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Great App, and also quick and efficient costumer service. Also appreciate the fact that there is no charge until the 30th order :)

ACE Tecnology

excellent support, simple and easy platform! very good app


bellissima app bellissimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


excellent app is going to help me out tremendously to pursue even more orders in the future and now

Silk & Shine

Great support team! They always solve my problems in minutes. Thanks for your help guys. Highly recommended.

Cult of Geek

6/10 10:31 PM UPDATE:

The developer finally apologized for "upsetting me at any point" (even though I requested the apology specifically be for rudely telling me to "wow relax" after bringing up the flakiness of his app and albeit only after I revealed I was a coronavirus carrier and lost my dad and will likely lose my mom)

For this reason I am upgrading the review to 2-stars


Beware merchants, this app can ruin your theme layout due to updates that the developer pushes without your consent. It also fails to show reviews at all times. When I contacted the developer (Tomasz) over this, he blamed it on the app (without realizing he is the author of the app) instead of owning up to his mistakes. After spending around 15 minutes fixing the CSS (he admitted he failed to scope it properly when making the updates I did not consent to) he spends another 15 minutes fixing another glitch that had I not been around to obseve, would make your site look really unprofessional: reviews not showing up on products. After fixing this second glitch, once again, to sound as if nothing major had occurred, instead of being grateful that a customer's store who he hurt had fixed his glitches for him, he claims he simply "refreshed" shopify product metafield that didn't load the data. Imagine if you only monitor your store once a week. If reviews can become detached from your store and your style ruined from a developer's incompetence and desire to update the app without your consent, you will lose revenue over it. There are better alternatives on this app store (just search for 'Reviews') where you will face developers who own up to their mistakes and apologize to you for them. (He only thanked me for my contribution after 3-4 reminders that I was doing him a favor after he hurt my business). Very unprofessional all around, not recommended.

Updated to reply to developer:

"If you have a look at our reviews you can see that we always go an extra mile to help our customers. This case was no different."

I didn't say he didn't reply fast I said he tried to blame everyone but himself which is what makes him highly unrpofessional. IF I didn't report it as fast as I did then the glitch would've remained and affected hundreds of other merchants, and instead of being grateful he triese to make my livelihood sound like no big deal...

"However, since the beginning of the conversation the merchant kept calling our app "a joke"

He is lying, I called his app a joke a total of three times. The first time, this is what transpired:

me: this app is a joke lol
me: well thanks for thata i guess
him: okay give me a sec
him: what's so bad about the app?
me: i imported reviews an it's like 30 mins later and still doesn't shoiw up
7:18 pm
me: and i recall this happening before but i just ignored it thinking it woul eventually
me: that's literally your app is not functioning as advertised so it's a joke

The second time I called it a joke is clearly shown in the above log, to clarify why I did so at his request (a review app's purpose is to display reviews, if it can't even do that then it's a failure)

For a developer to have so much pride and not see how unprofessional it is to ruin a customer's designs against their will, instead focusing on the fact that I called a spade a spade? This is great insight into why he keeps blaming other people instead of himself

"It was a minor glitch in the footer that was fixed within 15min of it appearing."

Merchants, imagine if your footer was wrecked and unprofessional looking due to no fault of your own, but some app developer who you didn't even grant authorization to update your code whenever he felt like. What do you think will happen to your revenue? Unless you're monitoring your footer 24/7 you will probably not notice, and nothing will be fixed as your revenue diminishes since conversions drop when they see the unprofessionalism of an ugly footer. The developer here is showing he does not care if he messes up your design bceause he considers it a "minor" problem

"Merchant kept calling the support person a "liar", "unprofessional", "having no remorse", "showing no gratitude" (to their insults). "

Do not believe his deception, he is the "support person" that I communicatd with. The way Tomasz lies is by constantly treating the way this app breaks your site as "standard," like all apps will inject code in your site. What he's failing to understand is, his code injects code that BREAKS your site, which is NOT standard behavior. If he tries to tell you this, do not believe him! Other apps do not standardly break your site. For him to lie about it and claim that it does makes him very unrpofessional and not remorseful or grateful that I am fixing his glitches for him (subsequently helping him earn more revenue with no gain to me)

"Also surprisingly told us to calm down (calm we were and trying to help but also beginning to be frightened of the merchant haha) - when they were the one threatening to request Shopify to take our app down and just outright said they will leave us a negative review no matter what we do."

This is yet another lie (are you starting to see the pattern here?) When was the last time you heard someone claiming to be "frightened of a merchant" go "haha"?

Also, click the following link:


The second image clearly shows, in the email transcript of our Intercom discussion, I tell him "hey your app is really flakey, this product doesn't display reviews (and who knows how many others)" and HE replies on Jun 10, 2020 at 02:44 AM with "wow relax"

The first image clearly shows that this message is now deleted from our Intercom widget, likely because he's covering up unprofessionalism in case I report him to Shopify.

If a developer is willing to go to such lengths to cover up their rudeness and unprofessionalism, they will do anything to blame you if even bigger glitches happen in the future. Is this the type of relationship you want to enter?

Developer reply

June 10, 2020

If you have a look at our reviews you can see that we always go an extra mile to help our customers. This case was no different.

However, since the beginning of the conversation the merchant kept calling our app "a joke", and that it "destroyed their store".
It was a minor glitch in the footer that was fixed within 15-20min of it appearing.

Merchant kept calling the support person a "liar", "unprofessional", "having no remorse", "showing no gratitude" (to their insults). They also threatened to request Shopify to take our app down and just outright said they will leave us a negative review no matter what we do.

We do understand that due to the pandemic many of us are on the edge. We are sorry that the merchant was upset but we also think it was way out of proportion and we did everything we could to help them ASAP.

If you're a merchant you know there are customers like this, unfortunately. It happens. You just have to calmly take it.

Aside from that - kudos for the merchant for a really cool store design. Unfortunate it ended up like this.

No matter what, we are here to help you. Our support is on 7 days a week (GMT and CT), we can assist with any code adjustments, guide you through the app. If you have any questions just drop us a line in the live chat :)

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I switched from Yotpo to Opinew and have been amazed so far at the value for what you are able to do, and the customer service during set up has been AMAZING!! Tomasz walked me through everything I needed to get all set up and understanding how to best use Opinew. Which I already love.


Great app. It looks good and does everything I need as far as reviews are concerned. Some of the best customer service as well. Very fast.


It works well and support team is great, reply quickly and help us to solve the problem. We thinks our customers will love it.

Subcold Ltd

We use this app as how main review feature on our website. The support has been brilliant and cannot fault the app.
The import feature is brilliant and so is the Question and answers feature. Our customers love it and sales have improved.