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November 10, 2021

I have used this App to great effect on my site. I mostly wanted a tool that would allow us to ship only using selected services. We are only able to ship with express services so ShipperHQ allowed us to hide any other rates. On top of this, we use private couriers for certain regions, so ShipperHQ allowed us to hide other Shipping services for those postal codes, or delivery radiuses that could be services by our couriers. Lastly, we were able to select box dimensions and weights and preload all of our product weights so we can determine accurate shipping estimates and costs so we limit errors and shipping losses. It is very customizable with very knowledgable staff that are available to help us customize our service to tailor our needs.

Félix & Norton
Time spent using app: 9 months
ShipperHQ replied November 15, 2021

Hi there! We’re happy to hear that our Shipping Rules and Dimensional Packing features helped improve your shipping margins and tailor your shipping strategy to suit your business needs. Thank you for your feedback!

November 9, 2021

We have been using Shipper HQ for around 7 months and we are very happy with the platform and their support team. We have a complex setup on Shopify (multiple stores, multiple fulfillment countries, etc.) and Shipper HQ has made it possible to not only handle product rating for all of our scenarios, but they have also allowed us to consolidate our entire admin and manage everything centrally. This has been a key tool for us to be able to manage shipping across 15+ stores. Their technical support team has been very responsive to any concerns we have had and have been available to walk us through the most complicated aspects of our specific setup. We would highly recommend Shipper HQ for any rating needs that can't be handled by Shopify natively.

The CBP Store
United States
Time spent using app: 12 months
ShipperHQ replied November 15, 2021

Hi there! Thank you for this incredible feedback. Helping craft a shipping strategy unique to your business is what we’re all about, and we’re happy to hear that our product and team of Shipping Technicians helped you manage your complex set up on Shopify.

November 5, 2021

Great app with tons of custom features which gives you a lot of flexibility with shipping options. Excellent customer support too.

Liberty Safe
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
ShipperHQ replied November 15, 2021

Hi there! We’re so happy to hear that our suite of features helped create a solution that suits the shipping goals unique to your business and customers. Thank you for your feedback!

November 5, 2021

The native Shopify shipping calculator was just not robust enough for our needs. ShipperHQ was a blessing as we were to put shipping rules in place that took into account dimensional weight, multiple origins, and select carriers. Their support helps you through the way to make sure you are calculating the most accurate shipping rate possible. I definitely recommend!

United States
Time spent using app: Over 3 years
ShipperHQ replied November 15, 2021

Hi there! We’re happy to hear that our features were robust enough to meet your specific shipping needs while improving rating accuracy. Thank you for your feedback!

Edited November 4, 2021

We have been using Shipper HQ for little over a year and we couldn't be happier with the platform. It has a little learning curve but once you get there everything works seamlessly. The shipping rules functionality provides extra benefits to customize the shipping rates on the platform as per the business needs. The support team is great too!

BH Cosmetics
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 years
ShipperHQ replied November 15, 2021

We’re so happy our product and expert team of Shipping Technicians could help tailor your shipping strategy to suit your business needs. Thank you for your feedback!

August 3, 2021

First of all, the response times and follow up has been amazing with ShipperHQ's team! We are thrilled to use them as we ship large, heavy furniture items and needed a way to split single sku orders into individual packages, as each item must ship by itself. Their documentation online is super helpful for setup, and the team is available to help and are really down to earth. Super excited for our follow up meeting! Thank you to Celina and Raymond for the amazing service and experience so far! -A.

The CosmoGlo
United States
Time spent using app: 8 days
ShipperHQ replied August 3, 2021

Incredible! Helping craft a shipping strategy as unique as your business is what makes us tick. We’re glad to hear that we could help!

July 22, 2021

I'm very impressed with the ShipperHQ team and platform. Michael helped with setting up my delivery surcharges and was very responsive. I would recommend using this app for your shipping and delivery rate management.

