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March 21, 2017

this the app caused an unreasonable speed problems on my website so had to uninstall. Still trying to uninstall js that came with the app but no luck yet.

United States
Time spent using app: 7 days
March 20, 2017

I gave multiple chances to this app and all of them have failed. Every time there was bug of some kind making purchasing an item either difficult, confusing or impossible. Either the prices were not showing up in the cart making it confusing for customers, either the options wasn't showing up at all in the cart or the product itself was simply not there anymore. Sometimes, the price was even doubled for no reason. I've seen customers trying to purchase an item and not doing it because of these issues. We've lost money and time with that app and I don't recommend it. It might work for you but for us it was a complete failure. A lot of room for improvement.

Brilliance Table Lamps
United States
Time spent using app: 8 months
Edited January 31, 2017

Useless! DON'T rely on this APP at all! We've used it for nearly 2 years. OK to start off with (although a bit clunky and seriously messes with the look and feel of checkout cart so needs you!). They've just done an update and the app has fallen over badly. Half hearted attempt from BOLD to produce a reliable app. We have an online store selling gates and fencing and need to add approx 150 options (for sizing). Thankfully we have another website as this app could have crucified our online sales!

You'll spend hours scratching your head with this APP...then, after all your effort, something out of your control goes wrong! Worse part is we've had another Shopify site developed (at a cost of over £15,000!!) which we can no longer use without having someone write a program for us (which wont be "BOLD" as we asked them to create a separate program in 2015...which didn't work so we had our money back!).


Oh, I know I'm going on (but they have seriously let us down), there support team! Explain in massive detail, they'll send you a response (usually asking for more detail), you send even more - then they come up with an answer of "IT TAKES 24 HOURS FOR OUR SERVERS TO UPDATE". What!!!! If I'm changing pricing...surely that needs to take effect straight away!! And what kind of aged server are you using?? didn't work anyway so more time wasted.

ALSO...we've now had to stop customers being able to purchase fully on our site! Click our name for proof (and go to a product) for reasons why NOT to use these!!

Good luck to those who read more positive reviews and decide to install. Like I mentioned before, we've had this app running for nearly 2 years pretty much trouble free till disaster!

Evador Wroughtiron
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
January 14, 2017

This app was the worst i have ever dealt with in all of my years of web development. It took me over 5 hours to try and install this app with the amount of customization that was required. After the 5 hours of work It still would not work for me, I was getting errors left, right and centre. There were no options showing up after I installe this app, when I select 'add to cart' I was getting more errors. The developers of this app really need to reconsider the shear amount of work that is involved in the installation of this app

And they try to charge then to install it for you? They charge enough as it is!this is the biggest scam I have ever come across in my life.

I have no idea how this app achieved 10/10 rating.

Jmarie Clothing
Time spent using app: 1 day
November 22, 2016

Never, ever depend on this app. With the prices charged, I expect support at least during normal business hours. Often during these hours, telephone support is not available. When someone answers, they are personally incapable of helping . They tell you they will open a ticket. Days will go by.

I've had a ticket open since Nov 7th. Today is Nov 22. I've had several responses to this ticket that apologized for them dropping the ball and it would be escalated to level 2 support and taken care of.

I'm still here with an open ticket on Nov 22. Today I sat here with the chat window open waiting on my issue to be fixed. Finally when told it was resolved, i went to preview the issue the tech said was fixed. Nothing is fixed, still no options showing.

Very poor service, very poor support. I will also say that I have had zero correspondence from this company for FIVE DAYS. FIVE DAYS OF AN OPEN TICKET - A TICKET OPEN SINCE NOV 7th that had supposedly been escalated to 'level 2' several times. If your business depends on customers being able to customize products, look elsewhere.

United States
Time spent using app: 12 months
November 15, 2016

Did not work correctly after they installed the coding on my site (yes paid them) that's money I will never get back. Is impossible to get any support people on the phone and not only did it not work properly but caused issues with my store putting my business in jeopardy and sales. Yes we ring about 5,000 a day through our store so it was a pretty serious issue. I finally fixed it myself after I republished an olde version before they added the code and fixed it right away. Would not recommend and very disappointing being I have several of Bold aps and spend allot of money monthly with them. So before anyone thinks that I'm just being a hater that is not the case at all... just frustrated.

Redneck Nation
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
October 18, 2016

I want backup the negative feedback on Bold's services.

The support agent wrote an email 15 minutes passed the appointment time "Tried calling your for our appointment today and was unable to get through each time i called."

1. First he only called twice on my number;
2. One does not need to try my number twice to figure out "unknown" caller cannot go through my phone;
3. He could leave a voice mail instead of email me 15 minutes later.

His time is value and I need to book for his help. My time is also valuable.

This is the second time their support team disappoint me.

I would say, their supporting team in general, very bad.

Sure Grip Shaving Razor
United States
Time spent using app: 4 days
Edited October 8, 2016

Not the app for us. We weren't happy overall with the features, nor Bolds service in regards to this app.

Chibebe Au
Time spent using app: 16 days
September 28, 2016

I was unable to run the app because I encountered some serious problems.

First of all to install the qpp you need to manually change a lot of files. It wasn;t big of a problem for me but it may be very troublesome for less experienced users.

Second of all, after installing the app its control panel turned out to be very unresponsive and chaotic.
> It didn't let me close a bold "bold install services" banner, even though I disabled adblock (sometimes causes issues) and repeatedly tapped button that should hide it.
> It didn't let me add options to products with certain types (the app didn't find any, even though they are set), wrongly searches in titles (search for "sink" found "dispenser" product) and doesn't even have an option to apply options to products with certain tags.
> after setting up an option I had to restart the app panel to be able to go to the next steps of the configuration.
> it doesn't have a color swatches which were very important for me.

The app was for me very problematic and unusable.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 3 hours
August 11, 2016

I lost almost 2 months. This is the worst app that i saw in my life. Promising at the beginning a lot, then you will see the team... just try them to see what happening when you contact them. Or stay away and safe a lot of time.

United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month