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Accurate and EASY way to connect & auto-sync with QUICKBOOKS!

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Nateen Canada

App does not work well in Canada here are the issues that i have found so far
1. App does not work well with automatic discounts sometimes they get transfer to QB sometimes not
2. Taxes is a mess, sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. If you have different taxes lets say your product only charges GST but for Shipping you need to charge the whole HST or QST the app does not recognize this.
3. Taxes again, if your order has different types of taxes for different products, one is only charged GST other only HST, etc etc. Does not work either the app send to QB whichever rate they want.
4. Shipping taxes and discounts work sometimes.
5. It took me several months to notice this and i had to go one by one on my transactions in QB fixing the taxes that this app decided to put on each transaction (it was a mess)
6. Reached out to them for support and they only said that they are AWARE of some issues with Canadian Taxes, that was several months ago and at least as of today June 2, 2021 the issue has not been resolved. If your store is very simple with no discounts, promotions, automatic discounts, Taxes, then this app might work... but might only. Hope this helps to future customers

Common Good

The app worked fine until we had an error over a tax setting. After 10 emails back-and-forth we are getting zero help from Bold. We find their support to be terrible across all their apps. And there are a ton of glitches and issues so they really do need to step up the help. We're going elsewhere.

Petrichor Vintage Co.

This app worked fine for a year or so and then it just stopped exporting to QB. After numerous attempts for a callback with customer support, they only emailed me days later. None of the tech support agents listened to the actual problem and they kept passing me from agent to agent...each one more clueless than the last and it was obvious no one bothered to read the previous correspondence, wasting a ridiculous amount of my time. Possibly the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with for an app that's supposed to simplify my life. I will be looking elsewhere going forward.

Every Little War

What started out good ended up, eventually, with duplicated entries making the integration useless. Incompetent support and irregular support communication. Now I'm stuck with TONS of extra work to clean up sometimes 4 copies of the same sales record, but assured by their sr engineers "that's how it is supposed to work." DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Tiny Memories Laser

I'm on the same boat as the others complaining about the Tax changes they made. The app doesn't work more than 1 week without having to call support for help to export stuck orders. Also, they say "If there is an error, you can export it manually to Quickbooks".. Well, I'm paying them to export it for me.
Moreover, the app doesn't export orders with zero balance, say the order total is $100 but you give a discount to the customer of 100% = new total $0.. The app doesn't export it because the tax mess. I'm looking for a new app.

Pod Star

I have been using this app for over 2 years. Mostly I had not problems. Recently many orders were not exporting to quickbooks. I asked the app support people for help. They exported the stuck orders, all with incorrect tax codes. They weirdly added tax codes for each State in Australia. I never asked them to do this. It meant I had to manually delete around 300 entries in Quickbooks with 3 clicks for each deletion, taking me ages. I have since asked for a refund of my annual fee, with no reply, and switched to Bridge. It was a very easy switch and they back-exported (perfectly) all the sales the Bold app was unable to do correctly.

Developer reply

November 10, 2020

Thank you for your honest feedback - we are sorry to hear about the lack of communication from our end and would like a second chance to get you set up for success! We have confirmed that one of our experts has reached out via your ticket email, please keep an eye out and we are standing by to help!

Tenet Components

I have been using this app for over a year, but recently something has changed and I get errors on every export. There are tax rate discrepancies between QB and Shopify and its made a MESS of my quickbooks. My accountant and I have been working to fix everything for days. Stay away! Do not use this app. (UPDATE) After reading other reviews, its very clear that this company has screwed over many other shops on this platform. How the hell does Shopify advocate for this company? How many small shops have lost hours of time or hundreds of dollars to accountants to solve the issues created by this trash? I am surprised there hasn't been a class action lawsuit against this app to compensate for lost accounting fees and time.

Sous Vide Chef

I have now deleted this app after 3 years of using it the incompetence of support unable to resolve an issue the lack of communication is appalling please be warned I have now switched to a new app I couldn't take dealing with this team anymore.

*Update* Stay away from this app the issue is unresolved after 8 days was offered a call at a specific time never happened never got the call - I would strongly advise look at other apps first before this.

App stopped working with an error on a few order exports contact BOLD support 4 days ago still no response. Have reported this to Shopify in the hope they can help me. If a company is promoting their applications but can't support their apps they should be removed from the app store. You would expect better than this.

Closet Core Patterns

I could not be more unhappy with this app and the complete lack of customer support I received. I've been using it for years and it's always been janky and unpredictable. For the past 9 months or so we've been getting daily import errors; sometimes entire months of entries were not imported. Initially they were helpful and helped fix things when they broke, but it's gotten super bad in the past few months and now no one even bothers replying to my messages (I've sent at least 2 email in the past ten days with no reply).

Current issues: thee app doubled a bunch of transactions so our books are totally messed up. AND now I just figured out that it's not able to import any orders from Germany for some reason, so every day I get error messages for all our German orders.

In short, this app is the worst, it continues to degrade and break in weird and new ways, and good luck getting any meaningful help from customer support. Switching to Quickbooks Bridge, and will not be using any Bold apps going forward.

Key Leaves

Total garbage. It stopped syncing repeatedly. We fixed it. Then it stopped syncing because suddenly there were duplicate tax agencies for Washington State. Shopify, QBO and BOLD all blamed each other and none took responsibility to fix the app and problem. After several weeks they finally fixed it. Then it stopped syncing again!!! When I manually restarted the sync it lost transaction date data in QBO. During the course of using this app I paid hundreds of extra dollars to my accountant to have her un-screw all the stuff that this app screwed up. Total waste of time, money and energy. DO NOT GO WITH THIS APP.

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