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Merchants commend this app for its robust subscription management features, analytics, and third-party integrations. They find it user-friendly and effective in driving consistent revenue. The app's customer support is highly praised for their responsiveness and problem-solving skills. Merchants value the app's customization capabilities, seamless integration, and ability to handle complex functionalities. Despite its cost, many believe the features and support justify the price.

November 11, 2022

Excellent Customer Support by Christian. He checked into the issues for me and assisted me to resolve them without delay. I was having issues with the Subscription Management opt in page not appearing and also I was having issues with customers not being able to easily find how to manage their subscriptions without digging through emails.
Christian assisted me to create menu items that would provide customers a direct link to their Recharge Login and Also worked out the kinks and got my Subscription Management via Text page to load properly. This is what I call customer service. He provided immediate solutions and supporting documentation and also noticed that my email was not accurate and thus the reason why I was not getting Chat transcripts which provide me with details and links and graphics for future reference so this all was not a waste of time and everything just disappears and I have nothing. this made my experience incredibly useful and productive instead of putting the entire burden on me when I am already frustrated and just want to give my customers what they want. I am fine with readying articles and doing my due diligence but when someone can assist like Christian and understand where I am stuck and make everything work for me, this is true value and why I would continue to use this ReCharge subscription service and make me feel valued as a customer. Thank you Christian, you are a value to your organization

Peak Herbal
United States
4 months using the app
September 30, 2022

We are very pleased with ReCharge for the two months we've been using it. Our main worries are keeping things in stock to keep up with our subscriptions! Our time with the growth manager is coming to a close next week and I'm curious to see if that will impact our experience. So far we are pleased with the support and feel like we chose the right subscription app. In terms of improvements, we would like a feature where you could safeguard your subscription supply. For instance, there were times that we put a product out of stock in Shopify, so we have enough to fulfill subscription orders of that product. But to do that, you have to select "Create order always (and reduce inventory)." However, we then found in the ReCharge Customer Portal those products that are out of stock in Shopify, are in stock in the Customer Portal because of that order processing setting - which allows customers to change their subscription to something else that might be getting rationed. I think there needs to be additional controls to help stores manage and prioritize subscription orders and customers because it can become quite complex. We also had an issue with multiple shipping charges if an order included multiple subscriptions that have different recurring schedules. We are using ReCharge Shopify Checkout Integration and ReCharge says it is an issue that Shopify needs to solve, along with the 2.0 subscription widget not switching the price label between one-time and subscription options. I would like ReCharge and Shopify to work together to solve important issues that affect both of their customers.

T Nation Biotest
United States
Over 1 year using the app
April 22, 2023

We use Shopify and Recharge for all of our sales transactions. We had some issues with Recharge when they were changing things around. I contacted the support team because some of the changes didn't work for us. The support team was FANTASTIC!! I worked a lot with Renata and she was so great at listening to our needs and making changes again that would work with our business and customers. Every time I have contacted them for any issue, they have been 1) HUMAN!!! 2) Great at listening and communicating and 3) Following up. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such a great team that really CARES about their customers! It makes our jobs so much better and easier!!!

Suzy Cohen
United States
About 7 years using the app
Recharge replied May 10, 2023

We agree - Renata is a rockstar! Wow - thank you so much for your kind words and the shout out to our hardworking support team. We strive to be there every step of the way for our merchants, no matter what changes may come along.
- Ty | VP of Services

October 20, 2022

We needed a way to manage our growing subscription business with our Shopify store and landed on ReCharge. As with all integrations, there are things to learn and watch out for - make sure to sync your products and test any changes(!) - but that is usually just par for the course for IT projects. The team at ReCharge has been very responsive to our requests for technical assistance and also have resources providing input on general strategy and opportunities to improve customer experience, which we don't usually see from other Shopify third-party app providers. We're still learning and customizing our setup, but so far things are looking good!

THE BARN Coffee Roasters Berlin
Over 2 years using the app
Edited February 1, 2023

I was sold and even signed a big expensive contract to migrate to recharge. I migrated all my customers and their has been glitch after glitch and it's a headache every single week. Beware if you are an established business with a lot of subscribers before you migrate to recharge. They are good sales people.
*update for 2023 - After getting through a rocky migration and having custom coding done to the portal, we are in a good place with recharge. I like it. Recharge also gave me a credit to my contract which I appreciate. They do have a lot of nice features like one time add ons and the back end is easy to use and figure out. I have bumped it up to a four because we are in a good place post migration and fixing all the bugs.

1915 Farm
United States
6 months using the app
Edited March 15, 2023

I've been using Recharge for a while now, and have always had a positive experience. In the last few days, I have been experimenting with some slightly more complex elements within the page designs and was stumbling at getting my subscription app to work correctly with Recharge. However, I reach out to their support team and was helped every step of the way by Eduardo who personally helped me fix the issue that was arising. Clearly, Eduardo offered some out-of-scope support which I massively appreciate.


United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
September 26, 2022

The team at Recharge have been excellent to work with during the transition process from our old subscription app. The features that recharge include, allow our customers to easily access their account portal and customize their subscriptions as they see fit. Overall, we would highly recommend Recharge for other e-commerce businesses!

The Carnivore Bar
United States
About 2 months using the app
December 7, 2022

Can't say enough great things about the support provided by Recharge. We were originally using Bold Recurring orders to allow the customer to build their recurring own box of fish at but wanted customers to be able to add-on custom packages and items through their subscription portal.

We had contracted an agency to help us build our checkout and modified customer portal but after countless missed deadlines and a complete failure to deliver a working final product, we cut ties with the agency. Luckily Jairus Streight from ReCharge stepped in to help guide our in-house team toward a finished product.

Jairus provided every resource we could ask for, assisted with debugging parts of our code, and explained very technical concepts regarding Recharge's APIs and developer docs in a way that our team could understand and act on. When it was time to launch our new subscription checkout and portal + migrate thousands of customers over from Bold, Jairus stayed several hours beyond his normal working hours to ensure the launch went successfully and that any discrepancies were ironed out.
Recharge has gone above and beyond for our company to ensure that our needs are met and so far we have found the product to be superior to that of many of their competitors in terms of scalability, functionality, reporting, and user experience.

United States
About 3 years using the app
Edited May 1, 2023

I can't say enough good things about Recharge! Easy set-up, simple navigation in the admin portal, great 'help' articles. Our customers can easily manage their subscriptions (we use the Novum theme), and Recharge is always adding great new features.

But most of all, their support staff is stellar - very thorough, and they always include screenshots. Highly recommended.

Pro tip: make sure to enable cc of all customer notifications to a folder in your inbox. This has really helped us out when disputing chargebacks.

Ameo Life
United States
About 2 years using the app
February 15, 2023

Subscriptions are one of the most critical online revenue streams for a business and ReCharge is simply, the best app on the market. It's easy to use and implement, run analytics and reports, manage subs internally, and the UI for customers to manage their own subscriptions is really great too.

The only drawback is that third party tools like ReCharge don't always play nice with Shopify or updated Themes. Fortunately, ReCharge works with e-shop Genius to alleviate such issues. And e-shop Genius is extremely responsive, professional, and very efficient at solving problems. Recently, we had an issue with ReCharge not working with Collection pages and we received an overnight solution to a complex problem. Special thanks to Nick!!!

Zenescope Entertainment Inc
United States
Over 2 years using the app