Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


Wholesale Pricing, Member & VIP w/ Quantity Breaks! NEW

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Samson & Charlie

I uninstalled this app this morning and whilst this is not usually a big deal It has broken my entire website by corrupting my theme and placing every single product SOLD Out and disabled the add to cart function. I have lost all income in one of the busiest sales periods. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING. INSTALL THIS APP AT YOUR OWN RISK.

STYLEBUY™ Wholesale | Wholesale Clothing Supplier

Please someone remove tha pp,, as it stopped working... please i need the code gone as I cannot add any new quantity break app until its removed

Barbell Addicts

I was offered a 3 month free trial to use this app with follow up emails and great response in the beginning and when my billing cycle came up I was charged the $29.99 on my credit card. I sent emails and to this day have not had a response. Its unfortunate that as these app companies get bigger we the customer seem to fall through the cracks of auto responders. As much as I would like to give a good reveiw on the product the lack of response when it comes to my money being taken is a no go for me.

Extremely complicated and I could not get it to do what I needed it to do. It probably wouldn't be so complicated if they had useful support articles, or an explanation somewhere of how the app works! The support articles seem to be out of date, at least for the interface I was looking at.

What is a CSP? Why does NOTHING happen when I create a price group? How does install really work? I'm a technical person, but I wrangled with this app for way longer than I expected to. Big waste of time for me. But it might be great for some people who can get it working.

New update
More promises and patches but the app still doesn’t track inventory across the product line .
The solution on Bolds end seams to be to turn off inventory tracking then we can over sell, I guess it works for them
We have had to delete other apps that were working because they are supposedly stopping this one for working ,however the other app has been gone and it still doesn’t work.
I actually got a person on the phone .
they first told me to turn off the track inventory for the variant that was showing out of stock .
That did work except it would then sell stock that i did not have .
I was promised a phone call this morning and guess what no call.
If you get this app pray you don't have any issues .
We have used this app since last November and it worked
A month ago we needed to do a price increase to about 200 of our products and the app wigged out .
Customer support is almost none existent, you can never get someone on the phone .When you leave a message first thing in the morning they call you back at the end of the day or the next day if at will most likely get an email reply to your phone call.
We have sent e-mails with out a response for over a week.
we have dealt with at least 4 different techs and been bumped up to priority urgent level 2 at least 3 times.
Our discounting app has not worked for the last 30+ days and all i am getting is empty promises offers for a free trail of the app that doesn't work .
They finally made it work and now the inventory is unstable for the paying membership. so my regular customers cant buy anything because its showing out of stock.

US Roast

Could never get this to work and will discontinue the app. Have been paying for months thinking I would turn it on at some point, but have decided it is not worth the effort. Will just continue to build multiple products for retail and wholesale. Service started out at a 5 star and dropped to 2 stars since it would take days to get a response to attempted fix, to another few days to attempt to fix what the first attempt broke. Never did get it right. What a waste.


Recommended to use this for Quantity Breaks by Bold Support, as their quantity breaks app was broken.

Worst thing we ever did. Sales down because it doesn't show 'From' prices on the collection pages and also when customers buy the quantities with discount doesn't get applied to the order, so totally useless.

AVOID if using for quantity breaks.

Serpent Spirall

I honestly feel sorry for the bold technicians because the bold apps are so incredibly flawed that no one seems to know how to fix them. I had nothing but issues with the customer tiered pricing & wholesale app for months after installation and the issues never really got resolved...not to mention incredibly looooong response times and if it's the weekend...forget about it. Trying to trouble shoot this app was like rocket science or something and in the end I was told that the app was not compatible with either of my themes. Then why was I paying $50 a month for it for like 6 months if it wasn't compatible to begin with? That app thoroughly messed up all of the pricing in my shop, created terrible glitches in my shopping cart and suggested products and slowed my refresh rate waaaaaay down. It was seriously taking about a minute for each page to load. So I know I lost customers over this...don't really want to know how many. I will never use a bold app again! And I do not blame it's technicians. They are doing the best they can with what they have been given...bless their hearts. This was a miserable long drawn out experience and a total waste of my time and energy...long hours and days of conversing with their technicians only to in the end have to uninstall the app and clean the mess it left behind in my shop which included having to manually go in and delete all the variants on every individual product in my shop...I have about 100! It was a total nightmare and I do not recommend any bold app to anyone! Don't waste your time or your money.


I have been using the app for a couple of months now, and i am not at all satisfied with it, but i also can't have my shop without it.
Just to warn others before making your shop depend on it.
First of all, support from bold is EXTREEMLY slow, so when you have an issue, prepare yourself to be really patient.
Second of all, Bold can't agree internally if this app works with their subsciption app, some say it does, other say it is compatible in some situation, and then others agian say not at all, this depends entirely on the individual you are put in contact with.
Also what bold does not tell you is YOU CAN'T USE COMPARE AT PRICES when using this app, at least that's what they told me, although it does work in some situations and not in others, i have doubts about this explanation, as it should be a general problem with compare at prices, but it just isn't, so i suspect this is just a way to go arround seriously helping me with my issue. The issue i have is that even though i have set a custom pricing at 20% the discount on the shop, some items are not discounted at all and others have the wrong discount, the explanation from bold is that i have compare at prices on my products, but this just doesn't add up cause it works on some products and not on others, so i would expect such an incompatability to result in the same issue all the time on all products, which it doesn't.
You sould also be prepared that communication with bold requires an enormeous amount of patience. Bold almost always tries to take the easy way out, which in combination with the extremly long response times, means it could take weeks to solve a simple issue. Somtimes it even feels like they misunderstand on purpose, just to postpone the issue and make you give up on the request.
Trust me on this, if you are considering using bold, move on! Try to find another app, you are really going to spend so much time discussing, explaining and pushing for an answer, it is simply not worth your time.
This is a culmination of a series of very bad experiences with bold, also with other apps from them, and every time you need help, you will feel lost and frustrated, and i think they really deserve an honest review, that explains others what to expect. Who knows maybe it will be heard somewhere in the top of the organization, so that they realize that they are just not providing the support that you would expect of an app developer of this size!


Really is a terrible app, or developers do not understand the Ecommerce Business, This app was supposed to be simple, it changed my pricing of products, disabled my google merchant shop feed because of the prices, disastrous. BEWARE and enter with caution.