Laceys Hair and Beauty
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 2 months
ShipperHQ replied July 22, 2021

We're thrilled to hear such great things about Michael's level of service. We have high standards when it comes to our customer service, and Michael certainly upholds those standards. Thanks for sharing!

July 12, 2021

Using Shipper HQ has been one of the best decisions I made when integrating shipping into my website. The team at Shipper HQ walked me through the whole process, made sure to reach all my needs and made excellent recommendations to make shipping super easy. I would highly recommend Shipper HQ and their team.

Lou's Fish House
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
ShipperHQ replied July 13, 2021

News like this makes our day! Thanks for the great review. We'll pass along the kind words to the rest of the team!

July 5, 2021

I agree with what people said here.
This app has a steep, steep learning curve. I was very lost in reading their help docs. The customer service was quite poor. The guy wasn't patient and kept sending me help docs that were not helpful. It is an expensive app but did help me out.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 4 years
ShipperHQ replied July 14, 2021

Hey MTN Shop Team,

Thank you for sharing your continued experience with ShipperHQ - and we apologize for falling short. We value your feedback and sincerely appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.

I’m sorry to hear the documentation we shared was not helpful in resolving your issue. Meeting our customers’ needs is a priority for us and we always strive to get better at it. We are continuously updating our knowledge base in an effort to answer our customer's toughest questions and help them make the most of ShipperHQ's powerful features. I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how we can further improve our efforts.

All that said, I wanted to reiterate how thankful we are that you shared your concerns with us. When you give us this feedback, it helps us build a better product and service offering for our customers, so thank you for helping us in our mission to always be better. Should anything else arise, please reach out to me and I will personally see to it that it is taken care of.

Your business means a lot to us, so if you ever have additional feedback, please don't hesitate to email me at support@shipperhq.com.

Thank you,
Taylor Saporito, Head of Support

Edited April 28, 2021

This app has a steep, steep learning curve, that should have been my first sign that this app was just a bad idea and not well thought out from the start! Spent hours configuring it, and used it for about 1 week before the problems started resulting in 2 instances of lost revenue which is not okay. If you have Google channel with with automatic shipping for your Product feed settings, beware! This app does not push shipping rates through, and Google Merchant disapproved all of our product listings. We had to manually override and create rates on Google Merchant to fix this problem. That blip of 48 hours while trying to solve this resulted in losses. Then the app suddenly just stopped working one fine morning, and none of our customers were able to checkout with no shipping rates! This resulted in more losses. When I tried support they kept saying it was my settings, but I didn't change anything from one day to the next to result in it not returning rates! I have written in FIVE emails asking for a refund out of principal. None has been offered or issued so this app deserves no stars.

Bar & Cocoa
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month
ShipperHQ replied June 15, 2021

Hey Bar & Cocoa Team,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us this valuable feedback and I apologize that your experience has been frustrating. We take customer experience very seriously and strive to provide timely support and responses to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

After investigation, our Account Management team discovered that rates were not populating to your customers due to a problem with your configuration in Shopify. Regardless, our number one priority is to make sure we take care of our customers. As requested, we provided a full refund for your month of services.

For reference and to ensure this problem doesn't exist for other Shopify/ShipperHQ customers, we've provided a summary reason why the issue may have been occurring:

- Ensuring zones in Shopify are set up correctly and contain all areas to which you are able to ship. This is the direct reason for the error message stating "We don't offer shipping to New York."

- Review with customers that the check box stating "Automatically show new shipping methods when they become available" is enabled. This will ensure that the revolving dates when using our Date and Time feature are picked up by Shopify and that rate will populate for the customer.

- Finally, we will recommend ensuring all products have weights set on them. If a product doesn't have a weight you will not get rates from ShipperHQ as the system does not see the item as a physical product. It's worth noting that if a product without weight is in the cart with a product with the weight you will get rates returned (although those rates will be less accurate). So, this would cause rates to not return if all products in the cart do not have weight.