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La Maison du Bambou

Location France
Time spent using app 3 months

Si vous êtes une marque Française fuyez !!!!!
Les format des dates sont uniquement en américain. Je leur ai signalé et ils m'ont dit que peut-être il allait changer cela. Cependant en a attendant vous ne pouvez pas utiliser la partie Code promo dans vos newsletter ou alors vous allez passer pour des illettrés. Du coup je leur ai dit que peut-être j'allais devoir quitter l'application et demander un remboursement. Ce qui est tout a fait normal puisqu'ils ne sont pas capable de travailler avec des marques française. Leur réponse est que je ne correspond pas aux critères de remboursement. Il est devrait être logique que je puisse être remboursé étant donné qu'il ne sont pas capable de travailler avec des marques française. C'est moins dérangeant mais il en est de même pour les formats des montant en euro. Vous êtes obligé à chaque fois de les modifier à la main car même en choisissant la France comme destination des mail c'est également écrit au format américain.

After your reply :

You still not purpose me a refound also i can't use your application correctly. so i repeat what i said you are stealer !!
If it doen't work you have to refund me that just the normal way of business

Français je me répète mais fuyez se sont des voleurs !!!!

Developer reply

June 10, 2019

Nous sommes trés désolés pour les problèmes que vous avez recontrès. Sincere apologies for your experience, date formatting in our product is definitely the area that could be improved. We can assure you, that our product is developed gradually and new features and improvements are coming out constantly. Our product team will look into your request, thank you for your feedback. Please expect a message from Katherine with a solution for the time being.

Black Moon Cosmetics

Location United States
Time spent using app 28 days

This app is a complete scam. I'm unsure where these positive reviews are coming from but if you have a large mailing list, BUYER BEWARE! They added 8,000 untraceable subscribers overnight to our list. I'm not exaggerating, you read that right. We sent our last campaign on May 27 to all subscribers and the following afternoon when we logged in, our subscriber count had shot + 8,000 subs. Luckily, we've been working on our list for the past week so it was caught right away.
They were trying to place the blame on us saying we may have added 8,000 contacts manually (on what planet?). After we implied that these were added by them and this is bad business and suspicious on their part, they apologized profusely then started completely ignoring us until we got Shopify involved. Though, mind you, they were replying within 10 minutes of our messages prior to this.

We finally received a response after Shopify stepping in and after much back and forth they tried to say it was a "bot attack", lol - right. In the almost 4 years we were with Mailchimp, this has absolutely never happened.
Either they have no clue what's happening and there are some serious flaws in their platform or they're trying to place the blame elsewhere. The really strange part is we cannot trace them, no matter how many times we segment list and countless filters/tags we've tried. Nevertheless, this entire app is suspect. And with this sort of ridiculous response after days of being ignored, which is a pretty serious issue to ignore by the way, we immediately cancelled our account.

Shopify should definitely stop recommending this app to accounts migrating from Mailchimp, it's a complete scam and their "customer service" really has no knowledge of the platform and selectively mark messages as seen and unseen. This was a complete waste of time all around.

Watch Omnisend reply to this review with some BS. Save it, we've heard it all from your "team".

Developer reply

June 6, 2019

Apologizing is not enough to compensate for the issues you experienced. We definitely should have kept a better communication with you and kept you updated about the status of your case, our developers were still looking into the issue. We have resolved your puzzle and our Account Manager Laurynas reached out to you in a separate mail, with an extensive explanation on what happened, how to resolve it to ensure it does not happen in the future. It is definitely not the spam-bot attack and our support answer lacked competence at this point.
So sorry that this took up to the point where you decided to cancel your account. If you give us a chance, Laurynas will have a call with you to resolve the case entirely and discuss the terms that would convince you to start again with us from a clean slate. We admit all our mistakes and truly hope you can give us one more try.

Sali Bazar

Location Spain
Time spent using app 4 months

Non-existent support, in my case they have not answered me. The automation for abandoned carts is not working, the mails are not received

Developer reply

May 30, 2019

We apologize you did not get a response on time. Our service provider reported a problem where some of our emails were not delivered to our clients within the past few weeks. We can assure that the issue has been resolved as of 29th May. Our Customer Support Team reached out to you in a separate mail, please respond to us and we will find the best solution to your situation!

Takedown Hunter

Location Canada
Time spent using app Almost 2 years

Not sure why so many great reviews. The support is nonexistent and I can't get anything to function properly. I miss godaddy.

Developer reply

May 20, 2019

Sincere apologies regarding the recent issues you had and the fact that you did not receive a response on time. Our Support Team has already reached out to you informing that your newsletter form has been integrated. Please reach back to us and we will help you get everything else to function well immediately!

Lifetime Jewelry

Location United States
Time spent using app 5 months

I am not sure why all the hype. I personally had the worst experience ever after switching from MailChimp, or rather trying to switch. The customer service is nonexistent, that's how unresponsive they are. I had a simple problem and after their initial suggestion I had to wait for two days didn't work, the support simply disappeared - NO ANSWER at all. Basically the app is way worse than MailChimp, there is no obvious way to set up any other account access, every person on your store has their own account and can screw things up from their free account with no way to fix it from yours, you have to keep switching between to find out who did what if the staff is not admitting it. It's simply atrocious so far and ever so clunky. I haven't tried to send anything yet and not sure I want to, after this initial clusterwhatever.

Developer reply

May 20, 2019

So sorry to hear you feel this way. We could not locate your conversation, could you send us an email to and we will solve your problem immediately?
As for the user right management, we truly appreciate your feedback. The team is currently working on this feature to ensure you have a possibility to differentiate what information might be visible for a particular user and empower the right person for your account. We expect to release this new feature very soon, by the end of Q2!

