

Discount Homecare Mobility Solutions

This app saved me so much time. Once I got the sheet set up to work with my data feed, this process became so simple I would not have expected it to work. Except that it did! And it exceeded all my expectations. I looked at a few other app that do similar things, but their support was not supportive, and I found the tools they provided complicated. Excelify has support that is very helpful, responds almost immediately, and make sure you have everything you need. If you need to import a lot of items, with a lot of information give this tool a try. You will not be disappointed.


Amazing app, got the basic version to check it all worked. Had a couple of issues but Maris was fantastic at sorting them, and then optimising the import so I can import 600k products so easily.


I have lost track of the countless times Excelify has saved my bacon with migrating content, setting tags, editing old links, creating 301's you name it. Added to this their support is amazing and they are genuinely interested in our success. Just install the app, do it.

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