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357 reviews
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357 reviews
October 27, 2021

I use this app for my dress rental platform and it is a little tricky and scary at first but I immediately contacted the helpline and Rob was absolutely amazing and he responded so quickly and this app is just amazing and so are the people. Totally recommend. 10/10

South Africa
Time spent using app: 2 months
October 22, 2021

Customer service is amazing! With bookthatapp support I was able to include a specific customization for my shop. They are very clear and thorough.

Studio Mondine Vessels
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
October 18, 2021

the customer service is AMAZING. always available and with an almost imediate response. for me this is very important as I'm the only person in the startup so I always look for true and close partners. BTA helps to organize all the rentals that we receive and when we'll be bigger I know I'll take much more from BTA. thank you all!

Let's go baby
Time spent using app: Over 3 years
October 15, 2021

Great app for taking table reservations across multiple cafes on our website. Easily customisable with lots of features. Rob, the developer is always on hand to help and quick to respond. Would recommend it and happily try any other apps from this developer.

Huffkins Bakery
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
October 14, 2021

Fantastic app that gets better with every update. Customization can be done on your own with minimal help from support. If you run into any issues, the support team is extremely helpful and has assisted me with resolving the few bugs I ran into while customizing the app.

Hockley Valley Shop
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Edited October 14, 2021

The app is great for accomplishing a lot of complex setups, but it has two major design problems that won't allow businesses that have tasting rooms, like a brewery or winery to use the app. Unfortunately, they don't have a way to provide feedback or request product enhancements to the developers either. I found their support to be very condescending at times, and they tend to treat you like you're an idiot rather than try to help you understand their product. The app makes the assumption that a staff member can't handle appointments/reservations of a capacity of more than one person. I get that makes sense for a lot of businesses, but I think that decision should be up to the end-user and not enforced by the app. Like most small tasting rooms we are limited in staff so we need to be able to not allow people to book appointments for a tasting if our staff is out of the office or busy, and the app determines staff free/busy time by syncing with any calendar app that supports iCal, which is a really nice feature. But there is no way other than associating a staff member to an appointment type to block out a time slot based on staff availability unless you associate that staff member to the appointment type. Once you do that you've limited the number of people that can attend an appointment to 1 person because one staff member is limited to a capacity of 1. Like most small tasting rooms we only have one bar where we do private tastings, and it seats 8 people, so when we schedule a private tasting we limit it to 8, but again, we can't both limit appointments based on staff availability AND the capacity of our tasting room bar, it's one or the other. If they would just fix staff resources so we could define the capacity a staff can handle then everything would work just fine, but they refuse to even consider it from my discussions with them so far. Their only recommendation was to use equipment in place of staff because if you can set capacity on equipment, but the equipment type doesn't allow you to associate a free/busy calendar to it. Their underlying schema must support capacity for staff because when you export staff from the product to CSV there is a capacity/inventory column that is set to 1 for staff, but they said it's hardcoded and can't be changed (I already tried importing with the Inventory set to 8, and it just reset it back to 1). And there's no way to file enhancement requests to their development team. Honestly, the product is so powerful I really find it hard to believe that there isn't a way to accomplish what I need, but to date, their support has been of little help trying to help me solve it, and they no longer offer paid install/configuration support so you're going to be stuck figuring out difficult setups by yourself because their support gets impatient really quick if there isn't an easy answer to your problem...I've practically begged to pay them in the past and they have no interest at all. The primary reason I'm giving it a 2-star rating is because of their support and unwillingness to accept product feedback or enhancement request other than filing a support ticket, which to date just keeps getting closed with the resolution that the product can't do what I need. And their unwillingness to do provide custom support even if you're willing to pay for it. It's very possible that I was just unlucky and happened to get the same person every time I opened a ticket, but I've opened quite a few tickets over the past several months and I had the same experience each time. I'm not giving up yet, mostly because there aren't many better options, and I'm just hoping with a little more tweaking I'll figure something out. This all said, if I was the type of business like the ones they discuss in a lot of their examples, I probably would have had a much better experience and a lot fewer problems. I could see giving it a 4 star, maybe a 5-star rating if I didn't have to talk to their support and I was running a hair or nail salon. Also, take a minute to read all the responses to any reviews that didn't give a 4-star or higher rating and that will be the type and tone of responses you will get from their support when you run into tougher problems to solve. I would guess that there are probably a much higher percentage of people that use their products that never have to deal with support, if you're one of them then you probably love the product.

Robert Clay Vineyards
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
Zetya Pty Ltd replied October 14, 2021

Dear Dan McLaughlin of Robert Clay Vineyards

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Given your behaviour on our support desk and your previous threats to leave a bad review, this review is not particularly surprising.

We work with merchants, both large and small, on a daily basis to take product feedback and improve the app. Please refer to our release notes for the latest feature additions.

We have dozens of wineries and brew shops as part of our customer base and they are a terrific bunch of people to work with. It’s unfortunate that you were unable to work with us in a constructive and professional manner.

Good luck with your shop.

The Support Team @ Zetya

September 29, 2021

Great service! Our Dir. of Ops chose this plug-in and set everything up. A few years later, she moved on. I've picked up the work and although I'm pretty tech-savvy, I'm short on time. I recently chatted with BTA Support a few times and they helped me so quickly! It was such a relief. Highly recommend!

Weather or Not Accessories
United States
Time spent using app: Over 4 years
September 9, 2021

We've been using BTA in our tourism business for a while now, and it's great. Backend takes a little learning, but the support team have always been friendly and super quick to reply.

Waiheke Dive & Snorkel LTD
New Zealand
Time spent using app: Over 2 years
September 2, 2021

As soon as you install this app, it will show your products as 'no availability' on your calender. So expect a nosedive in sales. The only way to change this is to uninstall immediately. Customer service can only assist if the app is installed, so you are left playing a game of catch 22 with customer service. Oh, and to add to the misery, customer service only respond via email, so you can't solve the issues in real time. Back and forth, cat and mouse. So stupid.

Coconut Express
Time spent using app: About 6 years
Zetya Pty Ltd replied September 2, 2021

Hi Martyn Lewis from Coconut Express!

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. However this review is malicious and without merit.

- When installed correctly, the app does not cause “a nosedive in sales”. Your product was configured incorrectly, hence the "no availability message. In prior tickets we also advised you how to install the app and test it without it being live on your product page.
- At various points in your interactions with us you stated that “your app sucks”, called the app “DUMB” and “a 1 star app”. Despite this, we remained polite and professional and were actually in the middle of fixing the issue when you wrote this review.
- Our support team is available by both chat and email and your tickets were answered within minutes.

Your online reputation precedes you, leaving this review even less credible.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Edited July 25, 2022

This app gets the job done, but every so often there will be issues that can take a bit to resolve. They have solved the recent issue of the calendar not loading on Instagram due to the iOS 15.5 update, and it is working for my clients again. This app is also very good if you have a high volume of people coming to your site, and need to hold appointment times while the customer is checking out.

Zetya Pty Ltd replied July 12, 2022

Hi Rose Aura

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

As we advised you on your support ticket, we have been unable to replicate this issue to date despite significant effort put in by our support staff, QA team and developers to do so. We also advised you that we would continue to investigate to determine the root cause and fix the underlying issue. It's a shame that you feel that writing a negative review is the best way to work with us to solve this issue.

The Support Team @ Zetya