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Edited August 5, 2022

Update: Growave destroyed our code: We deinstalled the App and were wondering, why still all checkboxes regarding data security / newsletter-subscription / etc were not working. After a long search and the help by the Shopify support it came up that Growave totally destroyed our code. This lasts even the deinstallation. E.g. somebody creates an account and is not clicking the checkbox for a subscription he gets pushed into all marketing lists anyway. They know the problem and are not a clue into solving this. We no have to figure out how to handle the situation because this is agains EU law (and worst customer experiance). Thanks for nothing, Growave, thanks for not helping even after I described the issue several times. Never again. Please do not use this app if you like your Homepage. Wir haben furchtbare Erfahrung mit dieser App gemacht: 1. Nach einem Update gingen alle Email-Templates unbemerkt flöten und Kunden bekamen die default-Emails. Z.B. ab einem bestimmten Level hatten wir hinterlegt, dass individuelle Gutscheine mitgeschickt werden, diese waren dann natürlich auch weg. 2. Tiers: Wir haben über Tage ein Tier-Modell aufgestellt. Je höher man kommt, desto mehr Benefits, so kenn man es. Aber leider wurden plötzlich keinerlei Rabatte mehr angewandt. Vom Silber, über Gold, bis zum Platin Kunden, niemand bekam mehr Benefits. Im Kundenfenster wurden zwar generierte Codes angezeigt, aber das haben original 0 von 110 Kund*innen gesehen. Diverse Kunden sind wütend abgesprungen und teilten dies auf SoMe. Das ganze Tier-Modell funktioniert nicht, wenn man mehr als einen Benefit hat (dann braucht man aber kein Tier-Modell). 3. Datenschutz: Ohne Einverständnis der Kunden werden Kundenkonten angelegt. Wir haben uns gewundert, warum wir keine Kunden ohne Bonus-Club Mitgliedschaft mehr fanden und machten den Test: Aus jeder Bestellung wird ein Loyalty Konto angelegt, ohne dass der Kunde es mitbekommt geschweigedenn akzeptiert. Das ist ein Fall für den Datenschutz. Vom Support kamen zwar Antworten, aber keinerlei Hilfe. Ich bat um einen Anruf, weil es brennt. Der frühste Termin nach dem Wochenende. Dann brauchen wir ihn auch nicht mehr. Fazit: Eine furchtbare Erfahrung, die uns Bestandskunden verärgerte, Tage der Einrichtung sind futsch, Der Launchday wurde gecrashed und nun sind wir dabei Kunde für Kunde zu prüfen und ihm manuell Rabatte (die ihm im Rahmen des Programms zugestanden hätten) zu überweisen.

Time spent using app: 7 months
Growave replied August 23, 2022

Dear team at 82NC,

Thank you so much for your feedback! 🙌

We always aim to deliver a great experience, and we are gutted when we don't meet expectations. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We will use the feedback to make us better and to ensure this doesn't happen again.

However, the new interface of our app is still in the process and we are taking all the attention in our account and doing as our merchants wish.

Again please accept my deepest apologies. We will do our best to make it so that it won't never happen again and gain your trust. 🙏

April 18, 2022

Had one of the worst experiences with this app. Couldn't even begin to describe the months of back and forth while we helped them solved coding issue, fix crucial bugs and glitches. There is WAY too many codes that Growave implements on your site, 30+. This causes website to be slow and the user experience to be horrible. We upgraded our theme and deleted all the Growave codes because we were going to delete the App. Somehow we noticed that there was Growave code in the new theme! How it got there is highly suspicious. We deleted that App immediately after that. Over all this app is very novice in terms of functionality.

East Meets West USA
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
Growave replied August 23, 2022

Dear team at East Meets West USA,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience with our app didn’t meet the level of service we strive for. We value every merchant and it's important to us that all of our beloved customers are happy with our app 🙏🥺. 

Regarding your feedback, I would like to kindly let you know that our app affects the speed of the website loading but not significantly since all the scripts in it are minimized as much as possible and the files are loaded asynchronously. We always try to improve our app and speed is one of our top priorities today.

As for the files, I'd like to kindly let you know that we only add the codes that help our features to work and function correctly on your website. Moreover, we only add them to the theme requested by the customers since we don't want to cause any errors and inconvenience from our end. 

Thank you again for taking the time to give us this feedback, I hope there’s another chance where you can try Growave again🙌🏻!

December 31, 2021

Stay away from this app.
From their site it all seems simple but in the end it is impossible to set everything up correctly without problems. I was in constant contact with the team for 4 days to solve very small problems due to their non-existent tutorials! They don't even explain well in the FAQ or help pages how to do everything you need ... Not only that: I asked how to make a change on the reviews I uploaded and they replied that there is a "secret setting" that costs 150 $ ........... But do we realize? BAD BAD BAD I have installed LOOX and now everything works correctly. All set up in a few hours and the result is 10 times better, even graphically. Ah, and it costs less. GOODBYE

Time spent using app: 5 days
Growave replied January 18, 2022

Dear team at Haliajewels,

We’re truly sorry that your experience did not match your expectations 😔. Keeping our customers happy is our number one priority and I’d like to ask you for another chance to retain your trust.

