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Wigs Hairpieces

Location United States
Time spent using app 5 months

I would give ShipHero 6 stars if I could!

Easy to use software right out of the box. Same look and feel as Shopify, so there's limited training needed.

It fits the needs of our large 8-figure turnover company with 50+ employees, covering everything from Wholesale, Goods In, Barcode Readers, Different User Access Levels, iPad App for even easier access and use, easy plug-n-play with Shopify, and the best help and support you could wish for. Fast, prompt and genuinely helpful.

We looked at all of the other solutions, and ShipHero was by far the best value for money. They're difficult to beat.


Nashua Nutrition

Location United States
Time spent using app 8 months

ShipHero is the answer to all your inefficiencies in your warehouse!

Are you looking for a complete, "out of the box", Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve your business?

Do you want to enable LIVE inventory quantities that are pushed to your sales platform, organize your warehouse inventory with product locations, improve picking/shipping speed and accuracy, lower shipping costs, have the ability to cycle count inventory on a regular basis without closing your store, create purchase orders and receive inventory with the click of a button, and continuously track warehouse performance and metrics in real time?? ShipHero can do all this and MORE!

Our business was growing at such a rate that we could barely keep up with the volume of orders each day. We were in need of a system that was much more efficient and accurate compared to the current system we were using, which was basically "Stone Age" technology. We needed a system that controlled our inventory across our various sales channels, IN REAL TIME, to prevent running out of stock, causing customer back orders. We wanted a system to seamlessly purchase products from our manufacturers, receive them into our warehouse inventory, and make them available for sale on our channels. Picking and shipping orders with paper invoices, one at a time, was just not efficient any more. Trying to determine the cheapest and fastest shipping carrier ourselves was slowing our throughput with shipping. We were tired of manually taking metrics and entering them in an excel sheet to create reports on our progress within the warehouse. The list when on, and on, and on...

Once we found ShipHero, it was game on! It seemed as though every thing we needed to improve upon to grow our business, ShipHero had an answer for. The ShipHero Support staff was instrumental in assisting in the implantation of their system. They stayed in constant communication every time we had questions about how to use or implement the system until we had a solution. With a very useful support web page, YouTube videos, LIVE webchat, and the rest of their solutions support team, setting up ShipHero was not that hard at all.

In a little over 6 weeks, our warehouse went from the stone age to the 21st century and we couldn't be happier! The warehouse used to be a focal point of our attention, now that we have ShipHero in place, we can focus our entire attention on continuing to grow our business!


Location United States
Time spent using app 2 months

ShipHero's functional features are exactly what all Ecommerce stores/shops need to run a organize and successful business. Once you are familiar with the platform and have all the functionalities tailored to your company's needs, the work flow becomes more fluid.

However, we hope to see a stronger on-boarding demo, maybe more youtube tutorial videos in the future. Setting up Shiphero is a process. It is discouraging to seek assistance and be sent a link to an article to resolve the issue. I think we can all agree that nowadays businesses run on immediate answers and solutions, this is the reality of the industry we all work in. Whether it is demanded by business customers or buying customers.

ShipHero support team has been AMAZING through the process. Not to discredit anyone on the team, but I would like to acknowledge AMANDA & MARTIN for providing great customer support. It takes TREMENDOUS PATIENCE to deal with 1000's of customers with countless questions & concerns on a day to day basis. These two have been exceptional and HOPE THEY BOTH GET RAISES!
(hope that helps =) haha )

Looking forward to seeing ShipHero's IMPROVED & NEW FEATURES in the near future. We look forward to our longterm partnership with ShipHero.


Pure For Men

Location United States
Time spent using app Almost 2 years

Amazing platform! Our fulfillment process has really been simplified.

Their team recently held our hand through an otherwise tough migration and it couldn't have been any smoother.

Thanks ShipHero!


Location United States
Time spent using app Over 3 years

If you want a full system for running your e-commerce business, you found it.

ShipHero does a lot.

