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Judge.me Product Reviews

Judge.me Product Reviews

Developed by Judge.me

283 reviews
Price: Free – $15.00 / month More info
  • Fully featured review app with in-email review forms, pictures, social push, rich snippets, all reviews page, product groups, etc
  • Fastest review widget with HTML and CSS stored directly in Shopify metafields (great for SEO and conversions)
  • Only 15 USD/month for unlimited use

Judge.me is a Shopify only product reviews app, meaning we are laser focused on optimizing the specific workflow you have in Shopify. Judge.me is also the only embedded reviews app, meaning our app admin will become part of your Shopify admin.

Here are the main benefits of using Judge.me:

The look you want (shop demo)

Judge.me is the only review app to offer multiple widget themes, to suit your style and taste.

Here are our 3 themes:

1. Default theme: Review widget | All Reviews page

2. Leex theme: Review widget | All Reviews page

3. Align theme: Review widget | All Reviews page

Get more reviews

  • Perfectly timed review requests

  • Our automated review requests go out n days after fulfillment, so pre-orders are OK. Send requests now at any time via the dashboard.

  • In-email review forms

  • By default, we send in-email review requests to maximize the number of reviews. Easily add your logo and brand colors. Customize every part of the email copy.

  • 100% customizable emails

  • Get full control of the HTML of your review request emails, for maximum results and brand consistency. Use our editor for easy editing, and variables for dynamic content.

  • Advanced blacklisting

  • Judge.me skips the request when a reviewer already left a review for a product. You can also blacklist individual email addresses, email domains, products, or customers who don't want marketing.

  • Smart Logic Dashboard

  • Know exactly when Judge.me has sent or will send each request by looking at the dashboard. Understand when and why a request was skipped or will be skipped.

  • Product groups (unique!)

  • Show more reviews per product by sharing reviews across custom product groups. Perfect for shops that use separate products rather than product variants.

Engage visitors

  • Speed miracle (unique!)

  • Judge.me is the only app that loads its review widgets via Shopify metafields rather than via Javascript. This means your visitors will see your reviews MUCH faster.

    Example widgets: Plum Goodness | Hammock Universe | Brooklyn Bicycle

  • All reviews page

  • Promote your brand, not just your products. Use the Judge.me All Reviews page to showcase all your reviews of all your products in one place.

    Example pages: Plum Goodness | Hammock Universe

  • Review pictures

  • Reviewer-generated photos make the reviews more personal, and our image gallery (on product pages and all reviews page) lets your visitors browse all pictures.

  • Review replies

  • Show your customers that you care by replying to their reviews. Build trust with all your visitors by showing those replies on product pages and the all reviews page.

  • Preview badges

  • Attach summary ratings to product listings anywhere in your Shopify theme, such as on collection pages, related product footers or below product titles.

    Example badges: Plum Goodness | Hammock Universe | Brooklyn Bicycle

  • Verified buyer badges

  • Reviews work best if visitors trust they are authentic. Judge.me automatically checks the order history of every reviewer and assigns “verified buyer” badges to reviews.

Get more traffic

  • Rich snippets

  • Judge.me automatically adds rich snippets to both the review widgets and the all review page, so Google can detect the structured data and use it in its search results.

  • Facebook social push

  • Easily post reviews from the app admin to your Facebook business page. Or even better, set a post template and automation rules and let Judge.me do it all for you.

  • Facebook reviews tab

  • Show all your reviews on your Facebook business page using a dedicated reviews tab, which each review linking back to your shop’s product pages.

  • Google Shopping XML

  • Want to submit your reviews to Google so they can show in Google shopping? We got you covered - simply enable the Google Shopping XML in the app settings and off you go.

Get repeat sales

  • Post-review sales

  • Judge.me’s review requests send buyers to the product page - and scrolls them down to the widget - to leave a review. After leaving a review, they can buy more.

  • Coupons

  • Automatically send a coupon code after a reviewer left a review. Optionally target only reviews with pictures, verified buyers, etc.

Integrate with your Shopify workflow

  • FOMO (formerly Notify) / Recently 2

  • Automatically showcase new reviews to visitors using notification popups in your store, thanks to our integrations with FOMO (formerly Notify) and Recently 2.

  • Nextopia / Searchanise

  • Automatically showcase your product reviews when people search for products on your site, thanks to our integrations with Nextopia and Searchanise.

  • EasyTabs / EasyAccordion

  • Judge.me is integrated with the EasyTab and EasyAccordion apps to easily use our widget behind, well, tabs and accordions on your product pages.

  • Product Options by Bold

  • The Product Options by Bold app generates hidden products to do its thing, and Judge.me automatically skips those hidden products for the review requests.

    Install with ease

    • Free installation help

    • During onboarding, we will ask you some questions about how you want to use the app. Our support then uses those installation preferences to do all the work for you.

    • Reviews import

    • Are you jumping ship from another review app? Simply export the reviews CSV from the old app and import it into Judge.me - via our import page or by asking support.

