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Tiana Bay

I had this app for 2 months, and it has a pretty good selection that frequently updates.

However, customer service isn't great. I didn't know I had to register for on their website to process my order. That takes 48-72 hours, which is reasonable. I would assume that once an order is placed on Shopify it would sync into the app but it didn't for me. When I reached out to customer service, I sent 3 emails and made 2 phone calls. I heard back 2 days later. Again, I assumed that was because I did not read carefully but recently I had a customer return an item, and it took 48 hours to process the return and 48+ hours to receive the label. It's unacceptable. (I still haven't received the return label and had to eat the cost so it's not worth it)

As a brand, customer service is so important so I'm torn. I think the lack of customer service is why I would personally not recommend this app.

Developer reply

August 15, 2020

We appreciate your review and giving our APP a chance. We actually do reply to every single email and inquiry within 24 hours.
You may want to check your spam and junk folders, sometimes are emails do end up in those folders.
We apologize if our response time for you was not satisfactory. As we are constantly trying to improve and cutting down the response time is definitely on top of our list.

The FREE labels we provide for returns do actually take 1-2 business days to process. Your request for the free return label was approved on 08/13 which means you will have your return label the latest by 08/17 which is the 2nd business day.

Again, thanks for giving our APP a try, we wish you lots of luck with your business!

Darkest Hour Apparel

I signed up and still cant get products into my store
I used their 14 day trial and and couldn't get products to upload to my account. I thought maybe I was needing to upgrade since it says that on their page. So I was then brought to another page where I was charged $126 and then SHOPIFY charged me $29.99 for their monthly service.
I still do not have my account working.
I have emailed several times.
I was charged $126.00 AND Shopify charged me $29.99 as well. my account is telling me I need to upgrade in order to use the services. I had a 14 day trial and every time I tired to add a item it wouldn't add to my store. NO ONE IS HELPING ME .
I am starting to think this is a fake company and im about to contact my bank.
I believe I was over charged and didn’t need to pay $126 and was fine with the $29.99 and even then your site is NOT working.
Someone needs to contact me
Also I have called their customer support number and it just goes to voicemail. and their "live chat" is always offline. I AM PISSED over this.
I will update if I hear from them but right now im about to call my bank and claim this as fraud and also report them to Shopify

Developer reply

July 29, 2020

I apologize if you were not able to reach us by live chat or phone, however every inquiry is responded to within 12-24 hours. We are definitely working on improving this time, as the demand of our service is growing we are adding/training more staff to our support team right now!

We have responded to your email regarding the issue with the APP, please check the fix noted in the email, if that is still not working, we would be more than happy to access your store and check for you.

If your purchase of the upgrade 6 month plan was caused by confusion on our end, i do apologize. Please reply back to the email we sent to you, and we can definitely refund you right away.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with!

Empress Imaging

I deleted this app before my free trial ended and was still charged for it. I'll delete this review once I get my money back. DO NOT USE THIS APP. SCAM SCAM SCAM

Developer reply

July 24, 2020

I do apologize for any inconvenience caused, however after checking our reports i do not see any charges for your store. However please contact shopify support as they handle all billing for our APP, if they can verify there is a charge or even a pending charge, we will authorize a refund back to your account.

Latian Lifestyle

I signed up for the turnkey website and made an account on their personal drop-shipper page and they can't find my membership. I can't place my orders because they don't have me listed as a drop-shipper and the orders don't equal $100. Very unorganized. I am not pleased with the money I spent for their lack of help and support!

Developer reply

July 24, 2020

We could not find your membership, because the email you used to sign up for the account was different from the account you have registered with your shopify account, based on your response to our email, we were able to find the account, please check the emails sent to you already as it confirms your account has been updated to dropshipper status. Please contact us if you have any other concerns or questions!


Horrible customer service. DO NOT GO HERE. I cancelled the trial and I received an email that I approved a recurring charge. SCAMMMMM

Developer reply

April 30, 2020

Thanks for giving our APP a try, you actually installed the APP today, so you have not been charged because the APP does come with a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL.
You do have to approve the recurring fees when installing the APP, but if you do not keep the APP after the 14 day free trial, you do not get charged anything.
You can actually contact shopify support and confirm with them directly, as they are the ones who handle the billing for our APP.
I hope this has cleared up and misconception you had about our company, and you will reconsider and give our APP another try.
Thanks again and good luck with your plans!

Leather King Clothing

Like most of the apps,this one is crap too,if it was any good,you would not be charged to use it on a monthly basis,the reason they charge you is because they know you won't make money,so they make most of they money from us,the dummy's who still think,this Shopify Drop Shipping model will somehow work out. They only have the cheapest crap you can possibly find,and they expect you to buy it,at over inflated price,and have you try to resell this overpriced trash,I am at the point where I am reading up on people like this on the FTC website. they great reviews,are fake,or they come from sites you can't find online One more Thing,are you having your friends and family open shopify shops,so they can leave reviews,Just Asking,lol

Developer reply

August 29, 2019

We appreciate the time you took to write the review, however we wish you gave our APP and company a little more than 15 minutes you had the APP installed to your store, to prove our worth.

