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I've only used the free basic features such as making your Shopify emails look better and sending two recovery emails thru them instead of Shopify. It's worked great so far! Recommend it to everyone! Especially since it's free ;) have nothing to loose!

Kendal Hyde

We upgraded from MailChimp to Klaviyo. For our particular list size the cost increase was about $100 a month, but the value add was worth many times that.

Our first email campaign generated enough profit to cover the difference in cost for a year.

If you want to get serious about Shopify email, I can't stress how helpful Klaviyo is. Let me try and outline some of the benefits, especially if you are switching from a product like MailChimp.

1. First the switch - it's automated. Generate an API key in MailChimp (don't worry I didn't know how to do this and it took about 2 minutes following the Klaviyo instructions), and then all your MailChimp campaigns are imported.

2. Segmentation (additional sales for increased customer lifetime value)- Segmentation is a pain in the a** in Chimp, plus it's anything but automated. With Klaviyo I can set up simple rules and then they are automated. For example, if someone bought one of our high-end leather bags, but doesn't have matching boots, I can automate that. I can now slice and dice my customers based on purchases on the fly (what they bought, when they last bought, how much they bought etc.).

3. Abandoned Carts - this is one that I knew I should be doing, but didn't want to mess with all the templates etc. I set it up with Klaviyo's templates for Shopify and now they go out automatically. I know lots of companies offer this service, but when you add everything else it does, it's a no brainer.

4. One-stop Customer Information - We had mail lists from all over. Our Kickstarter campaigns, our first eCommerce system before switching to Shopify, Shopify emails. After importing all the lists, it merges them to one customer record but keeps the list data separate. I can look up any customer and see what info I have on them from multiple sources all in one spot. Customer service reps use this all the time to quickly identify customers (even if they aren't in Shopify) and instantly see how we can help them.

5. Shopify Ready Templates - MailChimp has great templates and so does Klaviyo. However, Klaviyo has something like 20 templates already set up with Shopify variables. A few swaps and they were all ready to go.

6. Data, Data and More Data - Simple to read dashboard fills in all your important Shopify Data (sales, etc.) and your email data on one screen. And they have many selections/options to choose from. Want to see which email clients are on your site right now - no problem. Who started but didn't complete checkout? It's there too. A much better overview of how your emails are impacting your overall sales.

Like any program I use regularly, I do have a couple caveats and wish lists.

First, although I'm sure it's right there in the documentation (but the program is so easy to use, I skipped most of it), it's important to note that you have to switch out the HTML in Shopify with the Klaviyo updated email. For example, I added some lines to my Klaviyo template for Order emails. I didn't understand why it wasn't working automagically. The solution took about twenty seconds though. You copy the HTML code form Klaviyo and open up the email in Shopify and paste it. Just remember to do that because the Klaviyo emails are way better looking than the Shopify defaults.

Second as a wish list, you can't access Shopify specific Order information in subsequent emails that aren't automated by Shopify. For example, I wanted to send an update email to everyone who bought a particular backorder product. I wanted to reference the OrderID in the new email (like "Here's an update to your Order #12345).

I emailed support and they got back to me right away. The problem is, they explained if a customer ordered multiple times, the system wouldn't know which OrderID I wanted. Fair enough.

For my needs though, the answer was simple. I exported the OrderID from Shopify and imported it easily into Klaviyo as a new variable. Because Klaviyo merges everything, I could now automatically segment (see #2 above) the customers and reference the OrderID.

I would like to say long story short, but too late for that: the main thing is, we are now approaching the $2M sale mark for our company but we are only 5 people on the team. With Klaviyo I know we are starting to get the most out of email without adding any staff.

It pays for itself. If you're serious about eCommerce and maximizing your lists and customer value, you simply have to get this program.

Hyde from Kendal & Hyde

Coloraddicted Com

Simply the TOP Shopify app out there !!! It's the all-in-one marketing platform you'll ever need and an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for any eshop owner. Their service and assistance is, excellent, too. Get it or you'll be missing out.

Advct Shop

Simple, easy, versatile, user friendly, and so much more!

Rxwraps 2

The app its great and easy to use but ill love to have an Spanish version


I love their features for improve my marketing.

The Pynk Store

This app has been a true lifesaver for us! The emails are flawless. Able to integrate with mailchimp list. Was having struggles with mailchimp emails and headaches. This app does almost everything you need when it comes down to customers, abandon carts, etc... Love it! 5 stars. Sales from emails sent every time!

Vital Multis

I am guessing these 96 glowing reviews are small business looking for a comparable mailing system like Mail chimp, and if so - it's fine but I am also guessing that nothing went wrong and they didn't actually have to deal with Klaviyo in a 'service' area.

I did and I can (and will explain) that hands down - I would opt for Mailchimp, Constant Contact or just about ANY other system.

