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Plenty of items to choose from to put your design on.

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nackaboss fashion

SUPER COOL j'aime plus printy6 je croix que je vais travaielle beaucoup plus avec vous et je vais consseille a mais amis


I like the options on the Tennis Shoes. This is a great App. I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO DESIGNING OTHER PRODUCTS ITH YOUR APP

I-Art Canvas

I was searching this kind of application long time ago and now i found it!!! Ty Very much for support, fast installation, Simple way of working


So far Printy6 is very easy to use and easy to download also export your project to shopify. Hopefully in the future you would more items can create product to sell.

The Panda Works

You should be careful with begging people to rate you 5 stars everytime they create a new product. It's annoying and it's too early to rate you. However, I have just uploaded products to my store in PNG format. I edited everything in the Shopify store then read your FAQ and saw that JPEG is the best format to use (my mistake). I was hoping there would be a quick and simple way to edit the image files from PNG to JPG without having to start all over again. I spoke to Customer Service who said I would have to delete them in Shopify then I can edit in Printy. Well, that was a lie because I have to delete in Shopify then delete in Printy and then start all over. Very time-consuming process. I'm already worried about all the 1 star reviews and wondering if this is even a good idea. Also, I know all the 5 stars are just from users you've hassled to rate them stars after creating 1 product. I feel like I'm taking a risk using this company but I really want the PopSockets on my store.


Really easy to use. Haven't done any orders yet but the design platform is really intuitive and easy to grasp.


Apps that are a tool and a service I feel are hard to review if you haven't actually used the service yet..

If I had to go by just the tool - and customer service - then it's probably 3-3.5 stars.

Great variations and can't wait to fill the gap of other great print drop-shippers like Printful, where they are lacking some product (variety) that I was looking for.

Prices are ok - some I feel are normal consumer prices and selling to the general consumer would leave you with either unreasonable prices or slim margins, so kinda forced to sell to a more niche/high-end audience but not sure if the product quality allows for that (but maybe I change my mind after seeing the product in real life)

Customer service a bit of a mix for me, mostly decent though short and not very interested to help it seems. If something is missing or doesn't work, too bad. That's kinda the tone.

And then when I look at other reviews - of people who actually have been selling with them and having experienced shipping (times) and customer service, I get scared (all the more because of the higher prices you're kinda forced to demand, which makes a perfectly smooth deliver and customer service all the more important or you may have to decide to issue refunds as some people mentioned).

The name change doesn't have to mean much, but with the other issues and people's experience, I'm hesitant to sell with them.

God's Using Me Boutique

Quick and easy to use. Looking forward to creating a beautiful store.

JT Home & Away

Finally gave up on these folks. They sent so many wrong products to our customers, consistently ignore our messages, and on top of that they have been averaging about two weeks at least just in production. That's not counting the several days it takes for them to get the product and then the 10-20 days of epacket shipping after its printed. Your customers will get their product (in our case usually the wrong product) in about a month and a half. It's pretty bad.

If you just love angry customers, a damaged brand reputation and have a penchant for refunding, then install this app!

It's such a shame, because the products are pretty decent. But when your design is specifically a BLACK clock, and for no good reason they print it on a WHITE clock, it's a problem.

Then there's the support. They dodge you and ignore you when you try and get them to ship the correct product to your customer. Or in our last case they refunded the item but then refused to create the correct one for the customer. We had decided to give them a fair try after a previous bad experience, but this time we're cutting all ties and never coming back. It's now clear to me why they changed their name.

Shop owner beware.

Independent Zone Apparel

DONT USE THIS COMPANY! No weights to their products and had to ask 4 times which online support didn't respond back. It has been 3 days and no email from this company. I uninstalled their app from my store

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