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Zoomy Leisure

A good app that works as advertised, but can't justify the cost of the premium version. I've been in touch with a salesperson and they say they want to work with small business but they don't offer any plans to support small business. They offered me an annual plan for $3,588 which certainly isn't supporting small business. It would be nice if they offered a pay per review plan or such for us users who are just starting out. Going to have to start looking for other options


This app works really well in terms of what it does - but it's not UK compatible. I stopped the premium service as the dates could not be customised into a UK format. I will look at an alternative because I don't want emails sent to my customers with US dates on them. I have followed up with YOTPO and they can't amend this feature. If at some point they do, I would consider using it again.

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8/10/2015 update

Yotpo added Taiwanese language support! I reinstall Yotpo into our Shopify store.


Yotpo keep sending review request emails to my customers even though I have removed Yotpo from my Shopify Store a week ago.

Please stop sending review emails to my customers.



this is a very helpful tool, thanks


The free version is limited. In their promotion of the product, they make it appear that you can do social sharing and much more with the offering. Of course, with the freebie you can not. Their Powerhouse product is too expensive for a small business and the next tier up from Lite, is $199/m. I'm surprised Shopify placed this as a top "Free" product, because free is really disappointing for what you get. By the way, I have no problem paying for a solution, but when your next tier is $199/M, uh that is too high.

ChattyFeet Socks

We have mixed feeling about it. It's really good in getting reviews but the pricing model is unfair. We only wanted a plan with 100 orders per month but then discovered that only the premium plan will show the reviews on Google Product Listing. This is really not cool. The reviews belong to us and you can't force people to upgrade just so you won't block their reviews from showing in Google Shopping.


Turns out the tab on the landing page doesn't show up on a mobile version. If I had known that from the start, I could have saved a lot of time but at least I know it is working now.

2.13.15--Yet another update. Realize this app does not work on mobile devices although I have a responsive design. As usual the support people take no accountability for the poor functioning of this app. They claim it works on their phones so it must be my issue. Of course, the other app I use loads on mobile devices and I've tried 5 phones and this app doesn't show up. I'm sure it will take another 2.5+ months to get this resolved. This company and its app is the most frustrating company I've used. Can't believe how much time and frustration I have invested in this thing.

1.17.15--I'm updating my reivew from my previous one below. It took about 2 months to get this app actually working on my site BUT now that it is, it is great. We are starting to see reviews come in (far more than we had without actively seeking reviews from customers and I can see that it will help us get and keep momentum with our new store launch. As such I am changing my review from 1 to 3 stars. I can't give a 5 because it took too darn long to get this working. Guy from Yotpo did hang in there and finally get it working. So, I'm thankful for that!

First Review about 1.5 months ago:
It seems pretty clear to me that YOTPO is systematically removing all low ratings because my experience can no way be an isolated case--it's been darn right dreadful. I have tried for over a month to get this app to work properly and it still doesn't. First, the app wouldn't work and they inform me that I have outdated code and asked me where I got it. OFF THEIR SITE. They then apologize and remove the old code. Since that time, I have tried to update this countless numbers of times but nothing will make this work correctly. Nothing is an emergency at Yotpo. Send them access (because of course there must be something or someone to blame other than them for having a nonfunctioning app) and they tell me they didn't receive the invite. I send it again AND nothing, I have heard nothing for over 24 hours. Now, they tell me they still haven't received the invite. Must be something on Shopfiy's end because it couldn't possibly be on YOTPO's end. Enough is enough. Watch how fast this 1 star rating is removed. Shopify needs to do a much better job of managing the apps they make available. This is totally unacceptable. Some of us are actually trying to run a business and care about customer service and FEEDBACK.

Eternal Wooden Roses

This app is very good and the support does get to your requests.

The reason I am giving 3 stars is because I had them change something and they changed other things I did NOT request them to.

Also the request I made should be an option (or at least have a help for it so you know to request it) the option is having the email review request being sent X days after FULLFILLMENT and not from ORDER DATE.

One Squat Shop

It's brought customers back to write reviews, and that's great!


Lots of functionality but beware - I installed this yesterday and I did not actively enable the email feature (or so i thought - just opened it to play around with the templates) .... but just now (24 hours later) it has emailed all of my previous buyers with a review request. Trying to get a hold of customer support to see how I can turn this off until I'm ready to launch it.