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Capsule Buds

Great app and show how customers move around in your online shop. It records automatically and also shows the location of potential customers.

Developer reply

September 27, 2019

Getting a front row seat to customers' behaviors while online is a feature we love too! Appreciate your review, great to hear from satisfied Lucky Orange customers.

Cheers- Bradley from Lucky Orange


Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.

Developer reply

September 25, 2019

Thanks so much for your review, please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help you with anything!

Cheers- Jordan from Lucky Orange


So far, so good. Great to get a real time insight into client behavior on the site. Do arrange the free call to help guide you through the app as it's a great opportunity to find out everything the app can do for you / how it works. Justin was great at guiding me through the various functions. It is unfortunate that Shopify has limited the viewing of the checkout process only to subscribers of their highest paid subscription service as this is a very important stage of the client experience. Hopefully they will change that back to way it was previously where all Shopify merchants were able to see their client behavior throughout the complete transaction rather than holding this important and valuable piece of client information to ransom for the very few that can afford it. Shame on you Shopify. I love what you do and this is an unpleasant side of you I haven't come across before.

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

I love talking with our customers about how they can best leverage Lucky Orange, glad you found the call beneficial. Real-time insights are super impactful to decision making on websites and we can't wait to hear how Lucky Orange continues to help your website grow!

Cheers- Justin from Lucky Orange


This is the worst app ever. And not because it's useless, no, the idea is insane. Tracking your site visitors? Who wouldn't want that.
It's "worst" tag comes from: 1) Terrible, absolutely horrendous support team
2) Buggy interface
3) Spammy emails (even my email provider counted those as spam, that really says a lot)

My first experience with Lucky Orange, is that it didn't even load LOL. And support team told me to disable AdBlock, Okay. All the apps that i've tried worked just fine, but your App is so special that it requires me to turn it off. Well fine, doesn't matter (it still sounds fishy af)

Then it turns out that i can't even use what i INSTALLED IT FOR. I was lured in by your, i must admit, great video and photo representation of what the app does. But apparently unless you pay 10$ you can't even use it LOL.
And that Free Trial is one hell of a ClickBait. Because unlike with other apps where shopify acknowledges you have a free trial and charges 0.00$ to start the Free trial. Well,, about that.... Lucky Orange thinks it's the smartest App on the planet and that people won't even notice that in actually it charges you 10$. Maybe they thought that people just won't notice, as they are used to seeing the 0.00$

Contacted their email support, no response. And you know which support team is a horrendous one? The one that never even replies :D (excluding that one time) after that I didn't even bother sending a next email, i just uninstalled this app and tried to forget it like a horrible dream.

But guess what? It just reminded me of it's horrible existence by sending me an email that "My Trial is ending" followed up by "Your trial has ended" the following day.
Mind you, the app was only installed for 2 days max as i was waiting for their customer support to get some conscience and reply.

So, if you know everytime you uninstall an app, the trial PAUSES. But somehow Lucky Orange managed to bypass that.

To sum the review app, i never manged to use the app in the end, so if you do manage to, ask yourself this. Do you really trust an app that uses some shady practices? Instead of behaving just like any other app and app maker that designed them.
What else is Lucky Orange doing without us knowing? Well, i won't be that guinea pig, testing it out.

Developer reply

September 6, 2019

We are very sorry to hear about your experience and want to work with you to resolve any outstanding issues. At Lucky Orange we take great pride in our technology and offering the highest level of support to our customers and deeply regret any delay in response on our part.

We have seen in some instances where ad blockers do block app services such as Lucky Orange inadvertently. Because of this we encourage you to whitelist Lucky Orange as an approved application to ensure you can view your data within Lucky Orange.

As it relates to our free trial period, we apologize for the confusion you may have experienced. The goal of our free trial is to allow you complete access to all Lucky Orange offerings at no cost for seven days. We do not require a credit card when you sign up to avoid any misunderstanding around billing should you choose not to move forward with a paid plan after the seven-day trial period.

Lucky Orange is fully committed to the transparency of our company policies and practices, what data we collect, how it is used and for what purpose. To try and address concerns you may have about our company policies and practices, included below are links to our Privacy Policy, Data Privacy Management Tool and our Security Overview. The Data Privacy Management Tool will allow you to opt out of any further tracking while showing and giving you the ability to delete all session data, conversation history and survey responses have been collected.


Again, we truly apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and would love to discuss this with you more should you have any interest. Please feel free to reach out to us at or via phone at 913-735-9032. We are available Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5p.m. CST.

Cheers- Danny from Lucky Orange


useless app i paid monthly fee expected to get service as its worth but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Developer reply

September 6, 2019

I am so sorry to hear we didn’t meet your expectations! We would love to connect with you to answer any questions you may have about Lucky Orange and how you can leverage our technology to drive conversions on your website. Please email us your availability at or give us a call at 913-735-9032 Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST.

Cheers- Justin from Lucky Orange


This app is excellent and quite addictive :D Love how I was able to identify issues with my site that I hadn't noticed myself by checking the recordings!

Developer reply

September 3, 2019

"Excellent" and "quite addictive" are two words we love hearing from our customers! Our dynamic heatmaps are also a great way to identify engagement on your website, we use them all the time ourselves.

Cheers- Jordan from Lucky Orange

Revelation By Design

I was really glad to find lucky orange being new to the e-commerce business. This app really helped me to understand what needed to be changed in order to better suit the customers that were visiting my store. I was also appreciative of the help I received from their support team when I had any issues or questions.

Developer reply

September 3, 2019

Helping our e-commerce customers gain better understanding of their customers is something we take great pride in! Thanks for the review and let us know if we can be of any additional assistance.

Cheers- Justin from Lucky Orange


I was lucky the day I found this app as it is the most valuable one I use. After just 2-3 days of use I determined customers were having trouble moving around on my theme. I replaced it almost immediately. I can see where my customers are coming from, what times, what device they are using, and actually see their movements while shopping.
App was easy to download and set-up and I used the free trial before spending any money.
Highly recommend.

Developer reply

August 30, 2019

We are happy you were able to pinpoint your customers' issues on your website so quickly and make the necessary changes! Appreciate your feedback, we love hearing from our customers how they use Lucky Orange to optimize their customers' experiences.

Cheers- Justin at Lucky Orange

Pride Palace

I use this app to track all of my web traffic on my site and it's been instrumental in improving my conversion rate. With the screen recording feature that allows me to watch how my visitors interact with my site, I'm easily able to diagnose any issues and find out where they fall out of the funnel. The pricing is extremely competitive and it's jam-packed with features. My favorite, besides the screen recording, is the click heatmap that shows you where your visitors are clicking on your site and allows you to see what parts of your site are doing the best job catching people's attention.

Developer reply

August 30, 2019

We are so glad that you are getting strong value from the session recordings and heatmaps features in Lucky Orange! Be sure to check out our Live Chat as well which lets you engage with your visitors in real-time to address any potential roadblocks.

Cheers- Justin from Lucky Orange

Dark Roses


Bradly reached out to me today as there was some issues with trying to connect to me abroad which has now been resolved and the app is really amazing! it's literally an online CCTV so you can see what the customers are doing on your store and you can even talk to the customer live on the webpage!

Developer reply

August 29, 2019

We are happy to help and glad Lucky Orange is helping you gain insights into your customers behavior!

Cheers- Bradley at Lucky Orange