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Smart Search & Instant Search

by Searchanise

Smart Search & Filters, Cross & Upsells to boost conversion

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I Bead

Before getting this app, we noticed (in the Shopify admin panel), that too many customers were not finding what they were looking for, usually do to typos. Since getting this app, the only time a customer can't find what they are looking for is because we don't carry the item they are searching.

The search function reminds me a little of Google search. Customers type what they are looking for and if they make a mistake typing, the app will give them suggestions. (EX: customer looking for "Seed Beads" but types "Sead Beeds", the app will ask: "Did you mean Seed Beads?"). Also that app will show a drop down view of what your customer is searching for along with if the item is in stock or sold out.

I'll be the first to admit that this app is EXPENSIVE... BUT.... what are your sales and customers satisfaction worth to you? Definitely a must have app.

Try it for yourself. Visit our site: and type "SEAD BEED" in the search, (or whatever you feel like).


AMAZING APP! To be 100% honest, I installed & re-installed the app a couple of times at first. Each time I installed it, I attempted to use it but didn't really have the time to learn it. Finally when every search on google kept pointing me back to this app to use for the things I wanted to use it for.... (smart search, programmable search, and side navigation filtering).... It just always came back to this app so I installed it and dedicated time to finally figuring out how to configure it and use it. When I say dedicated time.... I think it was all of 7 minutes lol. and then I was able to keep tweaking it to how I like it. It's an awesome app.... the search works EXACTLY how I want it too, the side bar filtering is 100% customizable.... (I didn't use any defaults, made/titled all my own collections to reflect.... "Shop by Brand", Shop by Collection" Shop by Size, Shop by Wheels... etc.... (I sell Luggage) Great flexibility.... Highly recommend.


Highly misleading pricing. They do offer you a 30 day trial, but then try to charge you $30 instead of the price they show in the shopify app store. When contacted they suddenly show you a completely different pricing plan, which is not displayed anywhere in the appstore, and offer you a special yearly discount of 30% (which they offer anybody who pays yearly).

Developer reply

April 5, 2019


We are sorry to know you got confused by our pricing. Let me explain the situation in detail.

You have a Shopify Plus store. Searchanise offers specific pricing for Shopify Plus stores which can be found here on our site:

The difference in pricing is noted on the Shopify App Store page of Searchanise: and on the Shopify landing page on our site:

The correct price which suits your store is shown to you in the Searchanise admin panel right from the moment you install the app.

The discount was offered to you because we understood that you may have got confused and decided to meet you halfway. Please note that we offered you a monthly discount active for 12 months. It is not the same discount which is offered for one-time yearly payment.

Hope this makes the situation clearer. We are willing to make our pricing policy as transparent as it can be. We will be glad to consider any suggestions from you on how we can improve our pricing pages so that they did not get you confused.

Thank you for your feedback.

Searchanise Team


Awesome AWESOME AWESOME!!!! The search function is extremely fast and we have 16,000+ items. Support answered my questions about the program quickly, installation was a breeze.

Keep Doggie Safe

I'll get right to the bottom line, this app made our customer experience better but most importantly, increased conversions by 25 %. GREAT APP

Designeroptics Com

Edit May 11 2018
So they reached out to me a little over a week ago after the review was posted, and it took another full week for them to respond to my reply, then I spoke with them on the phone and discussed all issues,

they told me i was correct about the search on mobile and that by tomorrow (which is today) it will be fixed, and as far as integrating with shopperapproved who is the only reasonable priced google approved review aggragator they will need the API to get that done,

So we got them all that information and had shopperapproveds team and them in one email and shopper approved replied with all instructions, but they just ignored those emails! which is amazong, here we have a filter that integrates with 4 review apps, of which only one YOPTO is approved for google, and they cost a min of $10000 a year, and here we have shopperapproved, which only cost around $3000 a year, willing to work with them and make it work and they ignore it completely,

you guys have a great search and filter app PLEASE make it even better by integrating with shopperapproved.

I upgraded to 3 stars because they fixed the bug and now mobile works like a bless, the filters are amazing,

Part 1 the product,
the product is probably a 3 star, and here is why,

for search on mobile it does not work as it should, the filters disappear before you can choose a filter. so there alone you loose half or more of the visitors that cannot use the filters,

for desktop it works great, that is why it gets 3 stars on filters,

Part 2 navigation

Navigation on the other hand could of been a good product if they just let you display product ratings from anyone, and they done, they have only 4 product review system they integrate, and of those 4 only 1 is an approved google review aggregator, and that is yopto and they cost a minimum of 10K a year which is above almost any small business budget,

when asked if we can integrate to another company we use their answer was only with enterprise, and the price would be $269 a month when asked why on the site it shows $132 a month for enterprise? they answered because we have modifications, which makes no sense, that is a one time change not a monthly!

when we replied saying we are seriously considering their enterprise version and we would like to talk to someone on the phone their reply was, WE DO NOT OFFER PHONE SUPPORT! are you serious? we are talking about spending with you 1000's and upgrading to ENTERPRISE and you have no phone support? that is ridiculous!

all in all, if you do not care of product reviews then use it, if you care about product reviews and you need your product reviews to be submitted to google, and be displayed on the category pages, then look for something else,


We have had this app installed for about a week and we could not be more excited! It shoes search from every possible perspective. Before using this app the search at the top of our website that came with our theme could not search blog pages. Also, if you did not tag your product with the word or words the customer was searching for, you and your customer was out of luck. * But now with this app, we were able to search and find just about everything we were looking for if our search term was close to the term, not exact wording. To top it off, it is super fast, no waiting any time. I do not know how they do it, but it works fantastic!

Still loving this amazing app!


