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Grayvn Traditional Bows

support is not good and they never setup my account completely. it took 2 months and wasted money. Not right for Google Shopping Ads.

The Regal Phoenix

I used the same budget that I do with the regular Google Shopping app which gives me over 4,000 clicks a week. With this app, I got 8 clicks in 14 days. No thanks.

Classic Elephant

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After giving the app a chance i found it to be very helpful in my store with obtaining traffic and will be upgrading to the premium version
EDIT - I changed my initial review from bad to good after finally hearing from the developers but once i changed this review back to positive i havent been able to contact them and my ads suck. Visitors from random countrys but i only have the main USA territoy checked. wasted $500 doesnt even have the business category right

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

We’re very glad to hear this! It truly means a lot to hear that we are able to have a positive impact on our customer base. Thanks for the review too!


UPDATE ON 14-10-2019

These piece of shits of David and Carlos are creating campaigns NOW WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION in my Adwords account after a week I've uninstalled the app!!


This app SUCKS, worst I have used in Shopify since 2016. It doesn't do anything and just says they are still taking time to create their ads after 2 weeks.

Customer support took over a week to reply and just told me to change my product names and search the keywords myself.... If I'm searching the keywords I'm creating the ads so this bs is worthless.

Not recommended at ALL.

App and support sucks


This is the most expensive app. I do not understand how a click or impression can be 2 times the cost of any other app! I will likely get rid of the clever app.

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

We are really sorry that you are disappointed with our services.

Please let us explain to you that we created Google Ads campaigns for your store, as you requested, and those ads have been running and bringing your site traffic.

Every time your ads get clicked, they generate a cost. This cost is under the budget you set for your campaigns

Please note that the one who charged you for the ads was Google and not us. We created your campaigns for free.


this app does not work, support never answer
it's a lost of time and money
i pay the premium version and nobody is here to set up the campaign, just create 3 campaign with no keywords, nothing constructed
real scam

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

As we told you by email, when you became a Premium user, we contactd you regading the Adwords campaigns we created but for some reason our mails went directly to your Spam folder.


email sent to Shopify:
I used an app on shopify for google ads but have had an aweful expereince of the company with totally irrelvant ads being created and then made live by this company without being approved by myself.

They do this simply to generate income for themselves without any concern for the person who has to pay for the ad costs.

I would have assumed that Shopify would have verified apps that they list on their marketplace and if they donlt then they should. I'd like a proposal from Shopify on the costs that have been run up by this app that were not approved by ourselves.

Developer reply

September 16, 2019

Really sorry for your disappointment. During the setup process, you were asked how many collections you wanted to advertise. You can always reach us by mail or chat to specify any different set up that does not fit the ones offered on our app. There is a tick box on your dashboard app where you decide if you want the campigns running or not

It wasn't made clear that the app or developer/company of app would automatically build and place ads without our permission and/or approvals. Not to mention the ads were totally off-brand (see the poor choice of typography). Add to that the ads that were placed appear to have been completely ineffective. Strongly advise not using this app.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

We are sorry you feel that way about our app. Please note that when you download the app, there is a checkbox which authorizes us to create and upload the campaigns we create to your Adwords account. Also, we sent you a confirmation email when we uploaded the campaigns and we have acknowledged of you reading it. Regarding the off-brand ad design, we have a banner customizer tool available under our Premium Plan.


It looks promising... need to go through the ads that they created one by one to check if everything is okay. Just be careful with when they will start your ads. I just got surprised and in like 15 minutes 15 ads went on, got charged like 20 dollars without any email from the team. Thanks to the notification on my phone that shows me 15 ads! They just activated all of them. And I had to pause them because 15 x 10 dollars a day is 150 USD times 30 days in a month is a lot of money!

Update: Also, to get an email with a message that I need to be 'more connected to the reality' from a Senior Account Manager David Menutti because instead of 20 USD I wrote 60 USD in my first review is a bit of a slap in the face for your client.

Thanks for your work guys I appreciate your time, but I think I'm gonna work with a person like this who attitude is not right.

14/09/2019 It's not about the money now but your worker language... that's all guys. Shame that those words came from someone who has a senior position.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

We are sorry for the misunderstanding. We sent you a confirmation email when we uploaded the campaigns. As we told you on a previous email, that expends did not come from the campaigns we created. Please note that the maximum daily spend will not exceed the budget you set on the App on a 30-day average.

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