Your logic of us charging you because we know you will not make money does not really make sense. First off our APP offers a FREE 14 DAY trial – which gives you plenty of time to figure out if our company, products and APP is a right fit for you. Our success solely falls on our partners selling items, which means they will keep our APP installed longer.

We believe the value we offer with LOW WHOLESALE PRICES, ACCESS TO OVER 4500 SKUS, FAST US SHIPPING, FREE RETURNS, NEW ITEMS EVERY WEEK, NO MINIMUMS, EASY APP/PLUGIN PROGRAM TO MANAGE INVENTORY is definitely worth the $29 monthly fee to become a dropship member. So do many other partners who have joined our program.

Our reviews are definitely NOT fake, as this is extremely unprofessional and monitored closely by shopify. We would not risk our integrity and reputation by putting up fake reviews.

Almost 100% of our sales come from our partners who have joined our program over the years, with retail prices almost everything under $50, they HAVE SOLD SO FAR OVER $800,000 worth of merchandise, with minimum 50% profit margins.

There are many who are happy with the products and service we offer. If we were not the right fit for you that’s OK, we would like to wish you lots of success with whatever path you decide to choose. Good luck with your future plans!

The Vivacious You LLC

Stock is out on the first product I imported. Went back to check inventory is super lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooo annoying

Developer reply

June 26, 2019

Hi Regarding your review of our APP: MY ONLINE FASHION STORE, thanks for your feedback we do appreciate it, however I am a bit confused, was the item out of stock or just low in stock? if you added an item from the APP than 100% we have stock available, or else the item will not be showing available in the APP. If you added an item from the APP with stock available and it's showing out of stock on your website immediately, that could be an issue with your "shipping location" setting. This is something we can definitely assist you in getting resolved.
If the item is not out of stock but low in stock, please keep in mind we do restock items 2-3 times a week as well. We hope you reconsider your review and give us an opportunity to review your account to make sure everything is setup correctly!

The Jewelry Barn

For the price, you can't beat it and it's a USA supplier with faster shipping than overseas suppliers. Highly recommended for newbies, startups, and intermediate stores. We have been using the CCWHOLESALE from the start
of our store, Thank you

Developer reply

March 6, 2020

We apologize for the temporary issue you had with your annual upgrade, we have been in constant contact with you reassuring you we are aware of the problem and are working on fixing the issue. We have already emailed you, letting you know your issue has been resolved, We will grant you an additional week of usage for the few days you were not able to use the APP. We appreciate your business and your patience!
*just to clarify, the annual membership is $228 not $288


I used this app for a few months on another of my store, there was no variety first and then the products i added, went out of stock the next day and i was not aware of the same, i was continuously running promotion with a filter not to show products when they go out of stock.. in the end, i did a month of promotions only to realize that the store was literally empty, customers were coming to the store and it had only 5-6 products.. in the end i had to close my store.

Developer reply

March 9, 2019

We appreciate your feedback and giving our company and our APP an opportunity!

Regarding Lack of styles: We want to provide our members with merchandise that caters to a much more wider audience and merchandise that is in style, essential for every wardrobe and most importantly super affordable. With over 4000 Skus available we are also adding new styles every week to ensure our partners have access to new, affordable and quality fashion they can offer to their customers. With that said we welcome all feedback and suggestions from our customers, as one of our main goals is to offer a wide range of styles to our members that is both trendy and cost effective. At the end of the day our objective if for you not to just have access to our inventory but to be able to actually sell the items and make money.

Regarding Inventory stock: we have actually started in the past few weeks, stocking up more quantity per item and when we do restock an item we are stocking up more quantity there as well.
So we are both stocking more quantity initially when we buy the merchandise and stocking more quantity when we do restock the item.
Definitely keeping more qty on hand is a huge priority for us. Moving forward we will be definitely stock more quantity per style, so items are not selling out as quick.

Risen Boutique

I would give this app a great rating, I thought I found the perfect dropshipping company. It is easy to use and push product to your shop. However... all of the items I added to my store were pretty much all out of stock on all sizes the next day. I don't know how they expect you to make any money when you have to pay $29 a month for basically no products in your shop. Ridiculous. Canceled before free 7 day trial was up. Save yourself and don't even bother with this app.

Developer reply

March 9, 2019

We appreciate your feedback and giving our company and our APP an opportunity!

Regarding Inventory stock: we have actually started in the past few weeks, stocking up more quantity per item and when we do restock an item we are stocking up more quantity there as well.
So we are both stocking more quantity initially when we buy the merchandise and stocking more quantity when we do restock the item.
Definitely keeping more qty on hand is a huge priority for us. Moving forward we will be definitely stock more quantity per style, so items are not selling out as quick.