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December 5, 2022

I just started my business and at the beginning it was very hard to track my inventory and keep everything sync! Trunk was the solution to all my problems

Karü Chocolates - USA
United States
Time spent using app: 16 days
December 1, 2022

I did have a spreadsheet attempting to keep track of what I had in each shop, but it really wasn't working out for me. Then, I wanted to sell one-of-a-kind hand painted items and worried about selling the same item in different shops at the same time. I decided to give Faire a try. Setup is super simple! I have my Shopify, Etsy & Faire shops synced up. It is so much easier to use and look at than my spreadsheet was. It syncs in real-time, so my inventory is always accurate in all my shops. Other pros - I've noticed a few instances where I had my SKU entered incorrectly in one of the shops. I can also print out my inventory to make counting it at the end of the year so much easier. I did feel like the price was kind of high because it basically does one thing, but it works beautifully, saves me so much time and worry about selling inventory I don't actually have. Less chance of human error. It's worth it!

Lisa Blake Designs LLC
United States
Time spent using app: 29 days
November 29, 2022

Trunk has literally changed my business! It saves me HOURS of time and helps get me sales that I otherwise would have missed due to manual stock updating. I’ve also not oversold a single item since using Trunk! Well worth the money to not have so many headaches.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 3 months
November 17, 2022

I've tried multiple options for inventory management across my Shopify stores and Etsy shop and Trunk is the only one that gets it right!

Becky Helms
United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
November 16, 2022

Trunk has filled a gap that we sorely needed filled. We have been looking for this solution for over 12 months. Previously we used inventory software that was over $1,000 a month and yes it did a lot more than this, but we didn't need all the bells and whistles included. Using Trunk has saved us hrs of work every month and more importantly stopped us from missing sales from stockouts. If it can also manage orders in the future to break down bundles into single products without our intervention, it will be a game changer but well worth the money for its current functionality.

Tradesmart Safety
United States
Time spent using app: 27 days
November 4, 2022

Exactly what we needed. We have been looking for something that would update our inventory in real time between all our sales platforms. Tried multiple other programs that were full of extra features, but did not consistently do the one thing we needed to be done well. Trunk does it. Reliably. Incredibly happy we found Trunk and we can't recommend it enough.

twill tradE
United States
Time spent using app: 16 days
October 16, 2022

I have struggled to find an app that works flawlessly for syncing inventory. Some of them have so many features that even if the inventory part works, something else doesn't. Trunk eliminates that headache. I am now confident in my stock levels. Being able to have Shopify as my "master" stock level and having it import to Etsy is unique among the apps I have used, and is perfect for my needs.

Lil Monsters Bird Toys
United States
Time spent using app: 5 days
October 14, 2022

I highly recommend using Trunk. I had researched other companies, but nothing compared. They made it SUPER convenient for me to manage all my inventory across multiple listings and platforms. I can't imagine going back to not using it. SUCH A TIME SAVER, and instantly calculates my inventory after a sale. Having to manage hundreds of orders a week was getting hard to keep up with inventory changes. It was a little tough to grasp at first because I suck at technology but with the help of a super great customer service I was able to figure everything out. The quick response rate was incredible. I'm sure as I continue to grow my business and platforms I will use Trunk. Definitely worth the investment. :)

United States
Time spent using app: 23 days
September 26, 2022

Trunk has done a great job of providing necessary inventory management across multiple sales channels, we've completely eliminated our risk of being oversold from manual process. Additionally, we make great use of the bundling feature to upsell. Thanks for the great product!

Trekker Joe's
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
September 22, 2022

All is great so far. I moved over from another inventory management system and am finding Trunk so much more straightforward and responsive.

Ralph's Orchard
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 7 days