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Updated review 10/31/2016:

I am sorry to have revise this review but we wasted so much time and money I want to make other shop owners aware. It all started very well, we had conversions and it is very easy to set up. The app is nice, the marketing plan is very good. However, and this is a big issue, it does not provide double opt in! THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM! Who at this day and age, doesn't have a double opt in option?! Please read on.

Our shop has been hit with a huge number of bot/fake customer subscriptions. It's nearly impossible to tell which is real and which is not inside the app, the emails are real but they are not subscribed by the address owners. We paid another service to have the email list checked, many of the fake subscriptions returned valid email addresses. The only clue is the subscriber name, which is not visible on the dashboard. Actually, very little information is available on the app dashboard.

We had our account suspended 3 times and were on the verge of being blacklisted with high percentages of bounces and complaints. Although the rep is excellent, they seemed to not think this was a big deal.

I personally spent 2 weeks trying to figure out what was going on. Waste of my very scarce time, and money.

We have our own domain, they told me that DNS records were not necessary at the beginning. Not knowing why we had such problems with our list's deliverability, I asked for the records to change the settings with the Registrar in hopes this would help. All other email marketing companies we worked with in the past (we've been on line since 1998) will provide this for free. They charged us an extra $59.00 for it and obviously, it doesn't solve the problem.

We had to move our list to another provider with the holiday season just starting. Spent hours manually cleaning it up as we don't send unsolicited emails. We LOST OVER 500 legitimate SUBSCRIBERS when we moved to another service, which requires double opt in. Since I had just sent a newsletter days before, guess they thought confirming was not necessary. These were actual returning customers, some had been with us for years.

It's a shame because the marketing plan is good, but the email list managing is very lacking and the support seems to think nothing is a real issue. It hasn't stopped the bots but at least those subscriptions don't get confirmed and are not sent emails.

We had just paid for the monthly app charge and the DNS records. When I asked for a partial refund (it was just a gesture after this mess), they denied it.

It took me almost a week to complete the move because of the outage, otherwise we would have uninstalled immediately. Yes, all this went down during the big outage in October 2016. It was a nightmare.
I love this app! It does everything you need for ideal email marketing. Great customer support, super easy to set up and run, easy to create campaigns, automated flows that bring results. Reasonably priced too! Only wish there was a bit more customization to the sign up forms (pop up and page) but I'm pretty sure it won't be long before these are added. If you know a bit of code you can do it, I just don't know enough to do it on my own. Other than that it's perfect. Try it out - I'm pretty sure you will love it too. Thanks, Soundest, I see great results everyday!

Formula 113

Does not allow to send to all customers. For some reason shows 80% of our customers as not subscribed. No way to send an email to them. Just wasted an hour creating an email that I can only send to 20% of my customers.

Kinda makes the app pointless!

Even tried to delete the unsubscribes, the app ended up deleting all our subscibers. Waste of time release the app when its ready next time or pay me for the hour of time I wasted today!

Michael Stokes Photography

I just want to send a simple email to my clients. I started the process, but it is VERY complicated. Beware that this is not a simple way to just send your clients an email. Damn you shopify!
DAY 2 - ugh I just want to send an email to my clients. ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. I have been on shopify support 4 times, and they do their best, but without support from Soundest, they can't do anything. Soundest support is NON-EXISTENT - I've sent them about 25 messages. If you want to send emails to your client base, DO NOT USE THIS APP.

Ninebot Store

This is a good app but VERY expensive. Much more expensive that the competitors. I was told by the App technical support that I can not combine several online stores into one account. Not sure it was true but pretty upsetting.


Wizard Patch supplies embroidered badges and patches and logo makers for clubs, biker wear etc.
We did use this app to stay in touch with all our custom embroidered logo patch and badge customers via our store but found after a while it really had issues with sending. We were also "falsley" accused of purposely adding emails to the system that we did not acquire ethically but this was a false accusation, only emails added to our system were user added, thru our site, and we figured that this was just a way to treat us for using the free platform and not using their system via a paid means. So we no longer use this service at all now, its an absolute rubbish app to use and the dev team are out of touch.

CasaMom's Everything

doesnt do what it says, just too difficult to use.

Forging Heroes Canada

Shitty apps, problems with server, dont lose your time even trying to register

Sydney Vapor Premium E-Juice

Look I hate giving any reviews but this is a must, the concept is good but I am fed up with this app. I paid for the Subscription pop up and its good when it works, when you send them an email about a problem you get no reply.
This morning im trying to send out my news letter and in getting 504 errors Gateway timeout, this is the 3rd time in a month, I really dont have time for this nonsense, get your act together and at the very least reply to emails.
Im going to spend the rest of the day looking for an alternative

K5 Optima Store

I downloaded this app last month with the intentions on using it for my store.

I never had a chance to actually use the app but had installed it into my theme.

I noticed I was not receiving as much mail from my customers as usual on my site, after awhile I noticed my shopify contact box on my site was not working and had not been ever since I downloaded this app to my store.

After spending an hour on the phone with Shopify, we discovered that this single app interferes with the send button of Shopify's contact box.

After removing this app, everything works fine again and my contact box is now working. This app has caused me to lose a ton of business and countless customers as they think they are sending me an email, but we never received it.

I cannot tell you how upset I am that I trusted an app like this to help my business, when it actuality it cost me a fortune over lost sales and angry customers.

You guys really need to look into this issue. Shopify has confirmed the issue and is escalating it to the top. Hopefully someone from Shopify reaches out to you guys so you can get this fixed and you don't affect anyone else's business.

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