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Storewide sales, discount, flash-sales, & scheduled sales.

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Worst App.. This App doesn't work. We subscribed and paid long time back. But the app just simply do it's basic job. Not Recommended

Clarity Of Sight Ltd

At first glance I thought it was a good app, however it conflicts with Shopify's own Google shopping app. It creates a double sale that has to be removed by Bold support. They were happy to rectify this until they identified that the cause of the problem is a conflict between the two apps, they have advised me that they will not continue to do so going forward. I have requested my money back however due to the fact I have had this product for 7 months they have declined and stated that they are unable to inform customers of incompatibility's. their app has even with Shopify's own apps. I will avoid using this company in the future.

Michael Sisk

very bad search function to find your products. NOT easy to use, too many pop up windows and by far the ability to search for your products is the number one thing you want to use it for and it always can NOT find the products by just typing in a few letters. You have to go through so many clicks and menus for a very simple process. NOT worth the money for the hassles. Plus they are not very good at responding or showing you how to contact them when you have questions. I know it looks good just pay one fee but then you are stuck with the bad product search forever.

Furious Sauces

This app doesn't have the logic to apply discounts to individual Shopify variants. Instead, you're stuck applying a % discount or $ discount to ALL variants. I eventually stumble upon their support page where they say the work around is to create individual products to apply discounts to! That's ridiculous.

If you are integrating an app into Shopify, it better be able to WORK with Shopify.


Once again, Bold let me down. Set this up to launch Black Friday Deals. Went in to change the dates to launch oat Midnight on Thanksgiving and it every time I would set the date, it would change it to the current date. Then when revising one of the dates and times, it went live and took $20 off every item on our site. Since it is so slow to update, Had to unistall the app to stop the bleeding. Many of our products are MAP priced, so this could have been damaging to our account if had gone unnoticed.

Old Faithful Shop

Painfully slow to update the prices. Dashboard and back end system is unnecessarily cluttered and confusing. Feel like an absolute sucker for paying $99.00 for this. I mean it'll do the trick for nixing discount codes, but if you're going to charge $100 bucks it should look like a $100.


CAVEAT EMPTOR, support for this app is mediocre, time consuming, and very frustrating, and I'm really just too busy for this crap.

Their communication skills have thus far been very limited, and I don't know if the issue is:

a. there is a communication disconnect and they don't understand what I am asking for (although I'm a pretty lucid and a direct communicator)

b. they are dense

c. they are lazy

d. they really have no idea what it's like to run a small business

Regardless, I'm regretting buying the app and I wish I'd gone with one of the other apps.

Sale Icon and Countdown Timers are not part of the initial app, they have to be added afterward, which might be OK if you are a code-head, but if you're just a regular small business owner you'll have to pay them to install it for you. The price isn't horrible, I was ok with that, except they don't tell your any of this until you've already BOUGHT the app, and then the info is provided in an email. A link is provided in that email to a web page you won't be able to find it any other way, so DO NOT DELETE THAT EMAIL! On the web page it tells you to choose your Sale Icon & Countdown Timer choices, but it doesn't have a button or link illustrating your choices. There is a button at the bottom of the page that says "GET HELP" so I clicked it, thinking it would send me to a reference page, but it just billed me for the service. When the system asked me to Refuse/OK the charge I refused it (as I was nowhere ready to move ahead) and it still registered me for the service.

I then emailed them, explaining that I was charged, was not ready to move forward, and was having a hard time finding my choices. They responded, offering to refund the charge and offer the services for free. Several more emails were exchanged, thanking them for the freebie, but I still needed the webpage that illustrates my choices. They kept sending me emails asking me to give them access to my shopify site, and I kept replying that I needed them to send me to the appropriate page with the options. They didn't get back to me over the weekend, despite the fact that I told them time was of the essence, and all I needed was for them to send me a link to the appropriate web page - not rocket science, and not a lot of work.

Monday morning they replied with a small, difficult to read screenshot of a the appropriate web page, but no link or http address to the page it originated from. Seriously?! I finally excavated the email I referred to above (the one you should not, under any circumstances, misplace), found the link, and it appeared to be the page the screenshot was referring to. THANK GOD! I finally found the options I was looking for, and then found that they don't have any illustrations of what the different option will look like on your web page. Not super helpful if you don't want your online store to look like a MySpace page.

Other Issues:

1. They don't have videos for all of their options. When you click the video button it says they are making one.

2. You can't find answers to all issues on the support page. For example, they don't have any support showing your options for Sale icons or Countdown Timers on the support page.

After I posted this review I received an email from one of the co-owners offering apologies and the following choice bits:

"Everyone at the office read it and it's really made us all depressed."

"...when I saw him (customer rep) read what you wrote that and called him dense his face just sunk, he feels really bad."

"This review has really put everyone in the office into a depressed mood so I wanna do what I can here. It's the meanest review we've ever got, and right before Christmas... :-( "

I'm not sure this company is run by adults, definitely not business people. All I want is software that works quickly and easily so I can get on with the work of my business.


unfortunately you can't select a single variant to be discounted, the entire product and all it's variants gets discounted which is a real shame. i use variants for different formats of images, i.e. prints, canvas etc and only want to discount the canvas prints and don't seem to be able to do it. the variants appear in the product selector, but it doesn't save the single one that is chosen :-(


the app is very slow und buggy. It´s not possible to work with if you a have over 100 Products. Some times a discount works sometimes don't. So I have to deactivate the discount and activate it again. And then its very slow, so i loose so much time!


Well so much for Black Friday sales. This App is down half of the time and is extremely slow. Half of the items I wanted to put on sale were not on sale. They when I went to change things around today, you could not even access the app -- fatal error is all you get. My sales were 50% lower today than a normal day!!!! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!