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Drop shipping US/EU Products. Works with Oberlo & Aliexpress

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MAK Kouture

One issue after another with them.... I loved the idea of this app. We thought that it would be awesome to have mostly US & EUR based products.... then we found out that the majority of this is also from china and aliexpress. I emailed them about this when we first began using them. Made it clear that transparency was not their strong suit and asked for the corporate email or an email to file a complaint and address my concerns with someone of a higher level and was hoping for better customer service as well. Never once did I get that email. I was referred to someone else who then dealt with my questions for the next few times. But never once was I referred to someone above the support desk level. Yes, there are some great products that come from the US but most of them also only ship to the US. So my Canadian Affiliates cannot even order those items. Which is where one of my biggest problems came in...

A canadian affiliate who just happened to be a good friend, thank goodness, made her first purchase. It only shipped to the US which is fine. I had it on the description and she somehow missed it. SO she wanted me to just have it shipped to me and I would then ship it directly to her. So I contacted support. First, they gave bad instructions and I told her the way she was telling me to do it would not work. So then, after not hearing back for about a week and my affiliate waiting that entire time to find out what we needed to do, I emailed them again.... for the level of urgency that this should have been the response time for even that email was far longer than it should have been. Maybe I made them mad, but thats beyond the point considering I was inquiring about a sale to make them money as well. Come to find out, when she finally did respond... my only option was to refund the money. WHY could that of not been stated from the beginning? Instead, she started off asking for the new address and info of where to send it so she could inform the supplier.

My most recent problem is a few packed together that has led me to leave this review, which I am not one to do considering I am aware of the impact it can have. I feel like if you choose to do business with someone, you should at least be aware of major factors before making your decision.

I asked days ago about whether or not a supplier was still listed on spocket as I cannot seem to find them listed anymore and I have a good amount of their products listed in our store. Only reason I even realized it was because I really like the supplier and wanted to see what other inventory they had. So, as always, I emailed them my question hoping to hear back sooner rather than later so I can remove the items from my store before someone orders them and I end up having to send them a refund as well. I still have not heard back.

Last night, I was attempting to place an few orders. AGAIN, my card was declined. With more than enough money on it. I emailed them. AGAIN. No response. The lack of response via email would not bother me so much if there was a number to call considering to have a half decent amount of inventory through spocket you have to pay. But what exactly are you paying for? A limited amount of products that actually come from the US and to have half the amount products through them when you can go elsewhere and get double the amount of products imported into your store for half the price with much better customer service. I won't say any names but I get 500 products imported from another service similar to this but for FREE and their customer service team goes out of their way to reach out and see if we need help with anything. They also look over our website and check and see if there is anything we could do to increase sales. I don't pay a dime for them. But I pay for Spocket so that I can get some US made products? I have another service similar to this that also allows 500 products and the the best personalization options that I have come across. Through them, I can even offer my affiliates the option to purchase kits, everything shipped to the US & UK has a 5-8 day shipping time, customer service is slow but not this slow, and the products are all high quality as advertised. While I may love the few organic and US based products.... I am beginning to ask myself, what makes spocket worth the money?

Take into consideration that these were not my only direct issues with them and that I am only leaving the the others out to go into more detail about the above issues. They are not the worst. But I definitely think they need to reconsider the amount of money being charged for their under par service.

Developer reply

April 9, 2019

We’d like to express our apologies if you felt that you didn’t get the level of support that you needed but rest assured that one of Spocket’s main advocacy is to provide top notch customer service. In fact, we have implemented a better support structure in place and this is for us to cater you faster and in a more timely manner.

To clarify more on our product range, please know that the majority of our suppliers on the platform are based in the US and Europe but we also have a small group of suppliers from the countries mentioned. Their origin was never hidden from view and we have always been clear as to where it will be hailing from.

We'd like to make sure that there’s no further issues remaining on your end, but if there are some that you need a hand with, please reach out to us any time at support@spocket.co and we'll be there to help!


They do nothing! 7 of 20 orders not fulfilled,it is 35%!After 10 days says"order is not fulfilled". Edit: They said they will remove the supplier which is underperforming. But They didn't!

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

We would like to apologize for this experience! We’d like to assure you that at Spocket, the only aim is to provide world class service to our customer across the globe. Now while our overall order processing rate is at 98%, issues do arise from time to time. But what sets Spocket apart from all the others, is our ability to identify these issues and work on them to continually make Spocket better as we grow.


