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Drone Authority

Only available for POS Pro? Why? I have no need or intention of purchasing the extra POS features as we're an online-only retail company as I imagine are many other interested companies. Surely Stocky and Shopify's POS service should be mutually exclusive? Why can't online-only companies' also benefit from this? I just want to manage supplier information and stock. Something that should probably already be core to Shopify.

Developer reply

November 30, 2020

Thank you for your feedback, we always appreciate constructive input on Stocky. I can understand your feelings on this, and there have been some changes to the way Stocky is accessed with the introduction of the POS Pro plan and the range of features it offers, with Stocky access being one of the main differences.

This relates to the POS Pro plan for a single store, so if you have more than one location, you can access Stocky for all of your stores with POS Pro subscription for only one location.

Having said that, we do appreciate the difference this can make to businesses, so I'm going to forward your feedback to the relevant department. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to discuss Stocky or the POS Pro plan and features any further, we're always happy to help.

My Small World Toy Store

Stocky is brilliant in so many ways, but DO NOT download this app until they have the support team in place to be able to troubleshoot properly. Since Shopify bought this app from the original developer support is appalling. I am SO frustrated. The only reason I moved to Shopify POS Pro was to make sure our stock levels could be kept accurate, but on our first ever full stocktake, which took 14 hours, we ran into an issue when we tried to process it with barcode stocktakes not calculating adjustments. I have been through 4 different support tickets since the 16th September, with no more updates, no more help and no resolution. Our stock levels are wrong, customers are ordering what we don't have, what we do have is marked as OOS - it's a shambles. We can't even run a new stocktake to put things right until the error is solved. Keeping accurate inventory is the 101 of running a store, and is Stocky's whole purpose. If it can't even do that it's pointless. I've loved Shopify - all my web queries have always been solved quickly, but Shopify... don't expand to Bricks & Mortar POS unless you have the expertise to back it up. So wish I could talk to the original developer.

I Want That Present

This app is a great app, I love it. I am only giving it a one start because Shopify feel only people that have POS Pro should have it. I want to use it for my purchase ordering, if I would like to continue using it I have to pay $89 to upgrade to POS Pro which is useless to me as I do not have a shop. I'd be happy to upgrade Shopify as I would use the additional functions. But as it stands their pricing is a rip-off!!


UPDATE ON 14/02/2020
It's unbelievable. They really do not care at all about this app. We talked to a shopify teammemeber a while ago who stated the app is free. So we decided to use it only to realize that we installed it two weeks too late. So it is not free any more but comes only with the POS (which is useless for us and many others). Anyway we decided to pay for POS and it's not cheap to use this app. It would be really ok if the app would be ok but it is not at all! Some weeks ago purchase order email attachments (CSV files) simply stopped working. The product pictures in the purchase orders are still not right on options. There is no way you can export your supplier SKUs to check them. It is horrible difficult to set the minimum order qty, there is not a single automated thing in this app... thinking about automatic purchase orders when for example the amout reached a limit or some articles are sold out? not at all with this app... it's just a simple and static app not doing something you could not achieve with a simple import to your qty... we now look for another ERP because for this price you get AI powered ERP Apps which outperform this App in any case. Sry shopify this is the wrong direction...
At this time the app is not usable as an ERP app!
Want to know why? Here are only some of many important functions missing: 1) Want to import a purchase order via CSV - NO! The function is there but it can only import the qty by SKU (which is the shopify SKU), barcode code or shopify ID. It can NOT import the purchase order by the "supplier SKU" - that's a 100% no go! 2. There is 0,0% automatization in this app. For example you want a purchase order to be created automatically for example if five products have reached a certain low stock number an the order total amount is over 2.000 USD - no way. There is 0.0% automatisation here - you have to create all order by hand. Thats maybe ok for the year 2000 - in 2020 this is not a discussion! 3. Want to send the purchase order Emails cc) to make shure they went out to the partner? No way here - with this app it is just not possible. 4. Want to have pictures in the purchase order PDF - great! there is an option for this but it does not work so the final PDF includes a blank row "pictures". .
. It hink i could go on here for another 100 points --- and theses are basics and not fancy stuff points! // UPDATE 14.12.2020 It seems that there is no really consistent development here on this app... bugs are not solved in days or weeks but maybe some month... no or very little new things are introduced! Not really happy and i think we move to another ERP as this one is now about 90 USD.... totally overpriced for what it is.

Developer reply

August 4, 2020

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Stocky. We appreciate your feedback and have sent it onto the app development team for consideration. I'm going to be following up with you via email with steps on how to get your product images to pull into your purchase orders as well as to get any other pieces of feedback you would be willing to share with us. Regards, Lou

Tactical Gear

Zero customer support, app has been down for 4 days no explanation, unbelievable that they can get away with this.

