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Support team were fairly hopeless. Took almost two weeks just to get into contact to get it installed. Finally when it was, design was all out of whack, but I trusted them to fix it, would end up 1 step forward and 2 steps back with simple changes mucked up. Once we recovered, I had multiple developers who needed their help with integration/fixing up their mess and once again they weren't very helpful.

Finally these guys were my saving grace when they brought out their version,

With a quick test, I uninstalled Bold in a heartbeat and haven't looked back. Stay away from Bold. You'll soon realise it's clunky, doesn't work very well & help is very superficial.

Simply Sleep

Where do i start? This app has the potential to be awesome, but the install and poor customer service ruined it for me. I have a little experience with code but the install instructions sucked and when I tried to get help it took them about a week to respond to my issue and by that time I had removed the app. I considered paying the $40 to have them install but I read reviews saying it still didn't work and depending on what theme you use the code could show up at checkout. I urge people to read the reviews past page 1. Their service is super terrible. In my opinion I would never use any of there apps just based on their service!

Dovedesigns Com

Installation is a nightmare. Don't recommend!!!!!

Cancelled Everything and will go else where.

Tried to contact customer service for over two months with no response.


It didn't work out for me. There was so many steps to do, I was about to give up halfway because there things that are different than what they instructs, names that are different on my liquid. I feel like I already messing it up but decided to work through it and maybe it was just me freaking out because I don't have any experience in html. In the end, I found out i did butchered it, all that hard work and I its messed up. I was frustrated in the end. I am not paying 40 dollars for someone to do it especially when I am still paying them monthly for it. I am removing the app and finding something else.

Thanks anyway


The frustrations with this app are endless. My only reason to use this app is because Shopify has not better implementations than them. This is how most Bold apps are going to work (I purchased Bold Up-sells and Bold Prod. Customization). You are going to install the app, and then if you are a developer yourself, you are ok, you can implement the code by yourself... but most people here are not developers, so you are going to pay them to implement the code on the page... then it's going to take forever to get installed, depending on the theme you have... DO NOT EXPECT CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT ALL. They don't answer the phone, and they answer emails usually within 48 hours later. Oh! one more... if you want a customization for something their app breaks, this is the answer you will get: "We charge $900 USD to make the necessary customizations to your theme for this. We could start in the second week of October and it will take a little less than a day to complete. :)" Today it is September 23rd. HOPE THIS HELPS.


UPDATE 11/2/15: We responded to the Bold Apps ticket, and also reached out to Shopify for help, who also lodged a ticket on 10/31/15. We received a brief, 2 sentence email from Jay Meyers, who said he would see if someone could work on this over the weekend.

We are still waiting. No other follow-up on anything yet. No update, no response, no nothing.

UPDATE 10/31/15: We originally paid Bold Apps to install the Product Options App in August 2015. It is now the beginning of November, and we are still having issues, to the point it does not function well enough to use. We've had to go back several times due to issues; clearly the team does not QC test its work.

After contacting them last week about yet another issue, we received this note from "Holly":

"Our Product Options app does not work well with that cart that slides from the side of the page on desktop which is why it looks like that. I would suggest disabling the slide cart in your Shopify theme.

First, why did you not explain this back in August when we initially paid you to install the app? As many times as your team has worked on this, did it not ever test the installation and notice the issue? (Note: this is the same issue with the code appearing in the checkout, which we initially emailed about, and which is described below in the first review we left. The cart issue was fixed, but the solution for the issue was not followed through to the notifications, which seems like a no-brainer.) Where is any communication regarding the same issue around the mobile display, and the corrections needed to make that work - the other issue mentioned in my support ticket - in the response I received? Why is this our problem, if we paid you to do the installation?

Beyond frustrating - find another company if you can, because you cannot count on the level of customer service from this team - even after you email the founder.

**** ORIGINAL REVIEW from 8/24/15 ****

This app would be great, but we're having trouble getting the app installed. We paid for installation, but it does not work properly. 1) The old app code was not removed as promised; 2) There is extraneous code appearing in sections of the site, including the shopping cart and checkout. We emailed Jay Meyers and have had a support thread since our initial inquiry which we responded to -- asking for some updates and if they could also help with our CSS -- the only response we received in 2+ days is a note they merged our request, which means at least 2 or 3 people read it, but couldnt be bothered to respond. If we could get some help, and the work completed as promised, I'm sure the app would be great based on what we can see so far. Best I can tell, they didnt even get my last response because when they merged the threads, they closed the wrong one -- the one with all the questions that need answered.. still.

Dry Heat Designs

Be Warned! This app cannot be used with the shopify Pinterest buyable pins option. If you use this app none of your variations will show on the pinterest buyable pins.

You will have to hand type all of your variations on each product and not use this app to have a buyable pin on the new Pinterest service.

Sure would be nice if Shopify or Bold would let people know this before they purchase this app.

Original Ugg Boots

If we could give less than 1 star we would. Variants are not shown on the checkout page. So when a customer orders a product they will not see exactly what they are ordering, this will cause lots of abandoned checkouts like we have been experiencing. Customer service will get back to you within a day or so but as far as actually helping, you are on your own.


Spent about 30 hours incorporating this app into our website -- it worked for about 3 days then all of the sudden the prices don't transfer to the cart. We had to shut down our entire business on Friday because nobody from Bold would answer our emails. When they finally did answer they said "we're swamped".....really? Great response Bold and thanks for the loss of revenue.

We paid these people $40 to install the code and $19.99 a month for nothing. I'd stay away from this app unless you want to lose money....


I already have a support ticket open 501529 it's been 3 days since I have heard a response to this ticket.
***UPDATE*** After 5 years of paying for this product the current problem is making me want to leave Shopify all together.

The app is great it does what I expected and beyond. The customer support is absolutely amazing and not what I expected. When I told them I was having trouble or that something wasn't working the way I wanted, they went in and fixed it FAST! If you download this app just know you won't be alone they have a awesome support team.