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Stamped Product Reviews & UGC

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124 reviews
Edited February 7, 2023

no support at all. overpriced, app not working, this has been a nightmare. no idea how you managed to get that many positive reviews. i would give 0 stars if i could

TURBOPLANTER™ - L'originale solo qui nel negozio!
February 6, 2023

The app is super glitchy with lots of bugs. You will literally have to keep contacting their customer service who either do not know what they are doing or are just not helpful. There's always an issue with this app every month.
We also have LOOX and have never had an issue or contacted them for over a year. loox integrates effortlessly. Save yourself the stress from this app. Not worth the headache

United States
January 17, 2023

Their customer service is BS.. Takes so long to respond when I'm having urgent errors. I wish they have live chat available so they can get things fixed right away for users

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 3 years
January 14, 2023

Stamped 'support' is the worst. Do NOT waste your money on this app. I am paying $600/mo for the Professional plan. There is a permissions bug that their support team cannot figure out, and instead of helping, they simply ignore open tickets. New tickets are responded to, but then I am ghosted again. For this premium price, you would expect reliable support. I am going to uninstall.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year replied January 16, 2023

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for taking the time to outline your recent feedback here. I am sorry to see this has been your experience so far.

From our support tickets with you, I can see your Klayvio issue has been resolved and that Ashok has also found a solution he will be communicating with you in your upcoming support call.

To address your comments on feeling "ghosted", from what I can see we need to do a better job setting expectations when we have escalated your request to our senior support or product engineers for further investigation. We had not stopped replying, but your ticket had been further escalated to our Senior team which can have increased wait times associated.

You have my commitment to improved communication on this front. Please do let me know if there is anything more I can do to help support you and your team!

December 22, 2022

Paid for one of the versions, you basically get no features, and have to pay even more for basic features. Contacted for a refund but just get sent round in circles by a chat bot.

Holiday Bottle
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 12 days replied December 22, 2022

Hey there Holiday Bottle team,

I'm sorry to see you've had this experience.

The basic plan is a great place for new and small businesses to start with; it comes with all the standard features of our product that let you collect and display reviews. It is true that higher plans have additional features which may be what your business is looking for.

I have located your support request and it looks like you submitted using our old support email please note we are now using for all support requests.

I have flagged your request and one of our product support reps should be in touch soon to help you out.

If there is anything we can do to help you succeed please let us know!

December 22, 2022

Long story short: Avoid until Stamped,io can prove they are able to support their customers with a properly working product without need of relying on non existent customer service to get things fixed.

Long story:
After getting the app installed, we signed up to the Business plan instantly for the features we were after. This is where the headaches started, we were unable to activate features even though the button said enabled after saving, however clicking refresh would show the same toggles switched back to disabled. The features we wanted didn't enable. We reached out to their support to help with these issues, but their customer support is honestly the most horrible part of this experience. It's non existent. I do not see the value in paying X amount a month when there is 0 support. I sent a message on the 17th Nov, its now the 22nd and still no response to a basic issue. Sure its only 5 days so far, but imagine if a critical issue occurred and needed resolving and the only way to resolve it was to reach out to customer support? Screw waiting DAYS to solve it. Because of this, We switched over to Okendo instantly, and Im glad to say our experience so far with them has been nothing but extraordinary. We're so glad we made the switch!
We want an app that is looked after and maintained, not make us feel abandoned, especially with such a crucial feature like reviews.
Im disappointed because friends of mine who also run shopify stores used to praise Stamped for being the best reviews app, but it seems ever since their acquisition, they have gone down hill. The friends who used to praise Stamped have also jumped ship to other solutions.

For those looking for a reviews app, I strongly recommend AVOIDING Stamped, they dont get my stamp of approval. Go with a another solution.

Time spent using app: 2 days replied December 22, 2022

Hi there Roterunner team,

I am terribly sorry to see this has been your experience.

Our support has recently moved to a new ticketing software in order to address some of the issues you have experienced previously. We're a small team now, but we're growing in the new year to ensure the wait is never longer than 24hrs for any first reply from our team. We've also updated our schedules to provide more complete coverage throughout the weekend.

I know this does not change your experience, but I wanted to assure you we are aware of the challenges and working our hardest to ensure this doesn't happen again.

I see we are working with you to remove the widgets now and I do hope we can see you again in the future.

December 21, 2022

After deleting their app (after years of using it), their Reward widget (part of their Review app) is still visible on our website and we cannot remove it. More than a week after we and Shopify's support team has contacted them, they have still not sorted it out - apart from emailing us a couple of times to let us know they have passed it on to the correct department. Very poor customer service. Will never use Stamped again for this reason alone!

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 4 years replied December 22, 2022

Hi there XBODY team,

We're sorry to see you go, and I can see that we are working with you now to ensure the widgets are properly removed.

We've recently moved to a new support ticketing software to avoid these issues in the future and we have adjusted our team's schedules in order to provide more comprehensive coverage over weekends and holidays.

The recent surge in request volume has certainly been a challenge, but we're growing our small team in the new year to ensure our merchants get the support they need.

Thanks for your understanding.

December 19, 2022

I have never seen such poor customer service like I have been consistently sending email that we need to implement a particular functionality that you supposed to give us already. First we purchased premium plan and the tag/topic filter functionality was not working then you guys said it was mistakenly added and you need to purchase the Pro Plan, and even after getting pro plan that functionality is still not working at all and your support is not replying back on email from last week. If there was rating less than 1 star I would have given you that.

United States
Time spent using app: 4 months replied December 19, 2022

Hey there DMoose team,

I'm sorry to hear about your experience and I've taken a look into your support requests to try and get a better picture of how this happened.

It looks like you have been submitting all of your support tickets through our new "Feature Requests" form which is actually an unmonitored inbox. We accept suggestions on how we can improve our products through this method.

I do apologize that this left you without any response from us, and we'll be taking a look at that form to ensure this doesn't happen again.

I see you have left Stamped, but should you choose to return we would be more than happy to help get you fully set up and successful.

December 7, 2022

While the app does a fair job (quite often it is slow, does not load correctly on mobile, and fails to load CSS on the plans page), the pricing and the sales team are the worst.

Customers (or new potential customers) should be aware that similar apps charge 1/4 of the annual price of Stamped for even better features.
We find it disgusting that the only way to access the Google Shopping Reviews feature is to pay 1400$/year - when other apps offer that for 19$ a month.

Having mentioned that to the sales team, they offered a ridiculous discount with a rude reply inviting us to use another "low-cost app" if we were not happy with their offer.

For instance, we are thrilled to switch reviews provider (after 2 years) and invite savvy customers to do the same - maybe Stamped will start to appreciate their customer reviews more.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 2 years
November 28, 2022

versendet einfach englische emails ohne Genehmigung. asdfgfaddasdsadasfadfsdfsdfm jandsfjnajofnaweronfjwenfnwe

Time spent using app: 7 months replied December 1, 2022

Hey there VITINC team,

While some of your review here was illegible, we did manage to Google translate the rest to see you were trying to translate your review request emails.

I couldn't find a single support ticket of yours so I'll pass along our email;

We do ask that you give us a chance to resolve your issues before reviewing our app, but we understand this may have been written in haste.

Looking forward to hearing from you.