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March 2, 2020

This app just sucks! The UI in the app is unbearable and i can't even look at my orders, There are plenty of other print on demand apps that are way more better than this. Would not recommend unless you want your brand to go down hill!

Time spent using app: 9 days
December 23, 2019

I really hate to write a bad review on any business but I want to help any other business of making career suicide ..... because if you add this app to your store it will most definitely end up ruining your reputation/ good name.

Shipping takes FOREVER ..... no matter what/when you order.

Once our customers have recieved the long awaited items ...... only to find they are not even correct.

Quality-control .... Not sure if this company has ever hear of the phrase quality control. The items came with the stabilizer on the fronts of some of my customers products .... lucky we do embroidery also and I knew what to tell my customers to do.

Customer Service was email after email = nightmare. You get quick responses and then when they know something is wrong ....... you get NO RESPONSE. Your profits are completely eaten up by time spent on each order.

They offered to resend products which my customer agreed to wait ..... the new products also toooooook FOREVER to receive. I emailed them asking when they would be in and the owner told me that ..... "oh they might be at my house" ..... only 1.5 months after ordering initially. We received the new order and it was WRONG AGAIN .... emailed the owner saying hat didnt come and got a quick response telling me "LOOK INSIDE THE BAG" looked inside the bag only to find out it was the WRONG COLOR ..... now no response.

Communication / Customer Service is completely lacking. Also the products are cheaply made and sent incorrectly with NO quality control.

They also offered to refund me because I ended up having to refund my customer because it took so long. They said they would refund the cost + profits lost (which came straight from the owner) and NOTHING. Which isn't even that big of a deal .... but they are a company who's word means ....... NOTHING!!

Save your customers / yourself the headache.

I would not recommend them ..........!!!!!

Also the design tools are not easy to use ..... you have to have other software in order to create your products (if you are a beginner it may not be the greatest). There are others print on demand companies out there that you can design it right in the app. So the ease of use with the teelaunch app ..... is not the greatest.

I will also add both times I have had the app installed on our multiple sites they have lied about where they are located. Who really cares / why is it that big of a deal.

United States
Time spent using app: 10 months
April 23, 2019

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. ALL of my sneaker orders had printing errors and DID NOT have my Logo. They refused to refund or correct and re-send to my customers.

familiar...yet different
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
March 2, 2019

They took 24 days to get the product to my customer which made my business look bad. I had to refund the product to the customer, but received no compensation from them, no apology, and when I checked in with them (daily) they were very rude and defensive. One response I got was this: "It has only been 11 business days". If you're looking to keep a good reputation for your business I would STRONGLY recommend not using this app.

Mermaid of Hilton Head®
United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
Edited February 28, 2019

They can't even get sample orders right... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY. Terrible customer service. Dave (owner and customer service rep) has proven himself incompetent and unprofessional.

Here's what happened: I placed my first sample order on teelaunch app and received an email saying it was not being fulfilled. So I cancelled the order. Then I asked DAVE and followed his instructions for placing another sample order. I got the same error email saying the order is not being fulfilled, AND the sample discount was not applied for the second order.

NOW both orders are in production, none were cancelled and I was charged for both cancelled orders! Haven't heard back from Teelaunch or Dave since. Bunch of amateur thieves. Or maybe it's just Dave by himself? Either way, Teelaunch won't last long in this economy. Good bye Teelaunch! HAHA!

The Woke Goat
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
January 2, 2019

Teelaunche is bad app. They do not have products to fulfill but do not have notice to seller and bad support

Time spent using app: About 1 month
December 26, 2018

Shipping took 30 days-70 days, unbelievable that my products got through quality-control (not sure if it exists) and customer service with Dave (owner) was a nightmare. Regarding my dissatisfaction with defective items, he told me "Rather you sell 100 a day or 1 a day that is how we handle it." Save yourself some heartache and stress and pay a little more somewhere else. Mainly because of the owners bad attitude, I would not recommend them. EVER.

for MILA with love
United States
Time spent using app: 10 months
December 13, 2018

If you want to lose customers, items to ship weeks overdue, and dealing with customer service so horrid you'll want to tear your hair out, you've found the perfect print on demand company.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 5 years
December 7, 2018

Worst application for international shipping. I had to refund a lot of orders, because their tracking for the international orders does not work.

If you are selling worldwide, I would not suggest Teelaunch as your POD partner.

Time spent using app: Over 3 years
December 5, 2018

This app has been nothing but hassles for my business. As an apparel e-com store owner I would not recommend them. Their app lacks basic functionality and features, if you have to do anything it takes forever and they have an extremely slow and difficult to use "manual ordering" setup.

If you want to place a manual order, forget it. You have to create a duplicate order in shopify where it emails your customer again and messes up your accounting adding the price onto your daily sales twice.

The "order processing" page looks like something out of a 1998 PC word document, has zero useful information and no ideas or ETA's or order processing.

Surprisingly their customer service is pretty on point, and had no problems there. However, end of the day the app has to work and it doesn't - unless you JUST STARTED a new store and have it sync'd up automatically from the beginning and ARE NOT SHIPPING TO CANADA, it's just going to cause you lost time, money and stress. I wouldn't even recommend it for USA orders.

If you're looking to ship POD use Printful instead or for Canada, use "redbubble".

Pacific NorthWest Lifestyle
Time spent using app: 24 days