What a joke.

1) You have AliExpress drop shippers on here using it to drop ship other drop shippers. Same products could be found on AliExpress for much cheaper.
2) Non-responsive customer service
3) Terrible UI
4) False advertising as they have a lot of Chinese drop-shippers
5) Hard to narrow down products

I rather use Oberlo

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

We thank you for the taking the time to share this with us! We truly do appreciate this constructive feedback especially about our UI. As a matter of fact, we've recently updated our interface to make it easier for users to narrow down products. We hope that you get to check it out!

With regards to our suppliers, while we do offer items from the country mentioned, majority of our suppliers are still from the U.S and Europe. Again, we want hear all about your concerns and address them in the most suitable way so we look forward to hearing from you as your feedback makes us better! You can contact us at support@spocket.co.

My Small Store

Not really from US and Europe products, many Chinese, Indian suppliers as well. This app is way overpriced compared to others.
Branded invoice? I placed an order for myself and the package included self promotion...
I gave a try the Pro plan for a month to realize that it take up to 5 days for shipping.
I cancel but am still charged $49... Contacted support to have it refunded and really cancelled.
Not recommended.

Developer reply

March 19, 2019

We are sorry that your initial experience did not meet that standard. We are glad for letting us know about it! As for our product range, while we do offer items from the countries mentioned, please know that each and every supplier we bring onboard have been carefully vetted by our team and we are transparent in informing you of their origin. Furthermore, the majority of our products are from U.S. and Europe and we are continuously bringing new suppliers on the platform, hunting for new items to expanding our product range for our retailers!


Very bad. Not even worth just the one star. If you delete this app from Shopify, Pro subscription will just start.

Developer reply

April 8, 2019

Hey there! We appreciate this feedback that you provided us and we’re sorry to hear that you feel this way. We always want to do the best for our customers and we always ensure that they get what they need. We want to assure you that we don’t make any changes on your account unless requested by you.

It would really help us a lot if you could provide us with what happened in your situation so that we can address it better and further improve ourselves. You can always reach out to us at support@spocket.co if you need any assistance.

We hope that you join the Spocket family again in the future as we will only become better and better for all of you.


I used it for at most an hour and it was immediately taken off my account, while it said that you could test it for free.

For some time working to get my money back because I do not want to use your service

Developer reply

April 9, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! We do have a 7-day trial period given to those who would like to get on our monthly plans. Users have one week to test the app out completely free of charge so if there was a billing error on our side, please reach out to us at support@spocket.co and our team will be working with you closely in order to investigate possible issues.

We would also like to note that we are in the process of updating our billing system and it is our goal to make to provide a streamlined process for our customers.

Gadget Rebellion

Complete garbage DS app. They don't vet their suppliers. You have drop shippers drop shipping drop shippers. If you're in their FB group, there are a bunch of people complaining about why things are being shipped from China.

The whole supplier on-boarding takes months. The account executive doesn't even respond to emails regarding the process or status updates about your vendor account.

Definitely not ready for prime time.

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

We're sorry you felt this way! Though the process of on-boarding suppliers does take a bit of time, this is for us to ensure that we will only promote items from reputable sellers. They go through rigorous screening and multiple quality checks before they are allowed to sell on the platform. Much like how we want to become the best in the dropshipping business, we value all feedback given to us as we only aspire to grow and offer the best services that we can to everyone who put their trust in us.

Christ Faith

*WARNING* - * FALSE ADVERTISING * DON"T Waste your money!!!!
I don't usually leave reviews unless it's extraordinary, exception product or it's one of worst product. I am writing this feedback with good intension to help other new shop owners to be cautious about this app.

I will be reporting to Shopify and they may take down the app soon. So use this app at your own risk.

- Hidden secret of charging $99, It's shocking the Spocket app is so unprofessional. I never made any sale from the app for past two months, so i uninstall the app to save $99 monthly charges. when Spocket charged me $99 in-spite uninstall. When i saw in bank account i immediately reach out customer support, the customer support comes back after two days saying i need to do more steps, so basically uninstall app does not mean you not using the app because Spocket want to make money. As per Shopify clear instruction to remove just click on uninstall. Spocket is a tricky app do not Trust this app.

- CUSTOMER Support: I joined empire the highest ($99) expecting best customer support. It was the worst customer service team, The chat session is not real time, they do NOT provide updates, they do NOT respond within 2 hours or within 24 hours. FALSE ADVERTISING. I wish to upload my chat session to prove it but the review does not allow.

