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October 14, 2022

Really like the idea behind the app and I have implemented it on my store. I am really hoping that over the coming weeks / months, the following improvements will be made to the app: Allow customisation of the badge eg. explanation that we are paying for it Allow linking of the badge to a page that explains the carbon removal efforts and ideally a snippet of the dashboard showing the effect we have had so far. Thanks!

Malin & Mizen
Time spent using app: 26 minutes
Shopify replied October 18, 2022

Thanks so much for the feedback. We really appreciate it.

Good news -- both of the items that you mentioned are in the works: more flexibility around the badge, as well as a way for you to communicate to shoppers the incredible impact that businesses like you are having. Bad news -- we don't have an exact launch date. I know "in the works" doesn't help you right now, and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as these features are live.

Thanks for being part of Planet and helping to power more sustainable commerce.

October 12, 2022

Idea is great. Execution could be a lot better. Store name should be able to be added in the text, not just Shopify. We are the one paying the fees. Banner should be shown all through check out, not just in cart. If a buyer uses the Buy It Now button they don't see the banner at all.

Points Streetwear Store
Time spent using app: 5 days
Shopify replied October 12, 2022

Thanks so much for weighing in. We really appreciate it.

One of the next items for the roadmap is making the badge text customizable (and thereby making "Shopify" optional... you're right that the spotlight should be on you and your brand). Regarding the placement of the banner -- 100% that should be more dynamic. We're not currently enabling users to leverage it the way you should be able to.

We're going to get this stuff shipped and make sure you know about it. In the meantime, thanks for installing the app and for the awesome feedback.

October 8, 2022

This app is an exciting idea, but without a customer-facing explanation of what "carbon-neutral shipping" means, it has no value.

Time spent using app: About 2 hours
Shopify replied October 10, 2022

Thanks for the feedback. You're not alone here. We've heard from lots of folks wanting a consumer-facing explanation of the incredible impact that Planet users like you are having.

We're cooking that up and will make sure you know as soon as it's live. Thanks again!

August 17, 2022

Until this app has a way of showing customers (on a dedicated page and on widgets) what we are doing, this isn't super helpful. We can make carbon offsets ourselves with our profits. What we'd like is a way to show the customer: Here is the difference you've all made ordering from us. Here is what our business has contributed from your orders. Here are the places we are helping. A dedicated page for this info is a must. Customers don't trust us just saying "carbon neutral" and we are tired of fielding constant emails asking where it goes, how much, etc. I will update this review to 5 stars once this functionality is added, otherwise, keep up the great work!

Joco Records
United States
Time spent using app: 13 days
Shopify replied August 24, 2022

Thanks for installing Planet and for your review. We've heard this feedback from other merchants as well and are exploring solutions. Thanks for sharing this! - Brady, Sustainability at Shopify

July 27, 2022

The banner needs to be linked to a page that explains it to our customers. Right now it is not clear.

United States
Time spent using app: 5 days
Shopify replied August 24, 2022

We've heard similar suggestions from other merchants who are using Planet, and are exploring options. Thanks for your feedback! - Brady, Sustainability at Shopify

July 19, 2022

The button looks good, it would be better if is has a link which can be used to explain the initiative better. It doesn't make a lot of sense now to a customer.

Time spent using app: 19 minutes
Shopify replied August 24, 2022

Hi Tenue team - you are not the first merchant who has shared this feedback, so we are hearing you loud and clear. Thanks for installing Planet! - Brady, Sustainability at Shopify

July 8, 2022

Love the concept but poor implementation into the storefront. The banner is locked to a specific size and style, sits weirdly close to the above section, and you're unable to add small badges in other places on your store. If you want more than just the store owner to feel good about enrolling, make better display/badge options available.

Genius Lab Gear
United States
Time spent using app: 13 days
Shopify replied August 24, 2022

Hey Genius Lab Gear team, this is great feedback that is consistent with what some other merchants are saying. We're exploring solutions for future iterations, so your input here is very much welcomed. Thanks for installing Planet! - Brady, Sustainability at Shopify

July 7, 2022

Im really glad that you have introduced this option, I find it wonderful, all Shopify stores can do a lot together! I leave 4 stars as "Powered by Shopify Planet" should be smaller or maybe phrased differently like "Get to know more about the initiative" >>> Popup and then you can write everything, let people know what it is about, who does it etc. Please let us choose the design and I would really grateful if you take my option into consideration.

Art on Words
Time spent using app: About 2 hours
Shopify replied August 24, 2022

Hello Art on Words team - This is wonderful, specific feedback for us. We've heard similar sentiments from other Planet users, so we are exploring options for improving these features. Thanks for installing Planet and for sharing your experience - we appreciate it! - Brady, Sustainability at Shopify

June 30, 2022

thanks for this team, great work! Would be good if you could add additional KM's from outside the platform

Chameleon Brands
Time spent using app: 25 minutes
June 29, 2022

Disappointed that the badge is so hard to place like it is shown in the presentation video and Shopify support doesn't help or guide in that, many comments regarding that but still no help from their support team.

Time spent using app: 20 days
Shopify replied June 29, 2022

Thanks for writing your review - I'm sorry that the experience has been disappointing for you so far. We've heard the same feedback from other merchants, and are discussing quick ways to make this process easier for merchants as soon as possible. Stay tuned. - Brady, Sustainability @ Shopify