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Steelie Bros Fly Copmany

Edit on my previous review
There are a few people there that are extremely helpful and extremely nice graphics department is great but it seems like they need some help (like a whole fleet of graphics ppl!). I'm still confused on the business model they make money when people upload proper graphics and sell their shirts, so why charge for a little bit of simple graphics work or go back and forth and impede me from selling shirts (aka Making you money). Seems like they're nickel and diming you on their already extremely steep profit margins. I could understand a charge if I came with a drawing on a napkin but if my illustrator file needs a little tweak help a bro out.
However they do have the largest selection of printable items to choose from and the most solid platform out of the dropship printing services I have seen available in the app store. So choose your poison

Lar Tah Dah

First off, I'm not a techie and I have no experience in graphic design. I needed a company that would not make my inadequacies evident in my product and one that would be easy to use. After doing extensive research, I went with Printful because: they provide mockups that I readily use on my site (one less thing to worry about), there is a person available on chat during opening hours when I'm in a frenzy about something, and they offer a variety of high quality tees (I use American Apparel) for a competitive price. Initially, I did not know that I was provided my own customer service rep, but this has been an added bonus because I email him frequently for assistance. The last step in my decision making was to test the product and printing. I found that the product is parallel to tees that I would buy from the top suppliers prior to considering a line of my own. So.. so far really good!

Onesize Apparel

NO POLYBAGS on your apparels!! Let me repeat, as of 9/15/15, they DO NOT PUT POLYBAGS when they ship their apparels!!

So... if you want to create a website for your small school team, or small town fair, Printful could work and save you some upfront money.

But!! If you want to create a "Brand", Printful is a No No! As a costumer, imagine if you order a Tshirt from Store, and they send you the Tshirt or a hat without POLYBAG!! What kind of impression would that leave!? That customer will NEVER shop from you. Not only that, he/she will spread the bad service like wild fire. Polybags are a must to keep the product from dirt as well!

I had customers that complained because their apparel came with dirt and stains. Come on Printful... You can do so much more. And actually, you had!!

Yes! They actually "did" send their apparels in polybags.... but for whatever reason (Which is always to save couple bucks), they decided to "REMOVE" the "polybags!!" from all their apparel shipments!!! Come on... How much would that save you? 5 cents at most!? So jut to save 5 cents, you would loose so many possible costumers!!? You can do the math here. You'll end up loosing thousands, millions of dollars... just because you wanted to save... 5 cents....!!! Come on Printful.... BRING THE POLYBAGS!!!!

If they do bring their polybags in time for the apparels, I'd easily give them 4 stars. But as of 9/15/15, because they DO NOT OFFER polybags on their apparel.... they get 2 stars! Again, if you want to sell you apparels to your family and small town fairs, Printful might work. But if you want to create a Brand, and you want Printful to be stepping stone, look elsewhere.

Nelly Bloom

I really like the Printful platform. They definitely seem like a good bunch of people that genuinely care about their team(s), their customers and theirs products & services. I have only been using them for a few weeks now and do not have samples in hands yet, so it's still too early on to tell what I think of them long-term, but so far so good.

They drop insightful emails with sweet tips and tools for me to implement into my store and businesses, which are always useful. Options for white label printing and branding also are advantageous. Customer service is very personable and knowledgeable.

I think the biggest knock against Printful would be their turnaround times, as several other store owners have already expressed. Since they are a POD business, I understand the premium that we as sellers have to pay, and I'm fine with that. However, since us sellers have such a low profit margin (because their products are costly), at least a tradeoff that we could pass on to our buyers is that we offer speedy shipping.

Though I'm willing to see how things transpire over these next few weeks and I will then update my review. I do not have enough experience with their service and products at this time to provide a well-rounded review, but I'm happy with what I've seen so far and wanted to post my thoughts to help other prospects.


We're downgrading our review rating from 5-stars to 4-stars. Here's why.

We've spent a few months using Printful with our apparel store and spoke with the people at customer support plentiful of times. As another person mentioned here in the Shopify reviews, they do indeed, treat you as a consumer and not as a business relationship. There is no friendly business relationship with these people. In all the times we spoke with them, it felt like we were speaking with a copy & paste robot. No smiley faces or insightful comments about our store or design. They just want to get right to the point and push us far away as possible.

There was one time where we saw a dead store on the "used by" page. We sent them a message and asked if we could be featured on that page. They sent us a message back saying they'll consider it. The next day, they rearranged the store on that page and replaced the dead store with another one other than us. We were quite disappointed that they didn't send us an email back saying they were thankful for our comment or at least apologising for not being able to put us up on there. No communication whatsoever.

Another thing to mention is the quality of T-shirts you'll receive. The fabric of the T-shirts are nice, nothing wrong with it. The printing quality, however, is not the best. The printing of the inside label that we received was like an eraser on fabric. If you rub it a couple times with some friction, it'll start fading away. We sent an email describing the quality of T-shirt that we received and they sent back a standard copy & paste thank you and we'll look over this, etc. We were expecting for them to add some truthful comments or an insight of what the real expectation is.

Overall, the people at The Printful will treat you like a regular consumer. Between The Printful and us, there is absolutely no friendly business relationship from what we see.

*This review may change as we use The Printful for a longer period. We're only 4 months in as of this review.

Jambo Superfoods

This app rocks. It makes it so easy to plug swag into your business. Go look at our site at the cool tshirts, bags and even dog shirt we can sell! We would never have done a dog shirt before.

They don't turn things around the next day, as other reviewers have mentioned. I've spoken to the CEO and he's assured me that is because they are growing so fast they are having trouble keeping up with their demand. He even invited me to their factory and I checked it out. It's super clean, amazing and high tech. These guys are inventing the future over there.