I was shocked to know how come they got number of five (5) stars ratings then i found out their business tactics to impress new customers... for proof please read one of the review given by OurPlacez on February 21, 2019, it's very interesting Spocket team will tell you what to put on the review...pls check it out. Probably you might get discount or special deal if you give them 5 (five) star ratings.

The most interesting surprise i saw, was shocking!!! after i gave 1 (one) star, i wrote email to Spocket, next day i went to check my review just want to make sure my feedback is still there.... guess what happened i saw three 5 (five) ratings feedback within 24 hours, Spocket does not want to reveal bad feedback on list when the new user looks at the reviews, i totally understand that's how some business works to make money but someone like me losing $99 is hard pill to swallow, it's hard earned money. It's very painful falling into this scam app and losing money. Lesson learnt 1st read negative review before making decision.

Developer reply

April 9, 2019

We would like to sincerely thank you for your feedback!

We want to assure you that Spocket will never charge you for anything other than what you’ve signed up for or purchased. We always look out for our customers and we only want what’s best for them and for their business as this will benefit not only you, but us as well in the long run.

As Spocket grows, our only intention is that you grow with us and that’s why we are putting everything we can to make everything run as smoothly as possible, from the app itself up to our customer support team.

Regarding the delay, we would like to learn more about your situation and what exactly happened. We want to make things right! So, please reach out to us at support@spocket.co and we will get back to you promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you and earning you back your business.


just downloaded not sure what it can do for me yet. once I've tried it I'll come back and let you guys know. What i don't like is you telling me what to put in my review. OK They have rejected my review three times, I don't like to be told to lie about something i've not tried

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

Thanks for letting us know about this! It seems like reviews were automatically being rejected so we're sorry if it came off that way to you. We hope that you are willing to share an update, now that you have tried Spocket and we're very keen to hear your feedback.


UPDATE: ( since someone, the CEO? has responded to my review below )

- Their customer service system? Waiting 1 week before someone responds to you? Just read all the 1 stars reviews and you will know how terrible is their customer support service.

- Inventory system? Complete BS. Just check a few products and notice the generic inventory numbers on it. They source products from the same suppliers you can find on Aliexpress. Those suppliers don't have stock in the USA. They are waiting for you to place an order and then ship the items to the USA warehouse.

- Their automated inventory system it a complete BS and scam. I've reported them to Shopify and they were requested to remove that false claim from their product features.

*WARNING* - *FALSE ADVERTISING* - about automated inventory updates and processing times. I've reported them to Shopify and they may take down the app soon. So use this app at your own risk.

- On the app page they advertise that they provide AUTOMATED INVENTORY UPDATE, however, this is completely FALSE. They DO NOT UPDATE the inventory automatically at all. They DO NOT have a system in place to do so.

They rely solely on their suppliers to update the numbers, and obviously, their suppliers inflate the inventory numbers so you can order first and once you start placing orders they will try to source the products for you.

- On most if not 99% of the products listed in this app the inventory numbers are generic. Just check them and you will notice they are all the same like 9998 etc...

- we have been tricked into believing that their suppliers have the products in stock, spent a ton of hours setting up the products, ads etc, once we started placing orders they did not start shipping until after 3 weeks, even though they advertise processing time of max 7 days and another 7 days for delivery.

So it's been almost 4 weeks and we still have a few orders open.

- CUSTOMER SERVICE: they have the worse customer service team, they do NOT provide updates, they do NOT respond within 2 hours or within 24 hours.

The last couple of times I messages them, and they responded after 3 days and AFTER I have followed up 3 times.

Developer reply

April 9, 2019

We truly appreciate you providing us with your feedback and we’re sorry to hear that you were not able to have the type of experience that our other customers are enjoying especially those who have launched successful businesses drop-shipping with Spocket.

First, we want to assure you that we have implemented a better support system for our customers. Not only this will cater your queries on time, but we would also be able to onboard customers faster in using the system more efficiently!

Regarding the inventory issues, we would like you to know that we do have a system in place for that. In fact, we are ramping up the updates even more to address any order issues going forward. We've gone through your account to check if there were any issues existing and we can confirm that there are no further issues remaining.

However if you have any concerns that you would like to raise or would like for us to know, please do not hesitate - we are here to listen! Drop us an email at support@spocket.co.