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Medshop Australia

Fantastic Products and Apps - keep it up :).
The app helps us manage a costly process in a very timely manor.

Mac Real Studios

Please add the ability to edit already rejected returns. If you accidentally reject a return there is no way to go back unless you clear the entire customer database which really is not the best solution.

Maximum Beauties

It is a very nice app. There are some issues with the shipping label capabilities but hopefully we can figure it out


It helps you with the stuff you need to make your customers happy. And thats tracking and returning packages. thank you so much. I really like it

Developer reply

January 2, 2020

Thank you so much for your support! Your feedback means a lot to us. We will make continuous progress in this new year to offer you better service. ;)

Bailey's Blossoms

I would like to see on the reports a date range instead of the full report when I export. It would make it easier to run reports monthly. Update, the company responded to my request and is due to make this change! Thank you!

Developer reply

January 2, 2020

Thank you for your review and support! Really appreciate your suggestion. We will support date range filter in data analytics soon. Our engineers are working on it. Thank you! :)


My recommendations are to make your app manually translateable. I want to use your app in language that is not supported in your settings

treasures shopping

I loved very good application very interesting functions with this application I will learn more every day I recommend many users to download the application.

Skull Riderz

its a decent app, my recommendations for future improvements would be

1)reminder notifications for people to enter there return tracking numbers as people don't seem to be doing that for me

2)only allow the customer to raise the return once for an item, ive had people raise duplicate returns for the same item



Developer reply

December 20, 2019

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for your suggestion regarding future improvements in our app. We always appreciate innovative ideas!

We find your suggestions very helpful. Good news is that we are actually planning to implement these features in the following months.
1) we will add new feature to allow merchants set expiration duration. Shoppers can receive notification to ship items back (enter return tracking).
2) we will also add restriction to avoid duplicate returns.

We will send out product update newsletters once these features are launched. You can also find latest updates at our returns center admin homepage or our blog (

Thank you again for your valuable feedback!


Veiled Collection

Admittedly, I did like this app at first however, there are huge faults that this app has that can't be overlooked anymore. So let me save you time and money:

1. When you first get this app if you're trying it out you will be on their standard starter package (5 returns/month + $2 for every additional return). Please read that carefully, you will be charged an extra $2 for every return if you do not MANUALLY delete the app, remove your account integration, REDOWNLOAD the app, reintegrate, and then choose a different plan. They do not automatically upgrade you based on your returns usage, or even have the option to upgrade easily within the app (which is common practice for almost every single app). They're literally trying to scam you out of more money hoping that you don't notice you're over your quota and charging you a ridiculous amount for the extra returns. When I did notice this was happening I contacted support and I was told that I would have to go through each of my SHOPIFY invoices, because for some reason they also don't have their own separate billing and invoicing for you to check how much you're paying - to get a refund. Now mind you, this would take hours and as a business owner ain't nobody got time for that. I was willing to overlook this and continue using their service, until we get to point two.

2. Aftership sends out emails to your customers using their server, with a reply-to email as your business email address. The problem is, ALL of the Aftership emails being sent out are being marked as spam by your recipient's mail servers, so they never see your return approval, return instruction emails, etc., When I contacted Aftership regarding this issue I was told that I would have to email EACH of my customers to add our business email to their address book so they wouldn't be marked as spam. Well, clearly this support tech had no idea what he was talking about because the emails are sent out from AFTERSHIP'S servers so even by adding our email address to their address book it wouldn't do anything, also it defeats the purpose of having an AUTOMATED return service. Great idea, let me take the time now to email hundreds of people for no reason, g r e a t i d e a. This is when I decided the app was just a huge waste of time and money.

3. Whenever you have an issue with their app they tell you to add it to the blog or something so people can vote on it. Their support is horrendous and I'm pretty sure all the reviews on here are fake. Definitely something fishy with this app that is apparently the most used returns app on shopify.

I've switched to return magic, which seems pretty good so far for those looking for an alternative to this mess.

Developer reply

December 12, 2019

We highly value your feedback and AfterShip Returns Center is an actively developed product. Our support has reached out to you in-person to collect more information and yes, we will surely work on the improvements you suggested. Below are some keynotes from our product owner and engineers:
1. We understand that you feel the price $2 per extra return high. That's the price only for quota exceeded. By choosing a right plan fitting the scale of your monthly transactions, you get a pretty low charge per return. We always want to offer you great service with a reasonable price, and we are trying to provide upgrade notice when quota exceeds for our customers. For now the notice is at "Settings > Billing" section, and we plan to provide more explicit notice + email reminder for customers to watch over their monthly usage so that they won't be charged an unexpected quota exceed fee.
2. We understand upgrade & downgrade without reinstallation is an important feature and we have been working on it. For now reinstallation is a must (and yeah a bit more steps we understand) to upgrade/downgrade your subscriptions. We are striving to release a one-click upgrade very soon and will update the progress with you in our blog ( and our app homepage.
3. The way we are sending approval emails on behalf of you has a high chance to be marked a spam by email service providers. We do have a plan to provide a configuration for customers to setting up their email domain with our server to resolve this issue, please bear with us in the updates. In short term, when your customers submit a return request, we will show up a warm notice for them to remember to check the spam/junk mail box for any progress updates.
Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused.The product has frequent updates every month, we look forward to see you coming back to experience the improvements we have been making. Thank you!

Democracy Clothing

Be aware that if you need to upgrade to the next plan they direct you to uninstall and reinstall the app then you have to redo all your settings, why would they do that? Isn't it common that websites grow and you upgrade to the next plan? Every other app has a simple one button or so click to upgrade they make it easy for their customers.
I messaged the customer service asking them to upgrade me, they sent me links to disconnect, followed the process it does not work in fact after I disconnect the app and go back the connection back, clearly this app has a bug. In speaking with our Merchant Success Manager @ ShopifyPlus she stated that uninstalling and reinstalling an app for upgrade she has not heard of.

Please note that I received an email they would screen share with us at 1pm today, they never sent us the link, we are now 3 days of not being able to create & send return labels for our customers. I sent another time to support. So disappointed in this app. I have worked on many shopify sites with many apps and this is the first time I have had this type of an experience.

Like the person that posted Dec 12, 2019 I am wondering if the reviews for this app are accurate.

Developer reply

December 11, 2019

Please accept our humble apology, could you please join us on a screen share call? We will resolve the issue on the call itself.

Kindly check your email inbox. Please reply to it and we will connect immediately.

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