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SMS Notifications (with Abandon Cart Recovery)

SMS Notifications (with Abandon Cart Recovery)

Developed by Onjection Labs

113 reviews
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  • Send SMS to your customers on order creation, cancellation, refund etc.
  • Send SMS with your own Sender Id*, Custom SMS templates
  • Send Automated series of Abandoned cart recovery texts. No monthly commitments!

SMS Notifications

Now send SMS alerts to more than 220 countries world wide. Notify your customers about Account creation, Order creation, Order fulfilled, order cancelled, abandoned orders.

SMS communication has many benefits including facilitating communication with your customers, your customer also receives the details of the order faster. Short text messages are sent primarily as information on the status of the order, such as a message confirming the correct course of a transaction or message about delivery time of orders. SMS is fastest communication with your customers, and savings for the company due to reduced costs associated with undelivered shipments.

Convert cart abandoners into customers & regain your revenue. You can send upto 3 text follow ups:-

Follow up 1:- This is primarily used as a reminder to what they have abaondoned. Ideal time:- After 1 hours, 4 hours or 10 hours.

Follow up 2:- This can be used to make them an offer or discount. Because three of the top four reasons that people abandon their carts have to do with prices. Ideal time:- After 10 hours, 24 hours

Follow up 3:- This should be the final follow up, you can make the offer again or collect the feedback about the reason for their cart abaondonment. Ideal time:- After 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours.


  • Customer get information through SMS, no need to check the mail from wherever.

  • SMS notifications send to customer and an admin, while the order gets placed.Send SMS notifications to 220 countries.

  • SMS notification to customer, if order gets cancelled.

  • If Order gets placed, then the SMS notification to customer tells the Order successfully placed with Order Id.

  • If Order status change to shipping, then the customers gets the SMS notification like ‘Order shipped with Tracking number and shipping provider name.

  • Unique shortened urls for your tracking numbers.

  • If Order status change to delivery, then the customers gets the SMS notification like ‘Order successful to delivered’.

  • Now you can also send abandoned cart recover messages as well.

Manual Guide:

  • Get SMS Notification APP From : https://apps.shopify.com/sms-notifications-1

  • Go to APPS->SMS Notifications

  • Select Stages when to send SMS to customer or administrator.

  • Thats it, We'll notify customers and admin

NOTE: If you do not want the SMS function for the time being then you can disable add-on by yourself.

At ONjection We believe that eCommerce is much more than just putting up a website and uploading products. We dont believe in a Copy2All solution. We understand that every business has their own needs and with a team of professionals highly experienced in eCommerce sector we provide Custom eCommerce Solutions .

Our industry knowledge will ensure that your website is built for success.

Our Shopify Extensions

SHIPWAY.IN: It is for multiple courier Shipment Tracking Solution.

  • Customer can check delivery status of his order.

  • Track airwaybill number from multiple courier companies at one place.

  • Track complete shipping status from confirm order to order delivery Shows shipment realtime status details

  • List of pre-defined Shipping Carrier

Pincode/Zipcode Serviceability Check

  • Zipcode serviceability checkbox on product page.

  • Option to add serviceable pincodes for both Cash On Delivery as well as Prepaid payment option.

  • Option to enable or disable Pincode serviceability checkbox on Product page

  • You could upload the pin-codes’ sheet from the backend ( only in CSV format)


In case of any query or support feel free to contact us at contact@onjection.com

* Sender ID Feature is only available in Indian Store

SMS Notifications (with Abandon Cart Recovery) reviews

113 reviews
  1. 5 stars (90 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (9 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (10 reviews)

works well. I would recommend the app to anyone


My initial review was:
It works. I mostly use it for delivery notifications, not the abandoned cart. notifications are easily edible. Love the app, though country rates are a bit high.

