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February 16, 2019

The old app was ok but very slow. This app takes way too many steps to print barcode labels. We print a lot of labels for thousands of products and you now have to click 3 more times to just print a label. When you are doing many, this is not better - it's worse for productivity.

Additionally, the labels don't allow any adjustment so the product name and barcode get cut off on the left side of the label. There's no option to adjust that. When Shopify requires you to go to another app, it should at least meet what was good about the prior app and I would hope be more efficient and easier than less efficient. I'm not saying it's hard because you can figure it out easily but there are too many clicks that are unnecessary in an app.

The development team should sit and produce a few hundred labels of various products and then they'll see the opportunity to streamline the steps.

Our use: Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo with Dymo small labels 1"-2-1/8"
Everything worked fine on the prior app except the speed. Now it cuts off the name and sku on the left side and takes too many steps to simply print.

United States
Time spent using app: 4 days
Shopify replied June 17, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the Retail Barcode Labels app! We're always working to make sure our apps function properly for our merchants, so I’ve followed up with you via email so we can take a closer look at the issue you are having as well as document any additional feedback you may have. Looking forward to connecting soon!

- Alex, Shopify Support

February 15, 2019

I hope the devs or anyone who made this app actually read these reviews. The first app was bad but eventually functional from a workflow perspective. This new app has completely halted operations during one of our busiest times for printing barcodes. It's absolute garbage, the hoops you need to jump through from setup to print and simply not have it properly function (pages margins, etc) just go to show how overlooked the creation of this was. This is a very classic Shopify move, mindless development, never listening to your customers (it took 4+ years for customers to complain about the lack of a cost-of-goods section before any efforts of change), and releasing a product that actually destroys any productivity. I'm always amazed at how we're still paying for this platform, however it's difficult to move a whole shop's system. Must be why my two new shops are now on Squarespace...You gotta start helping your customers, Shopify.

Park & Province
Time spent using app: 5 days
Shopify replied June 17, 2019

Thank you for your feedback on the Retail Barcode Labels app! I have gone ahead and reached out to you via email to offer additional support as I would love to get more context from you so that we can get the app working to it's potential. I apologize that your experience has been less than ideal and I look forward to connecting with you!

- Alex, Shopify Support

Edited April 2, 2019

Just go back to the old app, this one is terrible. Extremely difficult to use. Please re-instate the old app.

United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
Shopify replied June 17, 2019

Hello Shop218, firstly, thank you very for sharing this feedback. We’re always looking to improve apps with feedback like this, and we are working to improve the way our apps work with stores and what they can offer merchants such as you. I’ve will be following up to you with an email. I will also log any feedback and recommendations to our development team that you have. Thank you very much.

Niall, Shopify Support

February 10, 2019

This app is very limited. It doesn't have an option to print on 3/4x2" DYMO labels that we have been using forever. I also want to print our logo on the label but there is no option for that. I may have to spend an extra $10/mo to get what I need, but I feel that as a product-based platform, Shopify needs to offer a solution to this problem.

Linen and Cake
United States
Time spent using app: 1 day
Shopify replied June 17, 2019

Hey there,
Thank you so much for this feedback, is as always, is valued. I have gone ahead and reached out to you directly via email to offer any additional support you may need.
-Bo, Shopify Support

February 5, 2019

Worst app ever! I had to chat with shopify for 3 hours to try to get it to work and it still does not work. I think it is horrific that they are getting rid of the the old barcode printer app while this one does not work for many They should at least keep the other one active for those that this is not working for. This is a BIG problem for those of us that cannot print barcodes using this new app. Please tell me this will be fixed before the cut off date. This is horrific.

Love, Hope & Cure Designs
United States
Time spent using app: About 3 years
Shopify replied June 17, 2019

Hey there,
Thank you so much for reaching out regarding our app. I am sorry to hear that you are so dissatisfied with it but we do appreciate your candid feedback. I have gone ahead and reached out via email also to see if there is any other support I can give or gather any further feedback from you.
-Bo, Shopify Support

February 3, 2019

The updated version of this requires so many steps. Unable to print easily one barcode if required. Already looking for something simpler. Required change of hardware as well

The Commons Studio and Exchange
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
Shopify replied June 16, 2019

Thank you for sharing this feedback! We’re always looking to improve apps with this kind of information, and we are working to improve the way our apps work with stores and what they can offer merchants such as yourself. I’ve also followed up with you via email to log your feedback for our development team and if there are any other recommendations you would like to make, you can reply to that email. I would like to help you voice your concerns and forward them to our developers. Thanks!
-Bo, Shopify Support

Edited April 6, 2019

This app is a huge pain... the older app was better. For no reason at all, and completely out of my control, this app defaults to using the wrong side of my Dymo printer! It is wasting all kinds of materials, and my time. Shopify needs to get on top of this issue immediately.
After getting previous issues sorted. As of Thursday April 4th 2019 this app is completely non functional, again. We can not adjust format/sizing again... for seemingly no reason. It would appear that once again Shopify has rolled out an update without communicating to their customers.
Please get this sorted ASAP! We are losing money!!!

United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
Shopify replied June 14, 2019

Hi M22, thank you for providing us with feedback on Retail Barcode Labels! There are some challenges during the initial setup of the app but we can help with that at Shopify Support. I've sent along an email in case you needed any further assistance on this. - JP, Shopify Support

Edited March 29, 2019

So many steps involved just to print a label. What a waste of time. Waste of materials too when I inevitably try to print quickly and forget to select the paper size (which needs to be done every time).

Update: This is the most infuriating part of my brick and mortar. Even when selecting the correct size "paper," the label is positioned incorrectly on the sticker and gets cut off, necessitating a decrease in scale percentage. This in turn makes the label small and difficult to read, but otherwise, pertinent information gets cut off, even though it is nowhere near the side edges of the label.

I also dislike that when selecting product labels to print, most recently created products are not listed first. Now I need to either remember which products were most recently created (difficult when creating many in one sitting), waste time and write them all down so I don't forget, or open multiple tabs to reference.

Honestly, please bring back the former barcode printing app, it was far more user friendly and efficient. This one is AWFUL. Side note, when printing regular documents after printing labels, you need to select your printer and paper size...again.

Fox + Kit Children's Boutique
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 months
Shopify replied June 14, 2019

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We work hard to improve our app functionality, so we’d like to look into this further for you. I’ve sent out to an email to you and hope to hear more of your thoughts soon. - JP, Shopify Support

January 26, 2019

Massive issue with this app and google shopping feed - have spent hours rectifying the issues this has caused and has un-synced all my products with the google shopping feed! PLEASE FIX!!!!

Higgins & Lyla
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 21 days
January 25, 2019

Seriously? WTF is going on? I thought the last app was bad...this one is worse. Way more steps to print a simple label. When it does print, Its too small to read, and I have to go back to each individual product to print. At least with the old one, it would show all of the new products together. What are you suppose to do after Feb 20th?

Pretty B. Clothing
United States
Time spent using app: 37 minutes