Developer reply

August 4, 2020

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Stocky. We appreciate your feedback. I'm going to be following up with you via email about the issues you've shared. Regards, Lou

Red Fox Party Supplies

I have been really trying with this app only to find that both my purchase order and stocktake aren't syncing properly and lots of embarrassing out of stock are showing on my website , but they are in stock and we know we have put them thru a purchase order. we even trying doing a stocktake to fix. I put a report in via my pos and have also contacted support but ready to abandon it!

Developer reply

August 4, 2020

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Stocky. We appreciate your feedback. I'm going to be following up with you via email about the issues you've shared to see if we can improve things for you. Regards, Lou

This app only tracks inventory available for sale. It does not also provide a count of stock physically on hand. This means that if you have, for example, 5 t-shirts on the shelf, and someone orders 1, the stock count will now show as 4. However, seeing as you haven't fulfilled this order yet, you still have 5 shirts on the shelf, and your stock on hand count should be 5, while the stock available is 4. if you go and do a stocktake under these circumstances, you will count that you have 5 shirts, while Stocky says you should only have four. If you "correct" this discrepancy, you are now actually making your stock count incorrect. While this isn't a huge deal with only one product, if you have many SKUs, and a large order volume, it is essentially impossible to do a stocktake correctly. Until Stocky creates the ability to track both stock available as well as stock on hand (something that Tradegecko does while integrated with my Shopify store with no problem), Stocky is basically useless.

Developer reply

July 20, 2020

Amy here from Shopify Retail Support. Thank you for your feedback. I know stocktakes are a critical part of inventory management and I am sorry to hear that you found the process frustrating.

I did some investigating on this issue and I found a solution. In the Stocky app under Preferences > Stocktakes there is a check box to show unfulfilled quantities on the stocktake. This will ensure that ordered items that are unfulfilled and still on the shelf are included in the total count. I will be reaching out to you directly by email as well in case you have any further questions or feedback.

Amy T. | Retail Support Specialist

The Requirements Group (TRG) B.V.

We are about to uninstall this app. Do not use it if you are running a professional shop. We exported our master inventory from our main shop and uploaded it to our second shop. We manually cross checked all inventory to make sure it matched when we installed this app. All products were set to "do not sell when out of stock." Unfortunately the app completely messed up the count between our two shops and allowed overselling of products. Tech support has tried to blame us without acknowledging the bug in the app or trying to resolve the issue. Save yourself the pain we are dealing with. Do not use this app.

Developer reply

May 25, 2020

Amy here from Shopify. Thank you for your feedback.

I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with over selling of stock on your stores. As the Stocky app does not sync inventory between stores, I believe it is possible that there is another issue that needs to be resolved on your store. I will be reaching out you by email so we can review the issue in detail and find the solution to your issue.

Thank you,
Amy T.

Sweet Tea and Caviar - A Baby Boutique

It used to be a great app, but it seems in the last 6 months it's been horrible. Customer support is AWFUL. We haven't been able to upload a lot of inventory we've needed to.

We tried to delete the app and re-add it to see if it would stop telling us there was an error and to contact the administrator, but now it's telling us that when we try to add the app back.....

Developer reply

May 25, 2020

Amy here from Shopify. We truly appreciate your feedback.

I can see that you have already been in communication with our technical support team around the error you have been experiencing in the app. I can certainly understand your frustration, not just around the error but around not feeling supported as well. The technical team will be keeping you posted about the variant error directly and I will be reaching out you by email as well to ensure that all of your questions and concerns have been addressed.

Thank you.
Amy T.

Merchant Hunter

I was very surprised to find I had been billed by this App with no use (not been used or even gone billing page) or authorization being granted to add to billing

I will remove this negative rating once a refund has been processed to be for $59, and assured there will be no further deductions.

if not will continue to review on all social platforms until refund has been granted

Guys careful, they debit large amount of $59 with no authorization or use of there app

I have logged query with shopify to report and also your support channel

I see they have been billing me since September (7 x $59) and I had no idea as I have not authorized this App

From my end I expect a refund for all premiums (failing which I need to know which authority bodies, legal rights and consumer councils I need to approach to get this refund) I will also ensure I go review and warn all about them on their social pages and reviews pages) This I do feel is large amount of money for service that is not being used (ever, not trail of use) and no auth given

Developer reply

March 30, 2020

Hi, Jared

Pat here from Shopify. I noticed that you had already emailed us prior to my getting on to this review and I have responded to that ticket. If you have any further questions about that, don't hesitate to get back to me on that ticket. I will also be sending another email incase there's anything further you may wish to add, you can contact me in either of those. Either way, the reply will come straight back to me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Pat | Shopify Support