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Theme Updater

by Out of the Sandbox

Easily update your Out of the Sandbox theme to new releases

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Vitality and Wellness

This app works really well, if you have any customised code on your site the paid-for version of this is a must. Beware though that you will need to update every line of custom code from your old version to the new version by hand. The app doesn't carry across custom code. If you don't have any custom code then it works perfectly without having to edit any stuff in the backend.


Been using this theme updater for a while now. Had no issues with this very simple to use, an excellent time saver. Love it.

Katys Boutique

A good app but could be a lot better at handling even the smallest of modified themes.


This app is outrageous. I suspect they are deliberately releasing buggy updates and using customers like us to pay for their own QA using the 'experts' they push and earn commission from. Don't believe me? Read on!!

The last 'update' by out of the sandbox was entirely, and I mean ENTIRELY - bug fixes. 10/12 were listed as bug fixes, and the other 2 should have been, as neither was a functional improvement.

We are paying $9 a MONTH for an app that is functionally worse than useless. None of our fairly basic customizations - not even our css file - carried over.

Do NOT believe them: "if you have Parallax 3.0+, Retina 4.0+, Mobilia 5.0+, Responsive 6.0+ or Turbo 2.0+, customizations should carry over." NOT TRUE.

Be Warned: The 'pro' doesn't do anything more than the 'free' version - which is nothing. (except email you when they push out an 'update' - ie. bug fix.)

After spending several days manually updating all my theme files and css, only to have OOTSB release the next 'update' 2 days later (which, again - was entirely bug fixes) I have to go through ALL this AGAIN because their own update was a mess and full of bugs.

Extra Warning: The file change log is all one massive file, so it's very difficult to see what files you need to replace, you have to scroll forever, constantly going between the old and new files. (Imagine code for all the theme, section, js, css, etc files all running together in one giant file!)

There is NO SUPPORT files or explanation of what to replace, what to leave and what their colour-codes mean. Which appears to be deliberate. They aren't providing decent documentation, because they want you to pay for it.

Their "support" section appears to be a ploy to get you to pay the $1499 to update your theme by one of their 'recommended' experts. They push their 'expert' services heavily, with this disclaimer: "In some cases, Out of the Sandbox may receive compensation for referring customers to these experts."

These guys are releasing theme updates that are NOT READY. Then they are making $$$$$ off the 'experts' they push to update their buggy update, only to release more bug fixes a couple of months later.

Have a look through their changelogs, you'll see they are almost all bug fixes.

Popstrukt Furniture

I love this App it makes updating our theme so simple and easy. Even with some theme customisation updates are applied without any problems.

Elvis & Kresse

This app is a poison chalice... use it at your peril. In theory it is a great idea but it is poorly executed. When you update the theme you will also have to update your templates if you have made any customizations at all, quite a timely and complicated process so you will probably have to pay an expert to do it for you. However, you will not see if the update is any good until after you have paid the expert. We updated and were not able to use the update because of the number of bugs making our site look poor and unprofessional. You then have to wait for the next theme update to be released and then go through the same process of updating your templates and paying an expert all over again. The chances of there being any more bugs are high, if you look at the Out-of-the-Sandbox change logs they are littered with "bug fixes" for previous updates. It would appear that they are releasing the updates without doing the appropriate checks to make sure that they are robust.


works great every time, i would recommend this app to anyone who used their themes!

Lucius Atelier

OOTS regularly update their themes with new features and bug fixes. As with it, making this app very useful and essential. Personally, I keep a record of the changes I did to the theme's code and always make backups. Keep in mind there are high chances that updating the theme version may break your website features of your own customisations and other 3rd-party apps. Always make backups and double check the updated theme prior to publishing them.

Two thumbs up to OOTS team!


No phone number for clients. Lame

Mario Dev

Super valuable App! Had our store running on Turbo theme v3.0.3 and performed upgrade to latest v.3.1.0 half an hour ago. Whole process of applying a new version incl. adoption of our tweaks and customization changes took approx 3-4 minutes. Afterwards, a manual adoption of language files was required as outlined in the app description. So, uploaded my used v.3.0.3 language files to TextWrangler editor and compared these two files to the v3.1.0 default files. Review of differences took another 5 minutes including applying required additions to new v3.1.0 language files. Overall, whole upgrade process done in less then 10 minutes. Couldn't be easier! Great app, OOTS-team. Greetings from Germany.

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