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Overstock Oasis

I got extremely nice and fast customer service and I'll definitely keep using the app since it makes life so much easier.


This app is second to none if you're looking for an all-in-one app with multiple functions. Plus they provide plans with fair pricing for each stage of your business, which is great for those who just start the business.

Another add-on value I was really impressed by was their super friendly and efficient support. I was lucky to communicate with Tursunai, who always patiently answered my questions and satisfied my request for customization efficiently. She's amazing!

I would recommend this app for you if you're looking for an all-in-one app with extraordinary customer service. Just try it.


This app has a lot to offer and I'm loving it. Still exploring it further.
The customer support service is perfect. I got the opportunity to interact with Tattu from Growave and she's extremely helpful.
Thank you so much.

Novo Home Furnishings & Decor

They quickly made the customization I requested and we’re very helpful on installing the app, good job!

The Painted Heirloom

This app is nailing it on every level. Installation was simple and straight forward. What tweaking I needed, that wasn't available in the large options of settings already, was promptly attended to by the Growave support staff.

As a small business owner selling rather niche home decor products, I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on an App. It is my opinion, a lot of apps are just too overpriced for the small business owner. I understand that developers deserved to get paid for their work, but some pricing structures are just impossible to meet for a small owner to handle.

After giving this app a trial for about 2 weeks now, I can honestly say I believe it will be worth the money. While I've only had a few people leave reviews under the Growave app, more and more are using my new Loyalty Program and Wishlist. The interface is extremely professional looking, and works great from computer, iPad Shopify and Android Phone Shopify apps. The various apps within this app are each individually customizable, with very detailed settings available within each app. That said, all very easy to use.

I can't stress enough how responsive and supportive the support staff has been. Tursunai has been great. Any tweaks I've needed to my theme to accommodate the app they have made while I was sleeping - since their on the other side of planet from me. :) They've been very patient with my requests but very responsive, supportive, and accommodating!

I do wish some of the settings explanations were a bit easier to understand. For example, in the Wishlist Reminder Email settings, one setting is "We send this email only one-time within to the same user." I don't understand the adjective "same" in this reference. Same as what? I do understand this is due to different cultures and possible language differences. :)

Second, and not that important, I wish the floating rewards tab was dismissable, yet accessible via a click of something or a menu - at least on mobile devices. Too many floating things can seem intrusive and distracting on smaller screens. Along with that, would be nice to have ability to shorten rewards name for mobile screens. For example, "Painted Heirloom Rewards" for Computer and iPad, and just "Rewards" if viewed on Mobile.

That said, wish had option in settings to show or not show notifications pop-up on mobile vs. tablet vs. desktop computer.

Finally, I hope to see more options in general to changes settings of various apps behaviors, colors for everything, etc.

But, bottom line is, this is a great app at a fair price. Period. I can't say I would stick with it if it ever increases in cost, as I currently don't use 2 of the 7 functions, and not sure I ever will (Comments and Questions), as I'm trying to keep it clean. Also, I don't bring in a lot of money. I'm hoping that's where this app will help - obviously.

I say if you're on the fence, give the trial a go for 30 days. See how your customers respond and how Growave helps to support your setup, and make your decision from there.

For me, this 7-in-1 app is pretty much what I've been looking for, and the support staff, especially Tursunai, has been absolutely wonderful and top-notch! I can't say enough good things about the support from Growave!

Vonda @ The Painted Heirloom


Wonderful App. Does what it's supposed to. If you need social login and review collecting, this is the app for you. Support is also quick to respond. 5 stars. :)


you are attracted by the fact that you can have a great experience with all these features in an integrated package. Also, the service quality of the support is very good. It is fast, accurate, and responsible. Assuming, this is the best solution!

الغذاء الحيوي

this is the best all in one app in the store! it adds many features and very well implemented, and the customer service are very helpful. looking for more apps from the developers!

UziZuri Creations | Ethically made jewelry and accessories

After a long search, I finally found a legitimate all in one app! The features are well made and easy to integrate into my store theme. Above all, the support team is very responsive, helpful and patient. I highly recommend!

Lilou Organics

AMAZING! I was very leery of all the good ratings at first because it seemed too good to be true and often with such good ratings I end up being disappointed. I can also be particular ...only because I am really picky about wanting things to look good and work seamlessly on my website. I am using them for Reviews, Wishlist, Questions, Rewards....I just launched today (not a new website but a new redesign) so I can't really say yet how it's all working yet as there hasn't been enough time - but in terms of how it was to get it all set up they were incredible to work with. I was working primarily with Azem and she was seriously awesome; could not have asked for someone more kind and helpful and efficient. Am very grateful to her for helping me with all my requests to get it set up the exact way I wanted (I did want quite a few custom edits).....their prices are very reasonable as well and I wish I had switched from the other app I had years ago. Thank you so much Azem!

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