If you're looking for a great and easy way to add swag and products to your store, try out Printful and you won't be disappointed!

Ld Test

Functionally sound - this review is more as a cautionary tale for UK-based online businesses.

Alas! I really wanted this app to work for me. It is, in theory, exactly what I need, but the high cost of the items, the shipping fees and the surprise customs charges meant it wasn't a viable option. We ended up losing money on all products because we refunded our customers their excess customs charges before pulling everything from the online store before too much damage had been done.

on the upside, my customers are delighted with their now super-limited edition items!

If a local option were available, we'd still consider it, as the shipping and customs really were the dealbreakers more than anything. quality of products we used was fine and no fulfillment issues aside from customs.

a pity! We were really keen on this!

Pure Hearts International

LATER ADDITIONAL NOTE here at the top: I did go to Merchify and they are HEAVEN! They have the instant sync between the Shopify platform and their dashboard that this outfit, Printful, completely and sorely lacks. See the below and my glowing review at Merchify's app site:


I'm a card carrying member of MENSA and have subscribed to their magazine for decades. I also owned and operated a software company that sold around the world digitally in the 1990s long before it was fashionable with 4,000+ customers in 40+ countries around the world (including China, long before they hardly had any internet penetration).

I know good software and I know bad software. And a large part of the determining factor of how good a software is less in the coding, and more in the user friendly simplicity and simple, straightforward instructional help.

On this basis alone, not even to mention the fulfillment issues that others have noted below, I am finding this whole process a little terrifying. And like I mentioned above, I'm a member of MENSA and have been online since 1988.

The fulfillment issues warn me that if I manage to put in the hundreds of hours that it appears necessary to effectively interface with their cognitively disorganized mess of multiple videos here and there and everywhere vainly trying to point back to one of the most poorly designed "dashboards" that I have ever seen, that I'll be rewarded in the end by fulfillment problems that others here that have waded thru all of this have discovered.

They escalated me to their head support guy and it hasn't improved much. When you have to be a professional graphics designer to do business with these companies, something is wrong. They haven't thought thru their business model properly to make it work with the masses of people out there. Native intelligence should be all that is necessary, not narrow professional training in a specific field. In today's world, good programming and good instructions should be able to make the latter no longer necessary.

I am still looking at ThePrintful but I am now also looking at Merchify hoping that they might hold themselves to a higher standard. I'll probably be writing a review over there shortly.

I am like another reviewer here in the sense that IF there is a DTG printer out there that has an APP out there with a dashboard that

1. uploads the graphic in one place and has all of the variants and instructional videos and what not in one visual place to STEP BY STEP take the person thru the process instead of leaving GAPS AD INFINITUM in what actually needs to be done, let me know.

2. Then uploads THEIR products into my Shopify store so that I can sell their products as affinity type items with my company's logo on it,


I'll be there faster than you can say boo. :)

PS Their customer service and tech support is reasonably prompt and they try to be helpful, but I don't think they "get" how poor their interface is with the non-graphic-designer public.

Medium Black

Even if product's initial setup is quite long (hand pick designs for each t-shirt color and size one by one) service looks excellent so far. Quality of print is very good and the ability to order samples is awesome!


Great concept, great integration - horrible fulfillment experiences.

I placed three test orders (10 total shirts). The first order had major quality issues on all three shirts in the order. Someone reached out to me to ask about my experience, so I sent pictures of the poor quality prints and one defective shirt and he said it looked like there wasn't enough pre-treatment before the print and said they'd all be replaced. I never ended up getting replacements even after checking on the status and being told they'd look back into it. It's been months now.

Anyway, I placed a second order after being told everything from the first would be corrected (customer service seemed good). I wanted to test out some different blends/treatments (50/50, powerwashed cotton, etc.) to see how they printed and to also see my designs in different sizes on different sized shirts to figure out exactly how I should create my print files for each size. This order had an item out of stock (after several days I find this out), so they asked if I wanted to split it. I did, so they split the order. Before they could print the items that were in stock, another item went out of stock, so it held up this part of the order as well. My first items arrived well over a week after I placed my order and the remainder of the order came several weeks after the order was placed. I was told all of these fulfillment issues were due to them moving to a bigger location and the supplier sending the shirts to the old location by mistake.

After having put so much into my website and t-shirt designs, modifying a lot of shopify code, paying for apps, etc., I wanted this thing to work, so I figured their issues from the move should be over and their new, larger location should be able to store more inventory and put shirts out faster. I placed another order to see if maybe things were running smoothly now. I ordered four shirts. After 7 days, I got an "out of stock, do you wanna split your order?" email. I said to split and 1 of 4 shirts shipped. It's now been 15 days and I have one of the shirts. Two more were marked as shipped on 7/23, although they weren't given to Fed Ex until 7/25. My shipping address is little over an hour drive from where they ship this stuff. They mark is shipped 7/23 and expected delivery from Fed Ex = 7/28. The remaining shirt no longer says out of stock, but it's just sitting there on the order screen, yet to be fulfilled.

Bottom line - unless you want to deal with EVERY ONE of your customers being extremely unhappy, don't waste your time with The Printful.

Also, I've researched alternative drop ship DTG printers and they all pretty much have reviews full of complaints about fulfillment issues.

Print Aura is at least up front about the process, saying that they place the order for the blank AFTER you send in the order to have a shirt printed. I'm sure they're all doing this and that's why it takes 7 days for them to tell you something is back-ordered. I'd much rather see a limited selection of styles than have to deal with these fulfillment issues.

I still haven't gotten my first order replacements yet. The print quality since that order has been fine, but for that order, it looked like someone used a $30 printer to print out an iron on and then applied it in a hurry.

If you run a DTG printing company and you can actually fulfill your orders in a reasonable time, please reach out to me!