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Merchants highly recommend this app for streamlining affiliate marketing processes. It's praised for its easy setup, intuitive interface, and comprehensive dashboard for managing affiliates and tracking sales. Merchants appreciate its cost-effectiveness, reliable performance, and professional appearance on websites. The support team is noted for their quick and helpful responses. Merchants also value its flexibility, tracking capabilities, and detailed reports.

December 3, 2023

Great so far!

Hitbox Energy
United States
3 days using the app
October 23, 2023

we have been a loyal customer of Goaffpro for the past three years and have relied on their service to manage our affiliate program. However, my recent experience has left me deeply disappointed and frustrated. Over the last three months, we decided to make the transition to the GoKwik custom checkout system, believing it would improve our user experience. Unfortunately, for the past 20 days, we've been encountering persistent issues that have hindered our operations. What's even more frustrating is Goaffpro's response to the problem.

They claim that the issues we're experiencing are solely due to the custom checkout system, but I strongly disagree with this assessment. I have conducted a thorough analysis of our setup, meticulously testing different scenarios, and it is evident that the problem lies within Goaffpro's platform, not the custom checkout. It is deeply frustrating that they have swiftly shifted the blame to the custom checkout without conducting a thorough investigation.

Our frustration has been exacerbated by their reluctance to investigate the matter further. As loyal customers with a long-standing relationship spanning three years, I expected Goaffpro to take a more proactive approach to address this issue. Instead, we've encountered resistance and a lack of willingness to explore potential problems originating from their end. This approach is far from the customer-centric service we had come to expect from Goaffpro.

In conclusion, my recent experience with Goaffpro has been disheartening. While the service has been reliable and efficient for years, their handling of the recent issues related to the custom checkout has left us frustrated and dissatisfied. We urge Goaffpro to reconsider their position on this matter and commit to a comprehensive investigation into the issues their customers are facing. It's time for them to restore the trust of loyal customers like us by addressing the issues promptly and effectively.

4 months using the app
GoAffPro replied October 24, 2023


So the app was works fine with shopify chekout but not with gokwik checkout.

In such a case, Logic dictates, then the issue is with gokwik checkout not with goaffpro.

Over 40,000 merchants use the app with no issues whatsoever because the goaffpro app is fully vetted, thoroughly reviewed and regularly re-reviewed by shopify App Store team to ensure everything works as intended

Gokwik is not a shopify approved app.

You can ask gokwik team why they are not in Shopify App Store.

Apps on the App Store are thoroughly reviewed by shopify for their compatibility to ensure smooth experience for merchants

Unapproved and unauthorised apps not only violate shopify merchant terms but also breaks compatibility with other apps.

Our support team also mentioned the same to you that custom unapproved checkouts cannot be reliably supported as they don’t follow shopify best practises

Just ask yourselves, why is gokwik checkout not in Shopify App Store ? And you’ll have the answer as where the real issue is

November 19, 2023

So happy with the app, functionality and the customer service response time is amazing!

4 days using the app
October 6, 2023

The app helped us a lot to develop affiliate marketing. Thanks for your help :)

Over 3 years using the app
Edited October 23, 2023

The app appeared to be functioning seamlessly until October 6th. For the past three months, we've utilized a third-party checkout system without any hitches. However, after making minor tweaks to the affiliate application on October 6th, affiliate orders ceased to be tracked.

The support team seems quick to point fingers at the checkout process, yet we're confident the payment gateway isn't the issue. We feel the team is reluctant to delve deeper into the problem.

Upon going through other feedback, I'm beginning to suspect that some positive reviews might be strategically placed to overshadow the negative ones.

Can you please look into this and explain why the app was operating without any issues with the same payment gateway prior to October 6th?

DeoDap Reselling
4 months using the app
GoAffPro replied October 21, 2023


As said previously, you are using an unsupported and unapproved checkout app. Any past compatibilities are purely coincidental. We do not support gokwik checkout

Also, By using an unapproved third party checkout you are also violating section 1(8), 2.1 (3), 4(6). of shopify's merchant terms and conditions

See here: https://www.shopify.com/legal/terms

Instead of pinning the blame on us, try moving back to a shopify approved checkout app and the app will start working flawlessly

Or ask the gokwik team to get their checkout app reviewed and approved by shopify. During the app review shopify review team will ensure that the app conforms to Shopify’s compatibility standards


October 25, 2023

Wir haben ein großes Affiliate Programm und sind bei der Migration auf Shopify auf GOAFFPRO gestossen, um unsere Funktionalitäten abbilden zu können.
Ich bin absolut überzeugt vom GOAFFPRO Support, jede Frage, sei sie auch noch so dumm, wird sehr zeitnah beantwortet und die Lösungen sind immer so gut, dass wir sie ohne Probleme umsetzen können.
Noch sind wir nicht LIVE mit unserem neuen Shop, aber sobald das der Fall ist, werden wir hier ein Update zu den Erkenntnissen im LIVE-Betrieb geben.

About 2 months using the app
October 17, 2023

Great app, even free version offers enough features to start. They need to improve mobile app visually and fuctionally though.

Özel Beslenme
3 months using the app
November 3, 2023

if we can track traffic's geography will be great

365 Nights
8 days using the app
October 4, 2023

It's just what I was looking for. It works perfectly and has many features.
The best thing is the customer service, very very fast in responding and resolving any problem or question.

Colchón Morfeo
Over 1 year using the app
September 25, 2023

I have had the free version for a few years and it has worked really well. I needed some support last week for the first time and they were very fast to reply and giving me clarification for my questions.

Ecococoon ™
Over 4 years using the app