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Merchants highly recommend this app for managing large numbers of SKUs, highlighting its user-friendly interface and features like collection-based reporting, automatic stock transfers, and purchase orders. It's praised for its ability to predict cash flow and manage inventory across multiple retail locations. The forecasting accuracy improves with more data collection. Many appreciate the responsive support team that promptly addresses bugs and implements suggestions. The app is recognized for streamlining operations and effective inventory management.

November 6, 2023

I like working with Inventory planner. Service is great.

Amrita Nutrition Global
Almost 3 years using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied November 7, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your review, we appreciate you taking the time out to give us your feedback.

Thank you for your kind words about the service we provide and I'm really pleased to hear that you like working with us - we feel the same way! :)

Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

Edited April 22, 2023

We have been using inventory planner for about 6 months now and I don't see how we can function without. There's a lot of functionality to this program and yes it will take a minute to get a good grasp on it but once you do, you'll be glad you are using it. There is good support documentation with videos and tech support has been great. The onboarding team is great as well. They know the software inside and out. It's extremely powerful. Inventory forecasting and planning is complicated in general so you need a software program that can handle it, and this one does the trick. It's not cheap, we spend $20K a year but it's worth it. Look at it as hiring a data analytics person on the team for 20K. Not only that, it will help you manage your inventory purchases, so you're not over or under ordering stock.

We have 13 retail locations and we use it extensively for generating stock transfers to our stores from our warehouse. No more guessing on how much inventory to send to a store. There is also a nice feature that will automatically generate stock transfers and purchases orders on a schedule you configure. I have it set to place them in draft mode and run weekly. Then I can approve or make edits to them before sending it to the warehouse to fill. This has saved us countless hours.

The support has been great too. There has been several times I need a certain functionality and they were able to accommodate it, not in every case but 90% of the time.

Just like any software, it's not 100% when forecasting, sometimes you need to use your judgement. The more data it collects over time, the smarter it gets.

The software is not for everyone but if you have multiple retail locations / warehouses or just need a better way to manage your inventory purchases so you aren't over stocking, then I would recommend checking this one out. It's a great way to help streamline your operations.

If they had inventory management or WMS tied into this, this would make it even more powerful.

United States
8 months using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied April 27, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sparing the time to review us, we love hearing from our customers!

It's great to hear that Inventory Planner is working so well for your business by taking the guesswork out and saving you so much time - that's why we built the app so it's wonderful to read how well it's doing that.

It's fantastic to hear how well our support team has your back too, accommodating so many of your requests.

We do recommend another Sage platform which handles inventory management and warehouse fulfillment - Brightpearl - it pairs very well with Inventory Planner. Here's the link (brightpearl.com), we'll reach out to you too!

Thank you again,
Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

July 21, 2023

Inventory Planner has streamlined our ordering process. It is so clear to see what's selling through, what needs ordered and what's not selling. The filtering is endless so you can keep going deeper and deeper into searches and really refine what you are after.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants clearer visibility about their stock, sales and trends

Rails of Sheffield
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied July 28, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your review, it's great to hear about the impact that Inventory Planner has had on your business through the visibility and streamlining of processes.

Thank you for your endorsement, we really appreciate it!

Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

July 4, 2023

We've been using this app for about 2 years and we cannot imagine living without it anymore! :-) We have made some major changes recently and it took us a while to get everything set up. Anyway, the support is very helpful and patiently walked us through all the settings. Our special thanks goes to Chan personally! We can only recommend this app.

Over 2 years using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied July 7, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you very much for taking the time out to review us, we really appreciate it!

It's great to hear how well Chan supported you during the changes you made to your setup. I know our team gets a kick out of helping customers optimize their workflows and seeing them thrive and I know Chan will be especially pleased to read this so I'll be sure to share it with him.

Thank you again,
Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

August 17, 2023


The logic this software uses is fundamentally flawed and there doesn't seem to be any fix for this. Once you realize this you will spend days going back and forth with their support chat as they only respond once every 4 hours if your lucky.

If your products have a long lead time (in our case 3 months) and you sell out of inventory during this time and are waiting for new stock to arrive this app will add the lost sales quantities into your next replenishment ON TOP of the units you are forecasted to sell for the month.

If historically you sell 100 units a month and are out of stock for 3 months their calculated replenishment recommendation will tell you that you need to order 400 units for you next order as if you will magically be able to sell 4x your monthly average. This issue is amplified even further when your sales are growing month over month.

At the very least you should be able to disable this functionality, and not add lost sales quantities into the active forecast, but their only solution is to manually edit the forecast for every single item.

