Rivyo Product Review

Rivyo Product Review

by Thimatic

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Other review apps do not come close to the look, usability and support of Rivyo. There was no code conflict with any of my other apps, including the page builder (GemPages). They personally helped me implement and fix a bug one particular app called 'Infinite Scrolling' were the star badges would not display and very quickly they were able to fix this problem for all users.

Rivyo works perfectly in all ways. But I noticed one very important feature missing.. The app is lacking a 'delete all reviews' feature, so I requested them to add this feature. I am still waiting for this feature to be added. Currently you can only manually delete all reviews on current page which is about 30 reviews. So if you have 5,000 reviews it will take forever to delete them all by hand.

Looking forward to the next update with this much needed feature. Thanks for such an awesome app and friendly support!


Raid Punch Loot

Great app, love the format. Everything that I want to customize, is customizable.

I do have to knock off a star for disappearing reviews. After a month of using the app and 7 reviews, 2 of them have gone MIA. More of a nuisance than a serious issue.

Diva Animal

Rivyo team is prompt to solve my problem! Thank you very much for the kind assistance! Love to use it


First of all, it's free. That's good. Don't expect to charge anything.



nice app easy to use

Steel Table Legs by Symmetry Hardware

I only committed to this app because the developer promised me that the reviews would be indexed by Google in 1 month. That was 4 months ago. Now they include it, but there is a catch. You have to pay for the Advanced Plan. Developer left that detail out. Only reason I put up with the all the problems with this app was because it was free.

Updated: The customer service has been good in dealing with issues I have so I am bumping my review up


Customer service is great help. But this is only for product reviews not include site review yet. And the views collect by this app can not use by google shopping as well as searching ads. Hope you guys can improve it soon. Since site review and google review rating are really important.


good work, completed my expactatives. it imports and allows you to make any review you want. i will recommend it

Vessel Artwork

I like the app and having customers be able to review my products. However, I offer services as well as products. I wish my customers could leave general reviews on my website rather than just a product review.

GameBuddy PRO

all in all a good app...looks good and easy to use...only thing not working in payed trademark theme is the masonry grid and the slider option....only grid and list is working...would be cool if it would be fixed...