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Its not free. I paid $150.00 and was not able to send my newsletter as they requested I clean up my email list of which all emails were from subscribers from my website.

Urban Square Displays

They should change there ad here its says 15,000 free emails but that its not true its 2,000 emails on a list, and sometimes it says you have reached your quote for the month and i haven't even sent one. You also can not pick and add things to your email unless you have the over priced paid version.


The problem I have is I can't share or send by beautiful newsletters to my social media platform.

Dreams In July


Wild Kinder

I have had this app for 3 months, and I am so frustrated, the only reason it hasn't been uninstalled is due to the hours of work I have put into it to design emails and not currently having the time to switch. They cancelled my account without telling me, pretty much every feature has not worked at some point or another and I have to contact support every 1 - 2 weeks. Today I had to contact them again because my cart recover emails aren't working. It is so frustrating to pay for an app that doesn't work as promised. I have never been given any compensation for all these issues and support is very slow in getting back. Every time I have an issue it takes them 3 days to 1 week to correct it. Every time they act like its some super unique never before seen problem that gets escalated and then no one ever gets back to me until I chase them down. So far this is the worst app I've used on Shopify. The features are great, and if it did what I pay for it to do, it would easily be 5 stars, despite the slow support. I really hope they fix whatever the various problems are.

Mckim Photography

I wish there was a way to just write a simple text design email pulling the products and text links, also there is a MAJOR bug! the product price is shown with a comma for USA instead of a period, so it looks like $50,00 instead of $50.

Many people are on google and google blocks images in emails marketing. so i would like to test text only emails with hyperlinks imbedded thanks- bill


Do not get this app. I am deleting this app after spending $60 on it for 1 month.
The free trial is worth it but not the $60 recurring charge per month. I basically wasted $60 on this because I barely got any results out of it. It is a very high expense especially for small businesses. For the hefty price of a whopping $60, the app barely has any ROI and you don't really get much back for the money you are putting in to use this app. Also, it shouldn't cost $60 just to do email marketing and just to collect email addresses. There are other apps that are much cheaper than soundest that can pretty much do the same thing. I have sent tens of thousands of emails to customers about mega sales only to be disappointed.

Little Miss Marmalade

Horrible support, customer service. Its a good system that bugs out all the time. Discounts wont drag and drop properly, discounts don't value and add right.

endless bugs and complaints.

I am done! its costs me over $50 a month...seeya!

Side Street Studio

I am certain that this is an excellent app. But very occasionally numerous issues occur whereby an app simply does not work. My initial issue was with Shaw, one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies. Shaw's spam filters had (wrongly) listed soundest as a spam associated company and froze my emails when I used the soundest name. Shaw is most certainly incorrect in this but it was still a nuisance to manage.
Then I had considerable difficulty in setting up the 'easy to use' system. Again I am sure that it is 'easy to set up' but perhaps not for me. The support staff at soundest support tried hard to resolve the issues and I am grateful for their assistance, but it was without any success. Sometimes even with the best will in the world things just do not work and it is best to move on.


Update: i cancelled my paid plan with soundest in mid december 2016, double checked 3 times to be sure the billing was stopped and was reassured by Veronika each time that it was handled, then was still charged. i contacted them for a refund about 25 days ago and they promised it would be processed immediately, but they still haven't done it.
my take: the only really good thing about this app is the product picker and auto update emails to customers, the java script and cookies they use are very aggressive and slow your page load by about 50%.. The links you make in their emails are routed through soundest, so the initial url your customers get is not your actual website. i think that they use your info for creating data that they sell, but not sure. most of the emails you send will go to the spam folder because they don't come from your address.
previous: there is a problem with the "from" field that causes emails sent out to go to SPAM folder.
the "from" looks like this: : on behalf of you
that, my friends, is causing most of the emails you pay for the program to make and be sent GO DIRECTLY INTO THE SPAM FOLDER because they are not sent from my actual email address. They asked for an additional $59 to change that so its actually your email address. otherwise, the functionality is good, but too many cookies used for tracking your users. customer service is good, and templates are ok. nice feature that allows you to choose products from your store and insert them directly into your emails.