Bold Memberships

Bold Memberships


A Membership Program w/ Custom Access & Recurring Billing

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KitchClever&co | Kitchen tools & Home improvement

Your app is tough to understand. I've makes some tests and nothing works. And I don't talk about the installation. Dude, we are not coders or experts. Make your app more simple. I will not use it anymore.

Cali Tiger

Expectations not met. After being passed around like a trash that not one person wants to deal with we have got no further with this company. It has been over 10 days and we haven't had any progress. Dealing with a new person on every email we reply to is just ridiculous. This company should not have so many apps but just focus on doing one thing well. All it would take would be one person just to spend some time with us so we can resolve our issues. Little faith in working together long term.

Aunt Lyn's

I used the app to charge my VIP membership customers yearly. The Bold spe MO" is good apps horrid cust service." Its always a horrible experience . We increased our membership cost. Did not want old members affected- just new members charge the new price. Well our current members got a letter - stating they had 30 days to accept the new terms or their membership would cease. ( yes the one they paid for in full-- and who had 10 11 12 months remaining that they paid for) This should have been easily solved with a call- one email....But the way Bold works is you have to Beg to get a call--they say they will solve-- they email 24 hours later --- you respond then wait 24-48 hours for that answer.....then they respond and you respond and wait another 24-38 hours for their response. Its been over 14 days and my few clients ( imagine if it was hundred or thousands-- ) followed Bolds Solution and they are seeing that THEY HAVE TO PAY..... STILL even those that signed up 2 months ago for the full year AND PAID.
I reached out urgently again last night .....Its been a full work day- its almost 530 NO Response. Its simply not worth the having to deal with my clients on this issue for weeks . They right to be upset....and so are we . Heres my advice make your "VIP membership " a product with yearly recurring subscription. Since Im losing my current customers -- and must refund. Thats our start over plan for now.

Developer reply

April 24, 2019

Hello there, thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry to hear about your experience thus far. It seems the issue has been more complicated than we originally thought.

We'd love to speak with you over the phone so we can get this resolved once and for all. Please reply to our specialist via email as soon as you can to let us know if you'd be able to speak over the phone today.

We'd love to get this resolved for you and your customers without any further hassle. We look forward to speaking with you further!

Maia Ink

I haven’t received any help what so ever although have been trying to contact somebody for the last 3 days. Will gladly change this if someone gets back to me.

Developer reply

April 3, 2019

Hello, I just wanted to apologize if your requests were missed. I checked with our support team and it looks like somebody reached out this morning, however I asked them directly if they could give you a phone call today in order to sort out any issues you are experiencing. We look forward to assisting you!


Tried to get help, but never replied my message. Will never deal with these guys anymore. Thank you.

Developer reply

March 20, 2019

Hello! We are so sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with our Memberships app. One of our support gurus sent you a message yesterday. Please respond when you are able to, and we will be sure to work on getting to the bottom of any issues you're having!

The Winning Brand

HORRIBLE, never worked! This is app couldn't even download. It's been a nightmare

Vector Quilts

Don't fall into the description trap this app says. You install the app and Step 5 (Subscription boxes) aren't listed. When I emailed support I was informed they no longer have a subscription box option in the app. They bait and switch. They tell me their Recurring Orders app has this feature. I don't need the option for customers to build their own subscription box. The whole point of going with this app was for the subscription box feature that is planned on our business side and not for the customer to build a monthly box with items they want. The recurring orders app charges a 1% feee for each box also.


If I could leave zero stars, I would. Absolutely nothing worked after they installed the app. When contacting support, I would only receive links to videos and articles (which I had already watched & read). I called twice, you don’t reach anyone but are told to leave a message. I have not been called back once. I have two open tickets on my help. I’m uninstalling and going tonfind a different app. So frustrating!


great app but customer services is really poor! Please and please do a better job with your client and don't leave them in the dark.

Alexander Art Supplies

I'm sure this is a wonderful app and the promise is enticing. I will warn you about this. If you do NOT have a full-time web developer, forget this app. This app requires you to modify your basic Shopify store code. (Yes, I realize that's unbelievable, but it's true.) You sure as heck better know what you are doing if you're going to modify the code.

That means...who is responsible for the app - for your store breaking down? Shopify? - NOPE - You modified THEIR code. BOLD? Maybe - unless they can convince you that YOU are the problem. YOU? - Yep - That's where the ultimate responsibility resides.

That's why I say, unless you have a full-time Shopify-certified web developer, you'd better think twice about buying this add-on. It took me 24 hours to realize my mistake.

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