We want to thank you for your feedback on our knowledge base. We will take it into consideration and try to add more tutorials in order for the customers to have the best experience with Growave. We’ll strive to do better 🙏!

Regarding the paid hidden setting, I'd like to kindly let you know that our app has default functionality and if the request is not included in it, we always try to meet the Shopify merchants' needs and do everything possible to fulfill the request and since it takes resources and our time we do it on a paid basis. I hope for your understanding on this matter 🙏!
We will use the feedback to make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Our goal is for everyone who comes in contact with us to have the best possible experience, so if you could please reply to our last support reply, I’d love the opportunity to discuss your concerns further with you 🙏.

We appreciate you for taking the time to share your reviews with us and looking forward to hearing from you again.

Edited December 8, 2021

This is the second time I review this app as the owners offered me 3 months of free trial for testing again. On the second day I arrived at the conclusion that this app is slow as hell... With the speed tester that Shopify provides, grew from 28 to 47 points just for deleting this app. The reviews widget has a lazy load with at least 2 sec. delay. The email templates and the wishlist are ugly and not very customizable. Not very recommended!

S3ART Store
Time spent using app: 5 days
Growave replied December 14, 2021

Hey team at S3ART Store,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

We're truly sorry that we didn't meet your expectations 😔. We understand and accept the fact that we have room to grow 🙏.

We use the Lazy Load strategy in the optimization of our app. It is a strategy for defining resources as non-blocking (non-critical) in order to delay the loading of those resources until they are really needed. This can shorten critical rendering steps, resulting in faster application load times.

In spring 2021, we did a lot of work to improve the speed of our app with the Shopify team. They have very strict requirements for app developers and remove apps from the App Market if the app affects the shops' speed by more than 10%. We have passed all their tests and now continue to work on speed, as we want to be the best solution for our customers. Also, we want to mention that compared to many other apps, we have 5 features in one.

We'll definitely take your feedback into account and continue to work on improving our app.

Again, we are very sorry that we disappointed you 🥺. We really want to continue our cooperation with you and the manager of the Customer Support Department is trying to contact you, but it is unsuccessful 😔. It would be great if you could check our emails 🙏.

Thanks a lot!

September 17, 2021

terrible customer service and technical support. Cannot resolve a so-called easy problem after a few weeks. time wasting!

Hong Kong SAR
Time spent using app: 22 days
Growave replied September 21, 2021

Hello, dear 幸福站 team!

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, your feedback is very appreciated!

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and for making you wait for a long. This is not the kind of experience we would want our customers to have and we'll surely take this on priority. Our big team works every day to improve our service and we are very sad for not meeting your expectations and not being helpful on time. Here at Growave we live by our customers’ successes and failures and want all of our friends to have only the best experiences.

Regarding the issue with our Login app, I'd like to let know that your problem was unique and we sincerely tried to solve it together with our senior developers. I have already connected our development team to your case but since you deleted our app we cannot continue to work on the solution.

We would love to make things right and fix any issues caused by Growave. And we would not forgive ourselves for letting you go with a bad impression of our app. If you would like to respond to our last support reply I would be more than happy to get this up and running for you right away. Also happy to jump on a quick screen share or video call to help you get set up also.

We are here to help, and we believe we can resolve all the issues with your cooperation 🤞!

Thanks again, and wishing you all the best 💖.

Edited June 12, 2021

DO NOT use this service. Several issues with their coding and loyalty program that caused thousands of lost sales. Customer service does not follow up to help. You have to run after them after they supposedly will follow up with you. Save yourself the trouble and get better service with another company. It may cost more but will save you from losing customers due to growaves lack of ability to fix the technical issues. Customers have not been able to redeem their rewards and after contacting growave they still have done nothing about it 2 days later. We terminated our service with them after 2 years of being a loyal paying client. RUN FOR THE HILLS

Coloured Raine Cosmetics
United States
Time spent using app: Over 2 years
Growave replied June 18, 2021

Hello dear team at Coloured Raine Costmetics💅🏻💄,

Thank you a lot for sharing your thoughts on us and on our app. We work hard to find a personalized way for every customer and your satisfaction is the key priority to us. We are truly sorry for not meeting your expectations, and yes, our team carries full responsibility for the support we deliver.

I just want to note that we were unable to help you on time since we had no access as Collaborator to investigate the issue deeply. We sincerely wanted to assist you with the case, and as with every product on the Shopify platform, we investigated the issue inside our app, and when we realized that there is an outer source that is conflicting with us and asked for your cooperation, you rejected and denied it, putting the full blame on us.

We do value every customer, each of them and we don't divide into old and new customers. I hope you can understand us and will take a step towards good and friendly cooperation, where the two-way connection is enabled and everything is solved in a peaceful and respectful method.