    • Looks right by default

    • Judge.me preserves your brand by using the fonts, styles and colors as defined by your shop theme, so our widgets will never look out of place on your product pages.

    • Translate and customize all the things

    • Want to customize the widget look? Need everything in Italian? Want to change a field name? No worries, every color and text field in Judge.me can be customized.

    • Theme change? No problem!

    • If you let us know you are changing themes, Judge.me support will re-install everything according to your installation preferences. You relax, we do the work.

    Happiness guaranteed

    • Rock-bottom pricing

    • At only 15 USD / month for unlimited use, our pricing is pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, we call it the Awesome Plan.

    • Grandfathered forever

    • We will forever honor the pricing that you sign up for. If you had bad experiences with other review apps increasing prices over time, don’t worry: Those days are over.

    • Support that cares

    • When you have a question or an issue, we are on it. Our 100+ app reviews are the perfect proof that we go above and beyond to make Judge.me work for you.

    • Always improving

    • We constantly improve our review app and add new features. For a list of recent changes, please see our changelog.

Judge.me Product Reviews reviews

283 reviews
  1. 5 stars (276 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't believe we didn't find and switch to Judge.Me faster. After working with YotPo for over 2 years at a cost exceeding $3k a year, I'm left dumbstruck at the customer service, features, and ease of use offered by this app. PJ is more on top of it then their customer service department could ever be- definitely a testament to the fact that excellent customer service and a fantastic platform can be possible at an affordable price. We'll never move away from this app and are always impressed by the new updates brought forth by the developers. I couldn't recommend the app or PJ more. After having it installed the last few months we just changed themes and I hesitantly reached back out for help... PJ was on it yet again within minutes. Absolutely incredible. Not to mention that we're generating more than 20% more reviews with Judge.Me than YOTPO and, whereas customers rarely uploaded photos to Yotpo we're now getting 3/4 a day if not more with Judge.Me. You won't be disappointed.


Best review app for the best price!! We have several free orders since we offer free knitting patterns on our website. Other review app charge on the number of product review but we don't have this problem with Judge.me

Our customers have the possibility to share pictures of their products and we can share their comments on social media. This is awesome!! Judge.me is the best :)


We made the move from a large review app to Judge.me and the only thing I wish is that i would have been here from the start, great app, great features and great support. You can not ask for anything better and at a better price than you will ever find anywhere else.


This developer has many five star reviews. I had a dispute with him, left him a bad review and lodged a complaint. This dispute could have been resolved relatively easily which probably would have caused me to remove my bad review and to have taken responsibility for my part in the dispute and to even have apologized for some things, but this developer reacted so over the top poorly to my complaint that I now feel a duty to let others know that this person does not have a clue as to how to handle a complaint properly. Because I left a bad review for him This developer harassed me. He sent me one email every five to ten minutes over the course of a little over one hour with snide remarks and profanity in them. He told me that the review I left him caused him to become livid. He repeatedly told me how angry he was. He told me that I caused him to lose business and asked me how that felt. He sarcastically wrote that he would not sleep until he had my permission because he must be responsive to the needs of his customers. After he found out that I lodged a complaint with Shopify he wrote them an email that he accidentally sent to me and in this email he called me “the customer from hell”. He wrote “We just lost a lead over your 1 star review. A single customer is about 900 USD enterprise value at current Saas multiples. Hope you are happy Shelly”. He wrote that after he was done doing some work for my shop “we go back to work for shops that appreciate what we do”. He sarcastically wrote ‘I may fall asleep in the next few hours while Linh checks your script. Don't file a complaint, OK??” He wrote: “You have been leveraging a negative app review and a "Shopify complaint" to get even more free labor out of us for free. You have already hurt our bottom line way beyond what you will every pay us. Plus, more importantly, you are taking the fun out of this business. I rarely get angry, and I like being generous. As we have been with you. But your behavior in the last 27 hours makes me livid.” He emailed me a copy of one of his good reviews. He wrote: “I won't be sleeping until I have your permission, Shelly”. He had a very childish and petulant attitude that just would not let up. He was so angry and so unreasonable that I would have literally been afraid for my safety if I did not know that he is far, far away. Many customers think very highly of this developer and are very pleased with his product and his work but I had a very poor experience with him that I would not wish on anyone. You read the reviews and make up your own mind.

Update. After he saw this new review the developer became so angry that he uninstalled his app from my store and that caused all my reviews to disappear before I could transfer them to another app. He lashed out at me childishly to hurt me in any way he could. I bet he would have hit me had I been in the same room with him. I do not think he is behaving rationally. I do not think Shopify is going to be OK with this behavior. This man continues to handle this situation so poorly that he just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. He just continues to make things worse for himself. He is behaving foolishly and it just goes on and on.