After a couple of weeks I found out that some of the messages to my customers would not be delivered. I contacted the app support to find out if they had a back log of the SMS that were sent and delivered. The only answer from the support called Vikas was that SMS were not delivered to the numbers starting with an 8 digit, which was not correct as I found out later.
Okay, my fault was not to pay attention to the notification on the left side of the notifications page in the app settings as per the number of symbols and Unicode symbols in an SMS. My fault, I got it, anyways the support never got back to me, and it's been two weeks now since my initial inquiry.
When I found out that my notifications 'weighed' 3-5 SMS on average I decided to pay more attention to where my deposit is going. I converted all my notifications in Latin and reduced to under 160 symbols with shortened links, so that there would be no variation in an SMS length. And I checkmarked cc' admin telephone number and placed a couple of test orders. None of the notifications went through, I mean literally none, and I have "order placed", "order partially fulfilled" and "order fulfilled" notifications turned on. Now, this was when I got super confused and mad. If it didn't work twice, how could I be sure it ever worked with 5 long SMS in Unicode symbols that cost me 37.5 cents. Are you kidding me? And the support never returned my questions about the back log.
I decided to turn on the previously inactive 'order cancelled' notification just to double check and i cancelled my own test order and the SMS did go though. This was when I figured out that updates to the text of the notifications apparently take some time to sync to the app servers or something. Anyways, this literally made me mad, I fired a couple of furtious emails at the supports, they didn't care, they still don't care.
Next day SMS delivery got back on track, but I prefer to double check with admin delivery and I am just moving towards the end of my budget with this app developer. If they did not deliver some of my SMS, how can i be 100% sure that any of them are delivered?
After some research I found out that some apps out there support automatic link shortening, symbols counter alert, SMS counter alert, SMS tracking analytics etc. All this at the same cost of your SMS budget.

I've been with shopify for 5 years, I"ve seen many apps, I've seen different support. And this is the first time I am leaving a 1-star review. In my opinion this app is a waste of time and money. That's one they have a minimum budget of $30 so that when you find that this app is useless, you've already spent your minimum and that's it. Don't rely on this app.


Awesome app, really works perfectly, and the costs are very good


Good app. Only use it for abandoned checkout recovery messages. It just needs some tools to measure things. Tool to measure clicks on the tiny urls (cart link) and to measure abandoned carts recovered as a result of customers clicking on the tinyurl.

And or an export of all the phone numbers that were sent the message/tiny URL.

Would engender a better cooperative relationship with customers if your pricing were more transparent and structured better. e.g. 80% of our customer phone numbers have iMessage enabled which of course means there is no wholesale telco carrier cost for those.

A PERFECT abandoned checkout product (and one which ultimately MUST be what is used) would integrate abandoned checkout recovery emails with abandoned checkout recovery SMS in order to allow us to pick the correct amount of messages in a sequence whether SMS or email and to stop them if a cart is recovered via either method or otherwise.


Great App! Super easy to install and setup. Great for abandoned carts.


Great app. But there should be an option to manually upload phone numbers on SMS marketing panel. How can we do that?


Nice app to send notifications to abandoned carts and customers. easy to use.
though i hope charge per sms gets lower soon


Perfect App for Cart Abandonement.


Does what it says: sends SMS to abandoned cart customers. Nothing else. However, it's a bit expensive. A normal SMS can easily take up to 5 ou 6 credits (pay 5 or 6 SMS in one single SMS sent). This is due to using unicode characters, such as "á" or "ç", or any emoticon. If you multiply your country SMS price by 5 or 6 this is no longer an afordable choice.


After using SMS Notifications for 4-5 months, I am very satisfied with its performance. The SMS charges are also reasonable and worth the price.

Thanks for the great product !!!!


