Store Pickup + Delivery

Store Pickup + Delivery

by Zapiet

Store pickup and local delivery for your retail stores

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SPAR Courtside

Functionality is amazing and the support is even better! I will definitely recommend it for any user, beginner or advanced.


I needed this app to develop our customers choice of shipping and store pick up. Once adding the app I was extremely impressed with the support provided by Sam and Ismail, they have helped me so much to ensure I get the most from this app. Sam personalised the look of the app for me and Ismail has improved our communication emails/ texts generated after checkout. No problem was too big and my questions were answered throughout the day into the late evening! Thank you!

Barking Good

Really great service, addressed my concerns quickly & all in all a good investment & great help to our business :)

Emberz Delivery

They were up at Midnight helping us fix some problems we had on the delivery side of our business! Thank you so much for the timely response.

Krumville Bake Shop

The Zapiet App and Team ROCKS!! The app is extremely well done, and the team behind it is always ready to go the extra mile to help their customers! cherishes your hard and caring work! Thank you!

The Stem

I installed this app as i wanted to offer delivery slots for customers, and restrict deliveries only to London (to be fulfilled by me).

This app has great functionality and was able to do everything i needed. Andrew also helped me set it up and got everything working perfectly, and has even offered to make some custom tweaks.

Very impressed and if you want a neat easy to use system to offer time based delivery slots to your customers, i would go with this app!


My City Plants

There is no better app to handle local deliveries and store pickup on Shopify. Period.

We’ve been using this app for more than 3 years and couldn’t be happier. It is the most important app on our store and allows us to offer our customers the choice of delivery date and time as well as enables us to control order amounts per delivery slot, block out delivery dates, control which products are offered for local delivery and which ones are for shipping only, and much much more.

Customer support is outstanding! During the years if we would have any issues and send a request, Andy and all his team would respond extremely fast, even on the weekends and would help to fix it asap.

We tried and used almost all apps related to local deliveries on Shopify and prior that on Woocommerce and Magento. Nothing comes even close to Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet.

If you want to control local delivery rates based on zip codes I would also recommend getting an additional app made by Zapiet - Delivery Rates by Zip Code. These 2 apps work great together.

For our business, it’s very important that app developers are serious about their apps and consistently are updating and improving it as well as providing customer service in case there are issues. Our store is open 24/7 and we can’t afford apps managed by amateurs.

Zapiet is one of the few pro developers on Shopify who are continuously improving their apps and we feel safe trusting them our deliveries management!

Retrofix Games

Clunky app and even worse support. I have dealt with numerous app developers and Zapiet wins the prize at being the least competent/communicative. I don't suggest anyone use Store Pickup + Delivery and stay away from Zapiet apps entirely if it's avoidable. There are some really great app companies that will work hard for you, Zapiet isn't one of them.

They completely misled me about the capabilities of this app. Let me save you some time: If you are expecting an app that is quick and easy to setup, look elsewhere. If you are expecting any kind of timely support from their staff, look elsewhere. If you have an expectation that the app will be able to manage shipping rates as advertised, look elsewhere.

Zapiet support staff weren't able to get me set up with the basic features (I needed no custom work at all) after two weeks, and would make excuses about how small their staff was, and they were trying to get people trained, etc. Meanwhile I was paying them for a non-integrated app.

It became apparent that they are misleading customers at what the app is capable of doing and the app itself is hamstrung by a huge design issue they don't bother to mention until you are well down the rabbit hole, namely their app currently supports rates for exactly one carrier at a time. One. Meaning if you currently use or were planning to use USPS, UPS, and FEDEX - which is reasonable - get to pick one. That's it. One, no more.

Of course they don't volunteer this information and are not up front about it at all. I was well into the integration process when I was informed via a phone call about this limitation that should be clearly advertised on their app page, being that it would be a dealbreaker for many people.

The core problem is this: Zapiet designed an app that has to manage your shipping rates to function fully, but the app is terrible at integrating and managing shippping rates....makes zero sense. Put it back in the oven, this one isn't fully baked yet.

I told support early on I use via Shipstation and was told would be easy peasy to get things going. This turned out to be completely false, and they didn't even have integration. I was told to wait (again) as Andy, their sole programmer, wrote up some code for integration to work. Ok, but you already told me you had integration in place. Misleading.

Turns out that didn't work either. Integration never happened. was apparently a non-starter for them. As far as I know they still can't integrate with even though they said they would get it going.

Even further on, they changed what they were saying entirely (after wasting a week of my time) and wanted me do go set up an account to use the USPS.COM API directly, forgoing my current rates via

None of this was mentioned ahead of time. They say one thing and then pull a bait and switch. They tell you they can do things they can't.
Completely unethical.

15 days later and the app still is not completely set up and fully functional. If you use and/or shipstation, there are better solutions for you.

I spent weeks getting handed off from support person to support person, and the app has never worked as it is advertised. I can't call it an out and out scam, because if you just want your customers to select In-store pick up, it does that one thing. But having it interface with your rates is a nightmare, and their advertising and support staff is highly misleading about it.

At the end it felt like I was paying them to beta test, and I probably was. Despite what they were telling me, it was anything but easy for them to get their app to do the basic advertised functions.

Save yourself a bunch of time and look elsewhere.

Even if the app did what it said it does (which it doesn't), you have to deal with an apparently over-worked support staff that won't get to you for days on end. When they do, they give you a tidbit to fix/adjust, that you'll have done in 5 minutes, then be waiting another 24+ hours for the next step.

With how many options there are for apps and app companies in the marketplace, this is an easy headache to avoid, and I suggest doing just that.

Vintage Mattituck

This app has been extremely helpful in helping to organize our store's pickup/local delivery/shipping. the date/time picker with assigned time slots has been a great help and something that we definitely needed. Any time we've had issues or questions, the team has been incredibly helpful and responded quickly.

Happee Dawg

It takes several minutes for a support representative to see your message to respond to your issue.

Developer reply

July 13, 2019

Hi Happy Dawg,

Thanks so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

We are actively working to be able to offer realtime support 24 hours a day. Our average response time is currently less than 3 hours with a total resolution time less of than 5, seven days a week.

We also have an emergency telephone number you can call anytime of day should you have a pressing issue :)

Kindest regards,