Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

Spocket: EU & US Dropshipping

by Spocket

Dropshipping US & EU suppliers. Works with Oberlo & Printful

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NV Luxury Hair

The best app I've used soo far definitely worth a try for newbies. I used this app for the dropshipping.


Amazing to be able to fully automate the drop shipping process but would be great to get some AU suppliers on here.

Developer reply

March 19, 2019

Glad to hear you are enjoying Spocket! We are in the process of adding new suppliers every week and although majority of them will be from EU/US, we also hope to cater more for our friends in Australia! So if you know AU suppliers that we can work with, hit us an email at support@spocket.co and we'll try to get them on board.


It was not useful for my needs for my store. It does not have a lot of items for my liking. I was excepting more for a drop-ship.

9JA Shopaholic

I didn't get to use this app as the bad reviews were like a warning sign. I did, however, contact them to have my credit card details removed. And yes they did it. So if you're seeing this and you have a problem with them billing you even after you deleted the app, I guess you forgot about recurring payment happens automatically so it might not be their fault entirely. Contact them before deleting the app and maybe you will save yourself some money monthly! I didn't get to drop ship either, so I have nothing to say about the quality of their clothes.

Sun, Surf, Sand, Sky is Supporting Animal Rescue on Land and Sea

I'm new to Shopify and I'm getting ready to launch my store. I do have a few concerns about using Spocket. At first glance, the items and integration seem good. Also, I like the shorter shipping times. Here are my concerns, though.

First, I signed up for the 250 products option but I didnt realize it was listing of the products vs selling. When I look at the next tier, there really aren't extra services just the option to list extra products. So, to stock my store, I have to use other vendors or pay the higher price before I see if the products sell as well as other vendors. Also, I paid for the full year and if I want to go upward, my option is only to pay for the larger amount full year. I'm trying to work with customer support to see how I can get the higher level and go to a monthly plan.

This brings me to my second concern. 24/7 support means I can reach out 24/7 but they are not available 24/7. So, I can't seem to do business when it is convenient to me but rather it is convenient to them. And, since I can't talk to their vendors with an issue because they are the pass-through, this can cause a customer issue for me, a new store.

I will say, the one time I had a vendor issue, they eventually responded and allowed someone from the vendor to reach out. This is why I'm giving three stars or it would be two stars.

Stay tuned as I launch. I hope I don't have to eliminate them as a vendor. I really need a reliable vendor who ships out of North America.

The Fugly Mug Company

Let me start off. If you are looking for sourced products, they have some excellent suppliers. They have a great app and it's very easy to use.

Unfortunately, there are some products that their suppliers are selling where the cost is 200% higher than the cost through Oberlo or other supply channels and their suppliers say shipping from US and it's shown up from China Not cool! I really think they need to hire a cost analyst and do some comparative analyses between what their suppliers are listing as cost and what the other channels are selling. Like every supplier channel or source, do your homework. Don't cut your margin if you can buy it elsewhere for 50% less.

I think this app is going to be a great app someday, but right now, the modifying of features between free and paid is not cost effective. Bottom line, great app with caution.

True Courtier

On the fence.
Since I started off using Oberlo, maybe I am a little bias. But come to think about it, if I had started off with this App and found Oberlo after-the-fact, I would probably greatly reduce my usage of this App.
Dont get me wrong, its great for a free App, even though they charge you do fully use the site, but its functionality needs improvement.
First off, charging to use your Store brand on packaging is lame, and marking some items as Premium is lame as well, as there is no guarantee that one product will sell greater than the next and it also kinda says, "Hey, here is a few crap products to sell, but if you want the good stuff, pay for it."
Secondly, after adding products, the List Price and differs and doesn't add up even if you calculate the added shipping costs. Pay attention. And there are many variables available with no product picture. And the Product Pictures available do not sync in your store. U have to manually Sync them. And back to pricing, there needs to be a simpler way to set the prices, I ended up doing it within Shopify manually for many variants of the same product. Cuts down on time management.
This is not a bad review, really, just statements on ways to improve, in comparison to a completely free App with, a better interface and more products. Hopefully I will change my mind over time.

The Gadget Zone

Everything from ordering right through to fulfilment is smooth but a major downside is you have to signup to PRO before you can use the live chat which I did do and it took nearly 24hrs to get a reply - not worth it. Stay on the basic plan unless you desperately need to chat to someone in the chat. Also, you can only offer 25 products on the basic plan thus forcing you to upgrade that's why only 3 stars!


Most of the products are from suppliers who have bulk ordered from China. Shipping to US from the US, was expensive, at least 8$. This leaves little profit margins. 8-14 days shipping to US, doesn't exactly beat epacket for much cheaper

Rokooj, LLC

This app is great for product sourcing but some of the features are questionable when it comes to working properly. We has a supplier on our site and ran a real order, then when we tried to fulfill it said the supplier was gone. Support claimed it should have taken the products automatically off our store but it did not and now we cant' fulfill the order.

They claimed it was something wrong with the code. The pricing range markup section is also questionable that it works. You click save and thats it, there is no indication that the products updated and after checking in our store after about 10 minutes, no price change happened...

After this support seemed to go ghost and to be very honest is the worst support I have seen thus far on a Shopify app when it comes to response time and actual answers and I have used hundreds throughout the years. We have started a new conversation over a day ago and again still no response...

The only reason we are using the app is for the product sourcing and are evaluating pulling the app altogether within the next month or so because we have now hit a point where we question their features working properly and their support as a whole.

If anything changes we will revise review for the better but until that day comes, if ever, we have to give it 3 stars. Keep in mind if this app didn't have great product selection I would be at 1 star.