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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface, easy setup, and robust features like a rewards system and referral program. They report increased customer attraction and repeat purchases, along with growth in email lists and social media following. The app's seamless performance, Shopify integration, multilingual functionality, and responsive customer support are also praised. Its pricing, based on the number of rewards created, is seen as fair, with a free plan beneficial for smaller businesses.

Edited July 18, 2016

Final and Last Update: First off I am leaving SLoyalty for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason is sloyalty although cheap is NOT an option if you have a POS. People will double dip and SLoyalty instead of fixing it chose to tell me ohwell or goodbye in so many words. I am sorry but this should TELL people online AND point of sale collaboration points. Then they wont disable the instore AND online together, just wont. Here is there final response

"I have discussed your situation with the team. While we are grateful for your support in the past two years, please understand that our app is primarily designed for online store use cases and as much as we would like to make our loyalty program works for your business, we cannot support the requested features in the near future. We are sorry that we haven't been able to do our job good enough to keep you as a happy customer but we will be willing to offer you our free service for the next 60 days so that you will have enough time to look for another loyalty program that would work for your business. We can help to export the point balances of your customers so that you can transfer the loyalty points to the new loyalty program and make the transition as painless for you as possible.

Please let us know once you have decided which loyalty program app you will switch to and we can work on the next steps."

Update: The problem youre going to have is when you have an instore loyalty system and this for online. This system gives them points for in store purchases and then when they shop online they can use those points if they forget their account. There is no fix for this. It needs to be fixed asap as customers are double dipping

Ok so here it is, almost 3 months since my last review. I still have this issue and it appears its not going to be fixed. The issue is people that shop in my store get a "hybrid" account they can use online where they get points in store with our rewards and for some reason SLOYALTY cannot seem to disinguish the rewards from online then in store. People are getting 4% in my store with my loyalty system in store and then go back and shop online and use their points

Update: I had to take one star away because I had asked them if there was anyway to make it so it DIDNT give people points to use online when purchasing in store. Their answer was no we dont have that feature and we arent implementing it. So basically someone can buy something in my store, then go home and use the same email and register or forget password then they have points they can use online. So basically double dipping my points in my store (appcard) then using s loyalty online. Would be nice if s loyalty expanded into the pos but if thats anything like their situation with the misguided points answer its a no.

Ok well I had some issues and some hiccups with this app and company for a little bit. I used them for well over a year and had 0 complaints besides they were a little slow in responding. They fixed me right up after I left them for loyalis (horrible app) thinking it was going to be better over there. It wasnt This is probably the most robust (little more than sweettooth) and easy to use app.

8 months using the app
April 16, 2014

This app is potentially great but unfortunately it doesn't work on mobile devices which is a significant problem in today's ecommerce market.

For example, on a screen under 768px wide, the loyalty widget will not be shown. This is because the Loyalty Overlay is 768px wide. Therefore, people using mobile devices will not be able to use the S Loyalty app at all. This issue is very problematic when you consider that many people will click through using referral links expecting to be given a discount coupon. This does not work.

Support mentioned they are working on this but sadly for now we find the app unusable.

Squishable UK
5 months using the app
April 16, 2021

pense ¡que podia tenerla en español lo cual en otro idioma no me manejo , la descargue, por que la ponían como una de las mejores para España

5 minutes using the app
S Loyalty replied April 16, 2021

Thank you for your review. Please note that S Loyalty supports Spanish on the user interfaces that shoppers see on the storefront. If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at support@sloyalty.com.

April 13, 2018

The app forced me to give a review before i had witnessedf its power

Buy Dstv Online Shop
South Africa
10 days using the app
October 13, 2017

i did not use it yet but it seams helpful tool

4 days using the app
Edited March 28, 2021

Very easy setup-- I haven't used it yet, but am excited to see it in action. The only issue is the price, as I am in food and beverage and margins are slim. $20 per month seems a bit high. UPDATE: Horrendous. Their prices are incredibly high (the $20 is a low-ball for only 50 monthly orders) for a rewards platform. The entire point of a rewards plug-in is to help customers save money and boost retention, but how can I justify paying extortionary fees in return for giving my customers money off their purchases?

Rejuice LA
United States
2 months using the app
February 12, 2019

So far I'm off to a really rough start! I thought I had launched the rewards a week ago and NOT ONE of my customers purchasing signed up. So I checked today and when they click to sign up for rewards it's just been kicking them off the page and back to my website. Im so disappointed

Bow Peep Co.
United States
12 months using the app
S Loyalty replied March 11, 2019

Thanks for letting us know the problem you're having. To be a loyalty member, a customer will just need a store account. The "create account" button on S Loyalty shopper overlay is linked to your Shopify store account creation page. If your account setting in Shopify is "Accounts are disabled", the account sign up page will be hidden, and will bring your customers to the homepage of your store as expected when they click the button. Please go to Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout and make sure you have chosen either "Accounts are optional" or "Accounts are required", so that the account creation page can be displayed on your store. Let us know if you need help!

Edited March 20, 2019

You can't change the settings of the rewards program at free will even when you're subscribed to the highest paid plan. This is no good. You literally have to email their support so they can make the necessary changes. I will no longer utilize this app.

Coloured Raine Cosmetics
United States
10 months using the app
S Loyalty replied March 20, 2019

Thanks for your review. Since we do not encourage merchants to change the point earning ratio frequently as this can cause confusion to shoppers, we require merchants to contact our support team if they want to make changes related to points earning. This process can give us a way to highlight important notes about the change and to verify with the merchant that the change is correct. Hope this explains.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and I hope that you can understand our rationale. If you need our help, please do not hesitate to let us know.

August 24, 2020

since 6 DAYS i waiting about add my banner and logo on the rewards program!
support are not professionall at all!

Vizca Cosmetics Paris
About 1 month using the app
S Loyalty replied August 25, 2020

We're sorry to read your review, a member of our support team has responded to your message and we'd love to chat this through with you. Thanks.

Edited May 19, 2021

Its been 48 hours since we reached out for assistance. We received an initial response telling us they do not support the deletion of rewards. We informed the rep the reward was created in error and that we wanted it removed to make room for other rewards, but no response. Beautiful software and seamless integration, but the reward tier prices coupled with the lack of customer support equals red flags. Other 1 star reviews say the same thing.***UPDATE*** The developer has responded. We reached out a second time (with screenshots) and still no response. We'd prefer having rewards we can actually use and/or modify if need be. Again, beautiful software and seamless integration, but this does not seem to fit what we need at this time.

My Good Protective Sis
United States
11 days using the app
S Loyalty replied May 13, 2021

Sorry for any confusion. If a reward is turned off, it won't be counted towards the number of rewards allowed by a plan so no worries.

I checked our support system and found that we received one offline message from you and my colleague replied it within 8 hours. I'm not sure if you sent us an earlier message but somehow we didn't receive it. Sorry for any delay and please let us know if there is anything else we can help.