Get 20 credits free for testing.
Country wise price per SMS (in $)
India 0.006
United States 0.015
United Kingdom 0.05
United Arab Emirates 0.04
Saudi Arabia 0.039
Malaysia 0.05
Somalia 0.1
Germany 0.11
Canada 0.015
Australia 0.075
Singapore 0.049
Pakistan 0.04
South Africa 0.04
Brazil 0.07
Norway 0.12
New Zealand 0.11
Philippines 0.03
Indonesia 0.06
Kuwait 0.05
Afghanistan 0.15
Albania 0.12
Algeria 0.15
American Samoa 0.15
Andorra 0.03
Angola 0.086
Anguilla 0.086
Antigua and Barbuda 0.075
Argentina 0.1
Armenia 0.15
Aruba 0.075
Austria 0.12
Azerbaijan 0.2
Bahamas 0.04
Bahrain 0.033
Bangladesh 0.12
Barbados 0.06
Belarus 0.1
Belgium 0.1
Belize 0.02
Benin 0.1
Bermuda 0.06
Bhutan 0.075
Bolivia 0.1
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba 0.08
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.1
Botswana 0.086
Brunei 0.03
Bulgaria 0.09
Burkina Faso 0.091
Burundi 0.15
Cambodia 0.075
Cameroon 0.12
Cape Verde 0.13
Cayman Islands 0.08
Central African Republic 0.027
Chad 0.05
Chile 0.086
China 0.057
Colombia 0.1
Comoros 0.029
Cook Islands 0.043
Costa Rica 0.067
Croatia 0.067
Curacao 0.08
Cyprus 0.111
Czechia 0.06
Democratic Republic of the Congo 0.053
Denmark 0.03
Djibouti 0.167
Dominica 0.08
Dominican Republic 0.086
East Timor 0.136
Ecuador 0.12
Egypt 0.1
El Salvador 0.07
Equatorial Guinea 0.03
Estonia 0.136
Ethiopia 0.111
Faroe Islands 0.026
Fiji 0.15
Finland 0.1364
France 0.084
French Guiana 0.25
French Polynesia 0.273
Gabon 0.086
Gambia 0.026
Georgia 0.136
Ghana 0.086
Gibraltar 0.023
Greece 0.086
Great Britain 0.05
Greenland 0.02
Grenada 0.075
Guadeloupe 0.25
Guam 0.07
Guatemala 0.079
Guinea 0.177
Guinea-Bissau 0.158
Guyana 0.086
Haiti 0.08
Honduras 0.08
Hong Kong 0.07
Hungary 0.12
Iceland 0.04
Iran 0.063
Iraq 0.12
Ireland 0.08
Israel 0.021
Italy 0.1
Ivory Coast 0.15
Jamaica 0.08
Japan 0.12
Jordan 0.09
Kazakhstan 0.12
Kenya 0.06
Kiribati 0.043
Kosovo 0.15
Kyrgyzstan 0.075
Laos 0.064
Latvia 0.12
Lebanon 0.078
Lesotho 0.15
Liberia 0.12
Libya 0.1
Liechtenstein 0.05
Lithuania 0.06
Luxembourg 0.025
Macau 0.05
Macedonia 0.1
Madagascar 0.05
Malawi 0.075
Maldives 0.021
Mali 0.15
Malta 0.048
Marshall Islands 0.167
Martinique 0.231
Mauritania 0.15
Mauritius 0.05
Mayotte 0.3
Mexico 0.06
Micronesia 0.111
Moldova 0.08
Monaco 0.15
Mongolia 0.075
Montenegro 0.043
Montserrat 0.081
Morocco 0.125
Mozambique 0.05
Myanmar 0.177
Namibia 0.064
Nauru 0.12
Nepal 0.136
Netherlands 0.11
New Caledonia 0.25
Nicaragua 0.1
Niger 0.1
Nigeria 0.024
Northern Mariana Islands 0.12
Oman 0.1
Palau 0.111
Palestinian Territory 0.111
Panama 0.1
Papua New Guinea 0.075
Paraguay 0.03
Peru 0.063
Poland 0.06
Portugal 0.075
Puerto Rico 0.016
Qatar 0.06
Republic Of The Congo 0.06
Romania 0.09
Russia 0.075
Rwanda 0.086
Réunion Island 0.3
Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.075
Saint Lucia 0.08
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 0.1
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 0.08
Samoa 0.086
San Marino 0.12
Sao Tome and Principe 0.2
Senegal 0.086
Serbia 0.037
Seychelles 0.052
Sierra Leone 0.048
Sint Maarten (Dutch Part) 0.08
Slovakia 0.1
Slovenia 0.045
Solomon Islands 0.13
South Korea 0.08
South Sudan 0.06
Spain 0.095
Sri Lanka 0.06
Sudan 0.091
Suriname 0.04
Swaziland 0.046
Sweden 0.1
Switzerland 0.111
Syria 0.104
Taiwan 0.075
Tajikistan 0.12
Tanzania 0.081
Thailand 0.042
Togo 0.055
Tonga 0.08
Trinidad and Tobago 0.055
Tunisia 0.115
Turkey 0.038
Turkmenistan 0.136
Turks and Caicos Islands 0.079
Uganda 0.086
Vietnam 0.1
Ukraine 0.14
Uruguay 0.12
Uzbekistan 0.157
Venezuela 0.082
Virgin Islands, British 0.08
Virgin Islands, US 0.036
Vanuatu 0.08
Vietnam 0.08
Yemen 0.129
Zambia 0.066
Zimbabwe 0.036

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