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Kobra Athletics

You know, I used to like this app.

The profit margins were absolutely solid, it offered up to overnight shipping, everything was all good, right?

From the time I started with them, to now, the amount of customer complaints has increased significantly. Customers would be getting products that were NOWHERE close to what they ordered, completely different designs, customer orders a small sweatshirt, they get a 4XL T-Shirt with a completely different design.

I hold a very high standard to my brand. CustomCat unfortunately no longer holds up to that standard.

CustomCat offers up to 1 day shipping... Given that they actually deliver great results. Which is probably 70% of the time. I can't accept that.

If your only concerns is profit margin and the latest and greatest features, CustomCat is awesome for you. If you have a brand however, I would be weary.

I wish they would've kept the standards as they used to do. Too bad. I'm uninstalling.

That Merch Store

UPDATE: Only getting worse = Handling times have become excessive, with no explanation. Orders have taken Over 21 days and counting in fulfillment, won't allow cancellation of these orders, even though they are well overdue, but will tell you it's your responsibility, as you didn't pause the order before it started processing. Catch 22, The orders start fulfillment within a couple of hours of you ordering, so after that, there is no way to cancel, change or amend an order.

After discussing with other CC long term users via social groups, I have found i Am not the only one with these issues, a number of users are seeing a decline in quality of service offered by them. Customer service is much less active, not all you messages will get a reply and no very accommodating when it comes to problems.

Custom Cat used to be a great POD company, however recently they have been ignoring users issues. You can no longer receive returns if an item isn't delivered. You can't cancel orders, or when you try, they are still sent out and you will be charged. Address changes have now been limited to the original country.

I have been using CC for almost 3 years and was happy until now. Since they have been making these changes (Late 2018), i have had to eat up over $200 in charges for items i cancelled, but were re processed and sent out. and now another order which i tried to change the address on, within a few hours, but got an email back saying they cant change the address so the items will be sent anyway. (Not very helpful) and the items will now be posted to no where, for me to pay another $45 to do so. (I gave an alternate address, but told they won't change it.)

Very unfortunate as they were doing so well. Just make sure you know their new policies, as you may find your cashflow, and profits being eaten up by order errors like these.

On the good side, they do produce good quality items and have a good selection of products to choose from, just a shame about the their recent customer service and lack of help on these issues.

The Vault

Customization is extremely limited. Prices are okay for Canadians but I would prefer more customization and better mockups.

My Jazz Wear

I decided to start with Customcat being that I felt they had the product availability that fit my vision best. Like the last 2 reviews it hasn't been the best experience. I've got 2 orders I processed as a test that have been waiting to be fulfilled for 5 days now. To be fair I processed these the day after Thanksgiving so I'm really hoping the delay is due to holiday processing and not a regular thing.

What is disappointing however is the service. I've been trying to reach these guys via the contact phone number which constantly rings then goes silent/hang up. No answer No voicemail. I went the email route for help and did get a response within 48 hours which was nice to see however the response did not address my specific question regarding the order sitting in pending status. The fulfillment instructions have been followed so I'm still unclear as to whether my order is in limbo and requires a fix on my end or if there is an issue on theirs.

This really shakes my confidence in these guys if I have an issue that arises with a customer. I'm not ready to trash the app just yet because I've yet to find a POD app that rivals their products for what I want to do, but thought I'd add my experience thus far as a new user that I wish I had set up a test with just one product before taking the time to build out the majority of my store using their SKUs. Lesson learned.

Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique

I hate writing reviews. but I must. I just ordered 3 hoodies as test samples for my children. I didn't like the way the designs were printed. It looks fuzzy. Too bad because I was excited to use a company from my home town. I'm waiting on another shirt ordered to see how it would turn out. I will be uninstalling the app if this shirt doesn't work out.

Update: I was happy to work with Brett who has agreed to replace on of my sweatshirts and suggested specific products that could better suit my store and printing. I am thrilled with the great customer service and look forward to working with the company to create the best products.


its a good app when it works.i left the app for about two months ,and came back it hasnt worked since.

Wagner International Inc.

good product selection but I wasted lots of hours attempting to resize the logo for the embroidered products and watching their tutorials but to no avail! Also, the logo is not simulated as embroidery and looks crappy on on the website.

Tribevel Precision Piercing

i really wanted to like this company, and the $6 tshirt price is excellent for the monthly rate, however, the app is SUPER buggy and frustratingly problematic. the customer service is awesome though, im not gonna knock them at all, if you have an issue they WILL sort it quick. the quality control in the manufacturing is decent. several of my clients have received garments that had completely different designs on them, even ones that were not in my library AT ALL.

with more work this company can be great, but i am deleting for now.


Yo, my prints are garbage! Supreme logo bite print on dark tees, the shirt shows thru a LOT on white. These guys don't lay a base down. The graphics have white borders on some. The pre-treat they spray on the DTG shirts are so heavy that you can notice the discoloration. Not worth saving a few bucks if you're really trying to start a quality brand. My Epson printer at home does a better job. I am moving all my stuff away from these "cats". I really wanted to like them too since they're in the Motor city, but I can't stand behind my products with their printing. Get SAMPLES!

*Edited, to be fair, The smaller sizes, S, M and Kids size prints look decent. But since they limit their files to PNGs, etc and not vector files, when they print on larger shirts they don't look good.

A competitor? Come on, If they let you post pictures I would send them. The print on an ASH tank came out washed out. I have the same print from a different POD provider and it's clear, bright and concise.

Embroidery? It's a joke. Basic embroidery on a Dad hat, Supreme looking design, horrible.

That Swag Apparel

Ok .. I'm not big on negative reviews but I really think these words might benefit someone starting out as I was a few months ago .. and I say this with some reserve because I made a lot of money with CustomCat products. Here's the deal .. Great products .. Shitty fulfillment. Thats its plain and simple. I had over 6 returns due to products that either never arrived or arrived way past the expected time which was 8 to 10 business days. Amazon actually revoked my privileges due to CustomCat's fulfillment issues and I'm still digging through crap in the hopes that I'll get my privledges reinstated. All in all .. and its tough to say this because like I said before they have good products .. but I would pass. They're just not reliable. Period.