PJ wrote:" a new feature we developed especially for this shop. " This is not true. He told me that this feature was developed specifically for another store and I was the second store to use it .Additionally what he developed will benefit all his present and future customers so to say he developed something specifically for me is untrue. I was about ready to give up trying to use this app when PJ generously volunteered to put this new feature into place for me so the app would better meet my needs. It was nothing that I came up with and requested. It was something he had just developed for another store.

PJ wrote that he has never worked so quickly for a customer. When I contacted him about errors in the installation of this new feature PJ was on a company retreat in Bali. I repeatedly told him that any continued work for me could wait until he returned from his trip and could get to it. PJ also said that he delayed going on this trip so that this feature would be installed for me and I told PJ that that was completely unnecessary. I told him that I had never imposed a deadline on him to do this and all he had to do was tell me that he would install it when he returned from his retreat. I told him when he got it done was not an issue for me. PJ working quickly (and sloppily in my case) has to do with deadlines he imposes on himself.

As to the number of emails exchanges between us this was caused by PJ not communicating with me clearly. His emails were full of techno-jargon that I did not understand. I asked him to please stop using jargon with me and communicate in plain English, but PJ persisted in sending me emails that required me to reply asking for clarification. At one point I even paid a web developer to read PJ's emails to make sure that I understood his directions correctly.

Lastly PJ stated that they love their customers. Well they love you until they don't love you, and then watch out! When "they" don't love you it is frightening and relentless.

PJ's inability to resolve a simple dispute with me in a civil manner due to his uncontrollable anger speaks volumes about his true, very unpleasant nature.


We needed a custom solution, and asked over 15 Shopify review app developers for help. Judge.me were the ONLY ones who said they could provide the solution. They were SO responsive to our emails, and kept at it until we got it just right. We are beyond impressed with the final result. Thank you Judge.me! You've earned our business for years to come!


We were looking for a review app for our new Shopify site. We had looked at a competitor to Judge.me's app that was very expensive. We felt, let's give the new guy a try. I spoke to PJ from Judge.me and he told me about all the plans he has yo grow his platform. He has so far lived up to the roadmap. Any kind of assistance we have needed he has been right on it. We are now a beta tester for the new in email forms. So far so good. Glad we took a chance on Judge.me!


I installed and uninstalled every review app available on Shopify. Judge.me was the winner for price and performance. Loads fast, looks great, and it just works.

Look at the update log posted on this app page—it's obvious that PJ is dedicated to making this the best app possible.

Get this app.


I've been using this app since the beginning. I figured I'd update my review to reflect nearly a year with the app. Quite simply, I couldn't be happier. Customer service is the very best on Shopify, the app improves almost daily, and my customers love it.

Judge.me is currently the only review app to allow grouped products. This alone is reason enough to dump whatever review app you're using. Undoubtedly Yotpo will steal this idea at some point.....and then charge you another $200/month for the privilege. Plus, the logic in this app is head and shoulders above anything else—review timing, who gets review emails, what products get reviewed, etc. Very refined and functional.

Keep up the good work, PJ.


one word - Awesome....and five stars! Have tried a few and think i have finally found the one! Not only does it look good, customer service is hard to beat.


When looking for a Product Reviews option for our online Rugs and Home Decor store, we put a lot of research into finding a company that would meet our high level of standards as well as deliver an excellent and professional experience to our customers by way of quality review invitations. We evaluated and tested numerous options from companies like Yotpo, Trust Pilot, Power Reviews, and some new names like Loox. We found Judge.me to be the most active, responsive, and flexible and have been very impressed with the level of communication and professionalism from PJ and his team. We are pleased to partner with Judge.me to provide a top-notch Review Program to our customers.


This is the best Shopify app I've used--not just review apps, but the best of any app. On top of that, the customer service is as good as any customer service I've ever had from anyone, online or otherwise.

This app is a complete review/feedback system that's extraordinarily well thought out from end to end. The biggest reason I chose it is because of its ability to consolidate reviews. Rather than having variants in a single product, many of our product variants are listed as separate products (for example, the same product with a different scent). We wanted to show the total number of reviews for a given base product. Judge.me allows you to do exactly that.

There are so many other features that make this app great. The customization of email templates, timing of emails, placing review widgets throughout your site, importing existing reviews, verifying reviews from online customers, etc. My two favorite features are the ability for a reviewer to upload their own photo, and the ability to submit a review directly from an email (currently in beta).

The support from PJ is nothing short of perfect. He's super friendly, extraordinarily helpful, and very quick to respond. My business lives and dies based on having stellar customer service, so my standards for customer service are unusually high. PJ exceeds even the highest expectations I could have.

Simply put, if you're not using this app, I believe you're crazy. It will quite literally pay for itself several times over. I feel a little weird that I'm so excited about an app, but I'm genuinely excited to be using it.

Free – $15.00 / month

Judge.me offers the most generous free plan (unlimited review requests!) and all our features are available for only 15 USD / month.

You can not pay us more even if you want to.

Full details on our pricing page.

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