Auberge Designs
9 months using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied August 29, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear it's not very positive however.

I've taken a look into your conversation history with our Support team and it looks as though what you're looking for does exist, but not in the specific way you're looking to achieve it, I can completely see how frustrating that would be. Nevertheless, we are committed to finding a workable solution for you.

My colleague with whom you were speaking with was digging deeper into your requirements and offered you a call to go over them in more detail (also to reduce the time delay between written updates), however we haven't heard from you since offering that.

We're really keen on helping you with this, so I'm hoping that you get back in touch so we can work this out.

Thank you,
Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

September 1, 2023

I've used this app from the early days and it has saved TONS of time on forecasting. Support team is 10/10

tuft + paw
United States
Over 4 years using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied September 15, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your feedback - we love hearing from our customers.

It's great to hear that you've saved so much time using Inventory Planner, efficiencies are exactly what drives us so it's great to hear that it's meeting that aim so well with your business.

Thank you for your glowing praise of our Support Team too, I'll pass this on to them as I know they'll love hearing that they help you so well.

Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

June 27, 2023

Did not work - inventory in IP didn't match Amazon or other sales channels inventory. When I requested a refund - they were less than helpful, even though the only thing the app helped us with was confusing our true invenetory numbers

Over 1 year using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied June 28, 2023

Hi Uther,

Thank you for your review, I'm sorry you're not reporting a more positive experience however.

Taking a look into your account, you connected your Amazon account successfully, but not your Shopify store. This could well be the reason that you were experiencing issues between the two. My colleague from our support team has been trying to contact you over the past two weeks to troubleshoot this with you, but has not had any luck on that score.

Regarding your request for a cancellation we received that and have actioned it today.

I'm sorry things didn't work out. If you have a change of heart, we'd love to see your business thrive on Inventory Planner and our support agents stand ready to help you with connecting your data as needed.

Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

May 23, 2023

The app itself is helpful, but I've never seen slower support.

After our trial phase I wanted to sign up as paying customer and could not log in due to a technical issue being redirected constantly to the "end of trial" phase page.

No replies whatsoever from the support. Not what you expect from such an app.

Maison Baum
8 months using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied May 25, 2023

Hi Maison,

Thank you for your feedback, I'm really pleased you find the app useful and you're looking to migrate from your trial to use the app as a paid-up customer.

Regarding the slow response times, due to your location, you were connected with one of our representatives in the UK. Looking at your conversation history your last message was late in the evening our time so she had finished work for the day. Since then we've reached out a few times, but have heard nothing back. Off the back of this review, my colleague has reached out again, hoping to make contact.

Hopefully we can connect with you as we'd love to welcome you as a customer and see you grow and thrive on Inventory Planner.

Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

June 10, 2023

The app is very useful. Dated UI but overall functional. Support and billing, however, is a nightmare.

If you're a new customer signing onto their new pricing model and the setup is correct from the start, you'll likely enjoy the product.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your account, buckle up and get ready to have your patience tested. Repeatedly.

For most customers this will be an important pieces of their tech stack. And once integrated for inventory management, the cost and hassle of switching to another tool means customers are a little locked in. In my experience that lock in risk is not offset with good support times or follow through. Fingers crossed that improves.

June Home Supply
United States
About 2 months using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied June 12, 2023

Hi there,

Firstly, I'm glad you're finding Inventory Planner useful.

I've spoken to our success team who you have been engaging with regarding migrating your accounts from one to another which I understand, for the most part, we've been able to complete.

There are some remaining issues which we're working with you on, and as a result of which, we're reviewing our processes to make things more straightforward onward for you and our other customers. Whilst not your aim from the outset, we do appreciate your partnership, specifically your candor and feedback which allows us to evaluate the above.

We are committed to doing the right thing, for your business, and beyond.

Thank you,
Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)

June 28, 2023

Awful experience, dreadful service and woeful project management. 6 months after signing up we are still waiting to use the tool. They seem incapable of managing a project or providing any form of support.

United Kingdom
5 months using the app
Inventory Planner by Sage replied June 29, 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear about the delays you're experiencing.

Not to make excuses in any way, but the setup for your account is more complicated than is usually required from our customers and is requiring some significant development on our behalf to get you up and running in line with what you require operationally. Again, not an excuse, but some explanation in the spirit of transparency.

Please be reassured, we are working hard on getting you up and running and we will continue with our weekly check-in calls with your team until you are over the line.

Thank you,
Tom (Inventory Planner by Sage)