Born to Glow Store

Location United Arab Emirates
Time spent using app 26 days

there is not free plan. Liars. Waisting my time. I will look for another app. I have 10 subscribers to my newsletter, do you really think I will pay 16$/mo ? Like 95% of shopify users I guess

Developer reply

May 10, 2019

Sorry to hear about your experience. Of course, we have a FREE plan and you have quite a bunch of features that you can use:
- Send Scheduled campaigns
- Send 15,000 emails per month; 2,000 emails per day
- Use Website tracking and Sales reports
- Have Signup Forms on your store (up to 3 active at once)
- Use Discount Content Block in your campaigns
- Use our mobile ready email templates
- and more
Our Support team has already reached out to you to ensure you understand the benefits we have on our FREE plan.

Motion RC

Location United States
Time spent using app About 2 months

I could write a lengthy review about how bad Omnisend's technical support is, but I think everyone is well aware that they were totally unprepared for the number of people coming over from Mailchimp, and that their Eastern Europe based support is pretty darn horrible.

We are currently giving Omnisend a 1 star review because one of the most important ( and most profitable) features of email automation is the Abandon Cart series of emails. Everyone needs to know, Omnisend's Automation email system currently does not work. We do not know if it is because their system is overloaded, their servers are blacklisted, or some other factor, but we know with 100% certainty that their automation system is broken. Before you dismiss this negative review as an outlier, please note that we are still with Omnisend and we are trying desperately to work with them to solve this. Here are the facts:
Fact 1: Before we moved to Omnisend, we were sending ONE Abandon Cart email via Shopify's basic notification system. That one email was yielding a 26% conversion rate. The industry average is 7%.
Fact 2: We took the EXACT same email that we used in Shopify and launched an abandon cart email series in Omnisend. The email currently yielding less than 1% conversion rate.

The data does not lie. Something is horribly wrong. We believe it is something to do with how they have setup our domain and the various DKIM/SPF settings, but again, no one at Omnisend seems to know what to do to fix the issue.

If you are a larger company or you have a large email list, and you want to send emails from your own domain ( be advised that you are going to have extremely poor performance from Omnisends Automation emails until they can fix their system.

Developer reply

May 9, 2019

Terribly sorry to hear, that you are experiencing these problems. We are providing you with an account manager to help you solve the issues. Laurynas will reach out to you, so you could schedule a call with him asap. Customer sadisfaction is our top priority, we will find a resolution for you.

Shabby Nook

Location United Kingdom
Time spent using app 3 days

Doesnt have standard features such as sending a file via attachment, when i ask to cancel having only signed up less than 24 hours before i was informed im not entitled to a refund as i had already sent an email out to my subscribers. I sent it out to test the email set up after what i thought i was on a trial period i feel i was conned into then having to pay a monthly fee to trial it. NOT HAPPY, tried to reason with customer support, no reasoning at all, its clear that 24hours this email marketing app is not what i need and it was not clear, so you would think they would use common decency and refund me. which they have refused to do.

Developer reply

April 29, 2019

Terribly sorry to hear about your experience, we will help you resolve all the issues you are having. Our Customer Support Team have already reached out to you to inform about the refund.
As for the feature you are looking for, with a lot of customers migrating from Mailchimp, we have committed to releasing a lot of new features before 14th May ( After the deadline we will continue developing the tool and send a file feature is on our list for the future.

Galli Creative

Location United States
Time spent using app About 1 month


Here is my experience. I created a campaign and installed a mailing list.
Notice: "Your account is blocked because your list is dirty".
Result: Missed campaign launch date.

Next-- I paid $50 to clean 5000 email addresses and run a campaign again.
Result: Lowest open rate of any campaign, and highest SPAM response of any campaign I have used.
Notice: "Your account is suspended due to 3% spam rate".

I have successfully used Chimpmail without the same level of problems. Out of 2,000 emails only 200 were opened, and 5 were labeled as spam.

Those 5 resulted in my account being suspended.


My suggestion -- run a parallel campaign with Chimpmail or another service to compare results -- both of open rate, bounce rate, and spam rate. Then see whether Chimpmail SUSPENDS your account for 5 labeled spam out of 2,000.

I am flabbergasted.

Developer reply

April 11, 2019

Sincere apologies regarding the recent issues you had. We understand that other email service providers might handle spam and bounce situations differently. However, anti-spam organizations monitor us as a sender, so we need to keep an eye on campaigns that could harm your sending reputation. Segmenting your contacts based on recent purchase behavior is a solution to your issue, we provide this feature to all our users so they could successfully send their campaigns. Regarding the bounces, Yahoo has started cleaning out abandoned accounts, therefore clients like you may notice bounces increase in their reports. Once again, we apologize for the experience you had, our Customer Support Team will contact you with thorough guidance on how to successfully segment your subscribers.
Customer Success Team

Spilt Milk Soaps

Location United States
Time spent using app About 1 month

I have a small number of email subscribers, 75. Out of those 75, TWO opened the email I sent. TWO! That is a crazy low number. Every email I have sent has a similar result. It must all be going to junk mail folders. Very frustrating!!

Developer reply

April 4, 2019

So sorry to hear that you had issues with deliverability. There is nothing that harms us more as customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we hate failing in meeting their needs. But we have good news, we have a solution for you. Our Customer Support Team will reach out with a suggestion, what we can do in your case. We sincerely hope you will give us a second chance. And for the future, please always reach out to if you face any problems, we are here to help 24/7
Customer Success Team