Cliffnote of the review: I needed a product filtering app that was FAST and that integrated well with Judge.Me Reviews. Searchanise does that and SO MUCH MORE! There are tons of features that I didn't know I wanted, now I can't live without these features! I 100% fully recommend Searchanise app for ANY shopify store!

The Searchanise support team rocks, specifically Alexey Maisuradze. Alexey was super responsive and helped me get everything dialed in within a day. I had about 15 technical questions including a lot of customization requests, and they were all answered very quickly! A great app + solid support = a winning combination!

This app is AMAZING. Originally, I wanted a simple Product Filtering app, and I was happy with using "BoostCommerce - Shopify Product Filter & Search App". Then I quickly found a need for a solid Review App for my store… I found and REALLY like Unfortunately, it took several days to "try" to integrate Review App with BoostCommerce's app. Long story short, recommended that I try Searchanise since there is built-in integration between Searchanise and I thought Searchanise wasn't the right fit for me, since all I needed was a simple "product filtering" app. But, I was wrong, Searchanise IS PERFECT for me!

I WAS BLOWN away by how awesome Searchanise is! Not only did it allow me to filter my product, it allowed my CUSTOMERS to filter my products EXACTLY as they needed. AND, it took less than 1 minute to integrate Searchanise with Review app, WOW, I was in heaven!

Using Searchanise for just a single day, I knew right away that this is the FUTURE of how online store searches will work! I honestly wish my store can take more advantage of it; but even for a small store like mine, the results are amazing! Instead of making specific collections for each type of product, I simply use tags to organize all my products; then I let Searchanise index all my products and make it easy for my customers to find exactly what they need. I can see a larger store with more product variables can get huge benefits with Searchanise. For example: like a big store that carries 1000's of clothing products from tops, bottoms, socks, hats, scarfs, etc... now if a customer wanted to find ANY product that was "WHITE" and had a "CAT" on there, they can get the results within seconds using searchanise filters, and the best part the shop owner doesn't even need to setup the particular filter. Traditionally, to get this kind of search results, the shop owner would need to manually create a collection for "white" and "cat" products... However, with Searchanise: now it can be done ON THE FLY by the CUSTOMER as long as the products are tagged properly by the shop owner, what I mean by that: ie. all products that are "white" should be tagged WHITE, and all products that had a "cat" should be tagged CAT.

I also love that Searchanise made my Shopify basic SEARCH TOOL 10x more useful! It now searches my blogs too! The search bar is now reactive to the customer's input and gives suggestions as well as results even when there are typos in the user's search input strings, WOW! I totally didn't need this feature, but now I can't live without it!

Another great feature that I can't live without is the "Synonyms" feature. I sell professional video lights (, and recently realized that if customers typed in "videolights" in the search bar, NOTHING came up because I had reference all my products simply as "lights". With this Synonyms feature: within 15 seconds, I was able to make it so that anyone searching for the word "videolights", "video lights", "video light", or "video lights" would return the same results as "lights". PERFECT SOLUTION! And it took 15 seconds to implement! YES!! THANK YOU!

Searchanise even has a 30% off deal, this made it a NO-BRAINER for me! I went ahead and signed up for the PRO features. TOTALLY worth it! Thank you Searchanise for making my store so much better!


Honestly, we're a bit surprised that Shopify doesn't automatically integrate great search options into their framework to begin with. Hopefully they'll consider buying this app for permanent licensing within standard themes - because it's that good!

We couldn't believe how easy it was to get started. One click to install it and all the default features were already just exactly as we wanted them.

The main issue with our site is that our standard shopify search functionality could not search our "Pages" and "Blog Posts." Only our products would come up in searches. That is a major issue for our DIY Hardwood Flooring store, because much of our brand is about supporting DIYers and getting them the information they need to complete their hardwood floor projects. Our site is a wealth of information....that NO ONE COULD SEARCH!

For example, if you typed "repair" into our search bar, not a single thing would appear. Even though we have several great articles that discuss hardwood floor repair and would have likely been very interesting to that searcher.

With Searchandise, our entire site was indexed in just seconds, and now, queries search the entire site and our articles come up front and centre. We tried out some other search apps too, but this was the best and the easiest by far!

We bought the lowest tier plan because that's all we need right now.

Here are the highlights for us:
- Searches inside blog posts and pages, as well as product pages
- Super easy setup and indexing
- Love the dropdown suggestions as you type! plus autocorrect suggestions
- Great layout on the search results pages. easy to navigate and drill down

Check it out in action on our website:


worked for a few days but have stopped working since. i have a big store, not sure if that's the reason.


1) My prices stopped showing and while support has been replying me daily, they couldnt solve the problem so they escalated it to the developer. Been 2 days, still no progress. I have a live store, what should i do?

2) Since im in their trial version, they asked me to upgrade. In their email, it is stated that if i upgrade within the next 2 days, i will get a 30% discount. The truth is, I can upgrade by the end of the trial to get the same discount, which is published on your app page:

So i'm not entirely sure if i getting a good deal just by upgrading in the next 2 days

Pros: It's has fast search, but not faster than instant search+ or even comes close.

Having said that, the cost is no where near instant search+ also. Bang for your buck if you need a custom search solution but cannot afford other premium solutions like instant search+ / agolia

That being said, this an honest review and not out to bash the app developers or the people who sent their email promotions. The app did breakdown half way through trial and getting no solution in 2 days on a live store is not acceptable. Who knows what will happen next if i choose to subscribe? If a solution can be delivered, I will adjust the ratings.

Also, don't sed out emails like that mentioned in point 2. I really though i was getting a great deal until i found out that the price is the same. Bad move man.

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