Last week, after several e-mails from Klaviyo, I responded to their sales department and explained that we have multiple channels of e-mails (Opt in Mailing Lists, Collegues and also a purchase list). I was crystal clear about the purchased list knowing full well that these 'retail' e-mailers don't always allow it.

I was advise to setup a call with Pete who again reassured me that the list was not a problem at all and of course, any problems, issues - he'd be there to offer support.

We are a vitamin company and have/had been preparing this launch for weeks. I am also a seasoned marketer (you'll understand why I mention that later) and we had several test applications in place (social media, A/B/C split campaigns, YouTube, Launch Squeeze Pages) all for a purpose - to determine and pinpoint the pulse of the business.

E-mail was a significant part (3 different campaigns going out to three different lists - one being the paid list).

Now, I spent the last week on and off designing, testing on different devices, setting up all their flow responses (which by the way - is readily available in Shopify and you don't have to pay for it!).

Anyway - I spent a fair amount of time, probably 10 hours or so in the last week to ensure everything ran smoothly come launch day.

First e-mail (how funny that it was actually the paid list) goes out without any fanfare but here's where the fun starts.

I go to send to our actual client list and I am being asked for to confirm that this wasn't a purchased list. Being honest (which let's face it I could have lied as I KNOW many do) I say, one was and I was told that was fine.

I am getting frustrated as no other campaign will launch so I connect with Pete on Skype, calls me back and says 'no problem, I'll get it sorted for you, and call you back". (Pete went MIA just shortly after and now I know why).

About 45 minutes later, I get an e-mail from Rachel who simply says 'Sorry for the misunderstanding, you can't use paid lists. Let us know if you need anything."

What, ah NO - you didn't get off that easy (this is after they have taken $245 USD from my client.

I tell her that I have NO liability in this, had done my due diligence and thier options were limited, Refund my money immediately and reimburse the client ($300) partially for the complete and utter waste of time.

She responds (does not address refunding my money at all) and says sorry, maybe the 'tech team can check the list', then she goes silent.

No clue how they do their business but launch means everyone is busy and there is no time to have support people going MIA.

An hour and a half goes by and I respond again, 1. Refund the money and 2. Reimburse for expenses due to their mistake (not mine)

I get a very rude, ubrupt e-mail from Ed telling me It was my fault for not reading the terms of service!

Ah, yeah NO - I specifically setup a conference call to address this and had the 'yes, it's fine in writing' this isn't on me and I suggested he take his attitude out on those that were at fault and address the situation at hand.

At this time, he also mentions the list had 'unsubscribes and spam reports'. I go into their software and I see 2 (yes, 2 unsubscribes on a list of 3800). NO where do I see why they have unsubscribed (mailchimp gives detailed lists and makes seeing that far far easier) so I ask him to show me where exactly I am to see these 'abuse' reports or unsubscribes because I am only seeing 2!.

He goes MIA too!!

About an hour later, I then get an e-mail from Andrew (Co-founder) telling ME about e-mails (why they don't do paid, and how he'd show ME how to market if I wanted).

Wow, so you're own team can't even handle basic service questions (asked upfront) and your support team doesn't address any actual issue or question (other than to regurgitate script) and I am suppose to take him up on his offer because well, he's operation is running smoothly.

Again, NO - He has no clue what we have in place nor is it any of his business. To suggest he can 'show me the light', is condescending and again just pushing the blame on me, rather than a hey 'We messed up big here, we are sorry - what can we do' OR " yes, we'll compensate you for OUR mistake' and if you'd like some direction, we're happy to help - we want to make things right.

So, yes - it's great that it integrates with Shopify however

1. It's very pricey if you grow at all ($ 275 for 4-7K lists)

2. The dashboard may appear to have everything but really start digging - analytic are better with Mailchimp (and mail-chimp is far less - $50 for lists up to 5K)

3. The preset e-mails are readily available in shopify - you can design in any html (mailchimp) and copy/paste to shopify for personalized/graphic e-mails at a third of the price.

4. Business 101 - Rave reviews are great but the real look at service is how a company handles an issue because you can say you don't have any or you're not using a paid list - but should something arise, you'll find out very quickly that service is not the top priority here.

5. Zero respect for their clients. Had they had any, today would have played very differently. They apparently think my time should be unpaid or the client should just 'pay me' because they screwed up.

6. Again, no clue as to the work that goes into a company launch or the setback that they were responsible for in terms of execution.

And yes, I am crabby today but you're a business owner think about, you do your homework - you specifically talk to individuals, you plan/schedule/test and have dozens of other items on the go. The day of launch arrives and then (and only then) are you told 'sorry, we can't help you'.

Apologies all were 'sorry BUT, not one genuine we messed up BIG here..

Bro Joe

Easy to use and matches my needs for email marketing. Great app for anyone starting out.

Confederate Outfitters

This app is awesome! Very professional, if you have an eCommerce website, this app is a must have!