We wish you good luck in your business, and just note that we are always happy to see you in our big and lovely Growave family!💫💖

Edited July 2, 2021

I'm sad that I need to change my review to one star. This app USED to be amazing. Customer service WAS fast and responsive. Now I have to chase them down over and over to find out when they will respond to my tickets. I've been waiting literally weeks and have asked multiple times for something to get fixed. AND, I waited months for an update they said was coming. And when it finally DID come, I learned in order to access the change I was waiting for, I'd need to pay $30 more per month. I should have been grandfathered in at my current rate. They changed their whole billing system so now you pay $100 to integrate Klaviyo or $20 to get all the same features without Klaviyo. I can't even express how disappointing that was. ESPECIALLY when I had specifically been told email integration was coming to the Growth plan. Never did they mention it would be more expensive. I'll keep using the app for now only because I don't have the time to switch over to a different one, but I will be looking for a new solution. Such a bummer when something you start out loving turns to crap. Customer service is impeccable. They're quick to respond and always do their best to help me understand how to best use their app. They make all the changes I ask for. It's got tons of great features and options... plus one app vs 5 apps is amazing. The ONLY thing I wish was different is that the Growth plan offered Klaviyo integration. I'm a perfectionist and having all my emails look and feel the same is important to me.

Dirty Jane
Time spent using app: Almost 3 years
Growave replied February 12, 2021

Hello, dear Dirty Jane team 🙋‍♂️,

Thank you very much for the review that you have updated. We do take every word from our customers seriously and always work on covering every small detail we receive from them. Sadly, not all wishes can be fulfilled at the same time and not each of them can be implemented in a way customer sees due to various reasons that we are unable to take control of.

We work hard on making your experience with us great and some functionalities cannot be implemented easily due to the complexity of the requests, and even so, our teams worked well to deliver those requests to you. We value you as a customer and your experience with us is very important.

As for the confusion with the Growth plan, we understand your frustration with it. This step hasn't been done to charge you more, since you know the Klaviyo integration was available only on Enterprise plan for $299, however now it is more accessible for merchants on a plan for $99. We understand how important it is to support shopowners and the pricing has been evaluated considering the third-party app cooperation (Klaviyo, which is the separate business we work with) and the complexity of the work that has been done during the update.

We hope for your understanding in this situation and we did not ignore your case and even focused on a faster resolution, because, as it is written above, we do care about our customers and their experience is the top priority for all of us. Please let us reach you out and have a further discussion, our team is trying to contact you in Live chat and we would truly appreciate it if you would reply to us back. Thanks again, and wishing you all the best 💖.

September 23, 2020

Seriously not happy with this app. I thought i was getting an all in one automatic app, as this is how it was explained to me. If someone comes in my store and makes a purchase...they get points when they check out. if someone comes in that was referred by someone else, the referrer gets points...all not true. I have a free app that already does what this offers. I don't see the point of spending so much money to get nothing extra for it. I want my IN STORE customers to get a bonus...not make myself work harder! Can i give it negative stars for false advertising?

ROTD Crafter's Corner
United States
Time spent using app: 5 days
Growave replied September 24, 2020

Thanks for sharing your feedback, ROTD Crafter's Corner!

First and foremost, I deeply apologize for not meeting your expectations and not being helpful on time.
We completely understand your frustration. There was a miscommunication error and we failed to explain to you how Growave works.
We put our merchants' experience and satisfaction as our priority and now we feel ashamed that we were not able to provide you with the service that you deserve…

We value trust merchants put into Growave and do everything possible to meet requirements and exceed expectations. Also, it's worth noting that Growave can easily replace several third-party apps. Our team works very hard to justify this price point.

We stand by our advertisement and would love to make things right if you give us a chance. We will be sending you a message explaining how Growave integrates with Shopify POS. We are always happy to jump on a call to discuss this. Also, please feel free to get in touch via Live Chat on our website or via the following email: support@growave.io

September 3, 2020

Im so disappointed in this app. After removing it, because it did not provide anything of benefit to my customers or growth of my store, it has left random punctuation on my site that I can not fix. It's almost like the app wasn't fully developed, and some sort of "residue" was left after removing it.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
Growave replied September 6, 2020

Chelsea’s, thank you for feedback!
We value the opinions of each of our merchants and take notes to improve the platform.

Please accept our deepest apologies for the bad experience and disappointing you. However, we would like to note that it was not done intentionally. We’re afraid some of the Growave files are still in your theme due to the improper removal of the app.

We would love to make things right and fix any issues caused by Growave. And we would not forgive ourselves for letting you go with a bad impression of our app.

May I ask you to install our app again, thus we'll be able to clear all our files? Without installing our app, regrettably, we have no access to your files to remove lingering code. Promise it will be fixed in no time :)

Our team has sent a couple of emails with explanations of why it happened. Hope you will be able to give us a chance to fix everything.

You can just hit the Live Chat button on our website, contact support@growave.io or we can jump on a call to discuss this.

June 14, 2020

TOTALLY not amused! The app says it does a bunch of things, but the only free tools are nothing but crap.
When you delete the app, the app leaves a whole bunch of unneeded files in the code section. This is really annoying!

I even don't know If I can delete them, because maybe the triggers are nested in my other code I had from my theme.

TOTALLY NOT HAPPY! This is total bullshit. Thanks for waisting all my stuff!

L.Naturel Concept Store
Time spent using app: 27 minutes