We do custom embroidery in bulk for schools.

We do subscription boxes.

We sell on Amazon, Walmart, eBay.

We do FBA.

We ship from multiple-warehouses.

We can sell over 1,000 units in 24 hours during our sales.

We receive orders by the 40' container with about 10,000 units coming in at a time across multiple sizes and colors which are received by several people simultaneously.

ShipHero handles all these things extremely well.

6 stars if I could.


Location Norway
Time spent using app 3 months

Thank you for very good customer service!

The service and software they deliver are very good and the best we have seen in the market so far. Unfortunately, were not ready to switch to their system at this time but we will definitely be back as customers at a later date.
Highly recommended to anyone who wants control over their shipments and inventory.

Once again thank you for brilliant follow-up and customer service!


Location United States
Time spent using app Over 2 years

WE LOVE SHIPHERO!!! From order fulfillment to inventory management, could not ask for anything better. The iPad/iPhone integrations make life easy and reduce packer error like nothing else. Great team, great support, couldnt ask for anything more!


Location United Kingdom
Time spent using app Over 2 years

Thank you so much for shiphero team. Used this app for three years now. No matter for order shipping or quantity update is well done. Great communication, highly recommended to all online business users.


Location Cyprus
Time spent using app About 2 years

We have been using Shiphero from circa summer 2017. When we first stumbled upon their app inside of Shopify App Store, our first thought was "finally, an app that promises to address all our everyday problems" with regards to stock syncing and general warehouse management. For the most part this is how it has gone down, and quite honestly, any persisting issues we might be having are due to our delay to adapt to a different workflow.

Our biggest issue before Shiphero was that of syncing our warehouse stock to three, yes three! shopify stores, all selling the same products but each targeting a different market in terms of geolocation and currency. Prior to Shiphero, we had been experiencing major problems with this task alone. Some apps were master of stock only, but then did not have the capacity to sync the full volume of our products. Others were also master of price, but masters of price did not master their slaves sufficiently and other similar problems. Then Shiphero came into play and off went most of those problems. Please note that Shiphero is only master of stock! Master of price was addressed in a different way. To top it off, we are now syncing two warehouses, each hosting around 100.000 variants to three Shopify stores trouble free. The only "problem" we are having in this schema is that the inventory is slow when fetching all those data from Canada (we are located in Greece - more on that later). So if you are looking for an app to do just that, there's no need to read below. Stop here. Install the app, put a smile on your face, and move on with your life and business.

If you need more than just syncing your stock to one, two, three, or more stores, then Shiphero is probably the app you are looking for too. For that job alone it is much cheaper and much more efficient than any other Shopify app out there which we had the bad luck to use. Besides the online dashboard they are also offering an iPod/iPhone app and an iPad app which is promising to do your pickers' and packers' everyday life easier, more productive and more efficient. As much as we wish there was an Android alternative as well, for iDevices are far more costly and not everybody has one, however that comes down to ones adjustability. If you are thinking of using Shiphero read the rest of this paragraph carefully! You will have to purchase the hardware they are suggesting you purchase. All alternatives simply won't work - believe me we tried many! It seems like a matter of bluetooth connection protocols. Standard connection via bluetooth is HID and this replaces your keyboard, which is not what you want. Socket scanners are pricy, but totally worth their money in the long run. They can use a different protocol which appends the scanner to the input methods, the battery lasts forever on a single charge, it's light and quite responsive and you are not expected to have any problems in everyday use with rare exceptions.

When it comes to picking, you will have to create a bin system so that you can assign products to bins and let Shiphero know of all this information. Creating bins, and pairing products to bins in as large a warehouse as ours was A LOT of work, but totally worth it at the end of the day! To put it in plain words, after you've gone through all of that you will be able to give an iPod/iPhone/iPad and a Socket scanner to any arbitary individual (preferably choose one with no prior warehouse working experience), instruct them what is the logic your warehouse is set up and they will be able to go fetch products from your warehouse in minutes! We had to come up with a bin system of our own, to better suit our warehouse, which spans a total of four floors.

Shiphero's workflow is the following: A picker with an iDevice and a barcode scanner sets off towards the warehouse with a cart. The cart is host to a number of totes. One tote is a container of an individual order's products. The picker goes to the warehouse, uses the app to locate an item's exact location, picks and scans the item (heads up: items should have barcodes on them too!), is told what tote to put the item into, places the item and moves on towards the next tote. The picker continues like this and at the end of the picking procedure they will have completed picking an equal number of orders to the number of totes. They are then bringing their cart to an available packer, leave their cart and take the next available cart (with new, empty totes) and set off again. Then the packer can check the items of every tote, can pack the order, can use a scale to weigh the package, can print an invoice from within Shiphero, can also print a shipping voucher from within the app and have an order ready to ship, all this from within the app itself. Amazing!

Now, I used the phrase "the packer can + verb" because, although Shiphero can do all of that, however we are not using all those features ourselves. The reason why we don't is a mixture of not wanting/needing to and not being available to yet. Allow me to explain. Our store, like mentioned above, is located in Greece. Shiphero does not support out of the box connection to any of the most popular local shipping companies in our country and they aren't to blame for that - it makes sense why they don't. Since we already had set up a stand alone software (custom made) for that job before Shiphero, we did not justify the cost and effort of creating a new one, but instead kept on using that alongside Shiphero, and it is working just fine as it is! We are using neither their scale options, nor their invoice printing or shipping voucher printing. We are a very happy Shiphero users team and very satisfied at the value for money ratio!

And now comes the time for the most important part when dealing with external apps. And that is none other than software support! How could I express myself in a way that would suffice to explain how great their support is?! Nicholas, Martin, Yosef, Aaron, Adam, Belen, Amanda, Patti (guys and gals please forgive me if I have forgotten somebody) can be proud of their patience, and customer service skills. Rarely have I needed to contact an app's support department as often as I have done with Shiphero (especially during setting up everything for the first time), and even rarer have I enjoyed such a welcoming response each and every time! To better explain how great their support is, please consider yourselves, how often do you receive emails from an external app's support when you have not contacted them for an extended period of time, only to be asked if you have been experiencing any problems with their app lately, if you have any concerns of suggestions for further improving their produt, and all of that without their promoting any other products of theirs after their expressing their "interest"? Our only "we-wish-for" of ours would be, we wish they offered 24/7 support sooner than not, since their being located in New York and our being located in Greece, sometimes renders communication slower than desired.

So, if you've read this far, you might be asking yourselves "This app sounds like perfect! Is it so good, or is it too good to be true?". In a nutshell, it is pretty good, but, like all things, it is not perfect. If you value a very good product, rich on features, bundled with an awesome support, and are willing to pay little extra for that, then look no further!!!

Konstantinos Sakkas -

Gardin Warehouse

Location United States
Time spent using app 4 months

Being a small business finding the right app to fit your company needs can be difficult, especially when there are so many to choose from. My store has gone through multiple apps to try and find a solution to our inventory and shipping problems. We have multiple locations that we keep stock and Shopify doesn't allow more than one store location to separate inventory counts. Lucky for us I found ShipHero!

Not only have they solved how we go about fulfilling orders but they have also become a complete solution to our inventory problems! With ShipHero I am now able to manage each location with ease and on top of that i can get a report of what is needed to be ordered! Those few features only scratch the surface of what ShipHero can do! There are so many useful tools to use and i find myself discovering a new feature everyday.

The best part of all is the amazing support they have. Any and all questions i have asked, (there are quite a few), they were able to answer right away! Even for someone like myself who is fairly new to all of these management apps, they respond quickly and with lots of detail to make sure i understand and left me feeling more confident by the end of each conversation.

So if you are looking for a solution to any and all of your inventory and shipping needs, then look no further! The more you use ShipHero the more you will love it and be happy that you made the right choice. Thank you ShipHero!

-Dan Ruta-